Greek Vacations Agent Review

Lisa Shelley, a travel agent with tripcentral provides a video review of Greece vacations.
you can go and have so much culture in so much history and all the things you would go to Europe for but you also can relax enjoy have white sandy beaches sterling blue water it's almost like the Caribbean of Europe depending on where you're coming from you fly there generally for us or of Americans and then once you're there depending on where you're going you can go by high-speed ferry you can go by cruise you can go by air easily lots of different flight accessibility to get to the different islands of course everyone knows Athens they've heard of Athens the Parthenon the Acropolis and as old as the city is extremely cosmopolitan again the Olympics were just there a few years back so it has become very modern still maintains a lot of its history but it's very cosmopolitan you could buy land drive three hours and feel like you stepped 4,000 years back in time even if you don't think you like history and culture you will find out that you do it's compelling for the Greek islands oh they're so beautiful and none of this none of them are the same they're all very different they're all beautiful and their own Santorini is built on a volcanic piece of land that erupted it up through the ocean so it's very straight up beautiful breathtaking vistas off the cliffs something like Crete which is the largest of the islands in the Mediterranean can vary anywhere from a little bit mountainous and rocky to completely white sand very flat just from going to one end one end to the other a place like roads could almost feel like a mid European Mediterranean island so you have a huge range of accommodations you have tourist class deluxe superior they even have BN bees they even have in certain areas of Greece like in China and Crete very Italian flair to it where you can rent old renovated Piazza sand castles and you can go to places like Mykonos and have like almost a motel hotel up to a superior deluxe with your own private plunge pool Santorini you can have anywhere from three star tourist class family runs to super high-end four rooms very for honeymooners superior deluxe accommodations very private I think the favorite sites for anyone who goes including myself would be of course Parthenon in Athens Acropolis if you go into Mykonos adjust the fit Picasso speech just something like that it's paradise it is it couldn't be better you will always go back it's beautiful stunning compelling you

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