Halloween without Mom or Dad

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Grandma Griff and Grandma Shari step in and pull off a fantastic Halloween for the kids. Kevin and Ruby tour the earthquake disaster at Christchurch, New Zealand.

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look we're shorting out somewhere else yeah that's right we're being Kevin you go on a trip just before Halloween and believe me with the kids for a week and all of this candy oh my goodness Kevin have you ever seen a chocolate-chip cookie like this no I have never seen a chocolate-chip cookie look like this what else would it look like um flat yeah more chocolate oh yeah that's a marriage that's just like rustic I love it oh it looks it looks like yummy home they're really not like because I keep that with something you're not crumbly nice to enter when I'm in there too Frankie you know yeah Crispin mm-hmm shouldn't be done um so did you I have never seen anything like this all of their breakfast items you can see and you order it and then they steam them and serve them hot so we're trying to decide what we want for breakfast and I decided to get this egg spinach tomato cheese bacon little pastry but this looked really good to the potato spinach carrot thing okay so who are you gonna be today you're pretty good Jesse hey Julie who are you who else of course turn around Oh cute Oh cute stand over there Julie fee little further from me so I can see ya go stand over there so where did you get that stick Oh hearing Hareton she rebounded and she makes and that she that car gets sanded it Irene I ever wish she did that that was a long time ago oh no fighting that's no fun it's no fun watch kids fight no okay well let's see it is 750 749 and Sherry's just left for school and it's just about time this old lady got dressed in 2010 and 2011 several major earthquakes slammed the Canterbury region in New Zealand the most damaging of these occurred in early 2011 beneath the city of Christchurch large ground shaking and widespread soil liquefaction critically damaged or collapsed several commercial buildings and residences killing nearly 160 people and resulting in many billions of dollars of losses now more than four years later the resilient people of Christchurch are working hard to rebuild their city and take back where the earthquakes took from them why you've got cute little helmet earrings on lollipops because you're just gonna sit here I thought you're gonna take our picture pin your video oh well just to take a little video Oh oops sorry where can we give to Grandma we're gonna eat some pretty some we're gonna hang out and cut some Halloween treats yep okay and grab us the one that's taken to retreat yeah lucky it's a good day to day huh remember the year rain on Halloween it was so sad he went trick-or-treating in our own house did dad booze and we were in our townhouse and dad took think of candy and he went stood behind every door in the house and came he hopped on the bar that we went and watched we kind of made up for it but the line things are the fun I know what you remember so this is called the restart mall and I think it's the city's attempt to try to stimulate and so they just brought in all these steel beams I just weld them together and these cargo shipping containers and just made these little makeshift stores everywhere so all the stores they're just old shipping they're just old shipping containers Ruby founder store if there's a starting for me it's gonna be a clothing store am i right that's right rubbish I'm officially adding rubbish to my vocabulary I mean it did you go trick-or-treating yep and did you get lots of candy Oh what was your favorite thing that you got oh you're testing pop you like that oh there it is who took you who took you tick or treat I died there you go thank you you're welcome happy Halloween because those kids doing say took her treat a little Halloween is it time to go to bed Oh can't grandma kiss good night it's time to go to bed mmm you going to bed I love you I love you – love your grandma's Hawaiian ha ha I love you grandma so much yeah ha ha ok see you later alligator see see you later alligator I get it kick nothing well I think it's really cute I'm sorry now you have them sorted out all run in rustboro your story yours and outline in the world favorite can walk away and I can't leave I got I got watch luckily I asked you on belong to me I got a small feeling no and I got four head and nips Charlie watch then I got three what this is easy picture step cry like this you only took a sucker look very normal terrified because I'm sitting on the wrong side of the car and I have to drive on the left side of the road hey let's good luck backwards I know I'm just a little scared myself and the streets they're not it's not clear like what side is what like you know the line drawn in the middle of it so you know the left from the right he goes love Oh God your windshield wiper not your blinker you these little baby lambs are so playful I wish so much you could see this you would be going too if we go crazy she would love it Kevin thank you for driving all the way out here we survived we made it we did I was a little nervous on that drive I was white knuckling a lot of it but I just needed to get out of the city and to see some of the greenery that New Zealand is famous for and I know a lot of thats up north the Lord of the Rings tour is north so if we ever find ourselves in New Zealand again that will be on the trip but it's not this time but it's beautiful so they've got a lot of cute cafes and diners here and the Sun is just setting it's just really cool thank you so much for watching I hope to see you in our next video and we'll show you what else we've got planned for this wonderful New Zealand trip thanks for watching guys you

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