Harry's Hotel in Pattaya -- $15 Include Breakfast With Girls

This is Harry’s Hotel and Guesthouse on Soi Diana very near Soi LK Metro and Soi Buakhow. This is also a restaurant/bar downstairs with friendly staff to serve as your waiter and bartender. The restaurant has a pool table and a nice view of the street. The hotel rooms range from 400 baht for the smallest to 700 baht for the biggest. Perhaps you can get it cheaper if you book at Agoda online.

The rooms include cable TV, free wifi, free breakfast (American breakfast with coffee). The beds are on the soft side and there is hot water and a safety deposit box.

I think this place is a pretty good deal considering the location and the free breakfast which is a 100 baht value.

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44 thoughts on “Harry's Hotel in Pattaya — $15 Include Breakfast With Girls”

  1. you must visit in si racha si racha is so beautiful city. before I stayed in si racha. total 6 months. and I will come in thai again 12 june so next week . this season I will stay 110 days :=)

  2. I am staying at this hotel now. EXTREME VALUE!! I booked thru agoda at 1260b for two nights. No free breakfast. Prime location off of soi diana and soi buakhow. Great deal.

  3. Stop the broken english, it’s annoying. I noticed that the girl did not want to go with you by herself so that is why she wanted the other girl with her too.

  4. Seems very good value as it included breakfast. Room seemed clean. Bathroom would have been good to see. 700 baht is around 31 Aust Dollars. Cheap as !

  5. Trying to find nice hotel room for two in walking street area. Prefer in an area that is not noisy at night. Bringing my wife so it will need to meet her needs. Of course i am on a budget and online reservations prices are too high. Thanks in advance

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