Today’s adventure into Switzerland began when we began hiking in the swiss alps!! I have to say it was the most scenic hike i have ever been on!!

Heading to Switzerland and want to take this very hike? The name of the mountain is Ebenalp and the name of the lake we walked around is called Seealpsee.

This is where we parked.
Here’s also a great writeup about the hike!

Here’s the gear that i brought on my Europe Trip!

My Camera:

My Vlog Lens:

My Mic:

My Lightweight Travel Tripod:

My Travel Camera:

My WaterProof Camera Bag:

My Travel Drone:

Iphone Gimbal:

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what's up guys just sign mine here just waking up in this beautiful area called Switzerland just woke up at our friend Hannes his house ready to start the day and go exploring today we're gonna go drive over the Swiss mountains and go on a beautiful hike let the Switzerland adventure begin we got here after dark so when I woke up and saw all this I was just taken away at the beauty there's so many cool unique houses and the landscape is just awesome but they're about to leave without me on the hike so let's go Oh Oh alright guys we just made it to the parking lot we're gonna be heading right up there to the top of that mountain it's getting really steep all of a sudden starting to gain some serious elevation so in Switzerland in order to get your driver's license you have to be able to drive up the Swiss out before you get your permit this one I don't think got his license [Applause] so we're walking by and see this beautiful couple they just got married today what an awesome spot to take pictures on your wedding day the waters crystal-clear making just perfect reflections photographers paradise up here [Applause] so we're hiking along it's past lunchtime you're starting to get pretty hungry we've drank the last of our water and it's a hot 65 degree day in November in Switzerland we heard there's a restaurant up here somewhere though so we're going to keep on the trail go find this restaurant on the top of this mountain get some food and get some water while we were walking along there's this cool little house up here and they've got some water coming out so we just filled up our water bottles drank up some good water straight from the Swiss Alps and we're on our way ah so up ahead there's this house it's built right into the side of the mountain looks like our trails gonna run right into it let's go check it out these things are way cool imagine living way up here in the Swiss Alps definitely would have a spectacular view [Applause] so just walking along right next to this huge cliff wall and there's a couple groups of rock climbers climbing to the top of it so I just had to stop throw up the drone get some awesome drone shots of them climbing up the rock wall then the drone ran out of battery pulled it back down so here we go continuing on the hike to go find some more food I'm starving well this is the really cool big house in the mountain and it was also the spot that was supposed to have food it's November there's not a very big tourism season right now so restaurant is closed and I'm starving still [Applause] there's pews in a church right here on the side of the mountain we are walking into a cave to be way cool to live in if it was a hundred years ago and there wasn't any modern civilization Wow that cape was actually really big there's a few signs in there saying that bare bones were found in there no bears in there today though this sign behind me says that there's food this way maybe this restaurant is still open yep they have food up here certainly can see for miles in every direction up here we are on top of Switzerland so when we arrived at the top to the restaurant we had gone about 8 miles and the top is 1600 meters of elevation so approximately like 4,500 feet so we're up here folks what we filled our bellies drink some delicious Swiss cider so now that we're super stuffed with really good food we've got a wattle all the way back down to the car yeah yeah yeah well we just made it back to the car died made it back first uh-huh and now we were headed back to highnesses house to get some more food and just relax for the night well guys what an awesome day we spent about seven hours out hiking and the Swiss Alps in total our trip was about 12 miles so we definitely covered some ground and saw some beautiful sights along the way we're spending a few more days in Switzerland before we head over to Spain so if you want to stay up-to-date on our trip make sure you're subscribed to the channel I hit that notification bell so you know when the next video is going to be give me a thumbs up on this video if you liked it comment below what you liked about it and we'll see you guys next time you


  1. Wow this is just breathless piece of nature
    How much time did it take for climbing and how much time for descending
    Is it the only way up and same way down ?

  2. What locals in the Alps hate see tourists do :
    -Hike shirtless
    -Use their drones that scare away wildlife
    -Run when hiking down the mountain, accelerating erosion of the tracks and annoying normal hikers.

    You're a 3 for 3, congratulations…

  3. This trail is in Wasserauen (Swiss/Lichtenstein border). Has a beautiful mountin lake and hikes all around. 2 hours away are thermal baths called "Tamina" so if you go by car you can end the day with a bath. Just always take extra food and water and plan your trip – know how long it will take (internet) and always count one to two hours more (speed and stops). Verify that restaurants are open.

  4. Would you play some incessant music while you hiked these trails? If the answer is yes, then you have lost your perspective of what this is about. Yes, listening to your footsteps and the real sounds is ALL it’s about.

  5. Thanks for the video & the info in the video description. Nice use of the drone and beautifully edited! (I just subscribed.) I felt a little embarrassed for you when you said you just woke up "in this nice area called Switzerland." That's like saying you just woke up in this nice area called the United States. You mean "in this nice area in Switzerland." (Switzerland is a country, not an area.) Sorry to belabor one sentence. I point it out, in case you'd like to edit it. Most YouTubers wouldn't bother, but your editing standards are obviously extremely high.

  6. hey can you share the address of that parking lot from where you start your hike? Im planning to visit but not sure the exact areas and would be nice if you could share the name or gps coordinates etc

  7. Glad you enjoyed my back yard! You know, Switzerland has some of the most retarded laws about public photography in the world!
    As a foreigner it's not that bad.. But if you live here, you can be seriously fined for uploading certain things(especially people) the Swiss law sais: a person owns the rights to their face, and no one can photograph it without their consent… In public too! Rediculous.. Other than that, Switzerland is one of the safest most beautiful places.
    If you're thinking about coming, bring lots of silver or gold.. Switzerland =neutral in everything but gold. Lol

  8. The Alps are wonderful, but you will get similar views in Italy or Austria at probably around about half the price. Switzerland is far too expensive for me, I go to the Alps every year.

  9. Just out of curiosity, were there many restrictions regarding using drone photography in Switzerland, specifically in the Swiss alp?
    Great video, btw! Very fun to watch. I subscribed to your channel. 🙂

  10. We have got way more places. This one doesn’t provide fireplaces with free fire wood. There is nothing better than grill some Klöpfer and snake bread with marmelade.

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