Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Jamaica

Jamaica’s #1 Eco Boutique Hotel

Your island home away from home is waiting for you at Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio, Jamaica. It’s Jamaica’s #1 eco boutique hotel and boasts extraordinary views from a hillside setting overlooking Port Antonio. Its exclusivity is unparalleled as they only have 10 luxurious private sanctuaries available. Each room is an oasis of tranquility designed in a casual yet elegant style, exuding warmth and comfort. Each room embraces sustainability and all the furnishings are locally made. Plantation shutter doors and windows give guests the classic Caribbean feel that they deserve while they stay at Hotel Mockingbird Hill.

Eat, Drink and Enjoy Views of the Caribbean at Mille Fleurs

Dining at Hotel Mockingbird Hill means that you get to experience delicious Caribbean cuisine in a gorgeous environment. Mille Fleurs offers al-fresco dining with an amazing veranda and it’s also Port Antonio’s number one restaurant. Highlighting seasonal local and high quality produce and a garden of their own, Mille Fleurs strives to give guests of Hotel Mockingbird Hill a dining experience they won’t soon forget. The menu changes daily and is full of light, fresh, tasty food. And it’s at Hotel Mockingbird Hill so you don’t even have to leave the premises.

Choose Your Own Destiny at Hotel Mockingbird Hill

Vacations are what you make them, and Hotel Mockingbird Hill and their staff don’t take that lightly. Their friendly and professional staff can help you find the perfect beach or waterfall to hike to. They can arrange a trip for you to go snorkeling, diving, bird watching or hiking. There’s even a coffee lovers tour if that’s what you want to do. Go rafting down the Rio Grande, hike in the Blue Mountains or just plain relax at Frenchman’s Cove. The nature and beauty of Jamaica is all around at Hotel Mockingbird Hill.

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welcome to your Island home away from home Hotel Mockingbird hill as Jamaica's number one eco boutique hotel it boasts stunning coastline views from its hillside setting in Port Antonio after you've booked one of their only 10 laid-back luxurious rooms go visit the garden of wellness and when you're ready for an adventure the experienced hotel staff will arrange one for you take a rafting trip down the Rio Grande or go hiking in the Blue Mountains nearby you can see the natural wonder of reach Falls or just relax at Frenchman's Cove the dining experience alone is worth the trip Hotel Mockingbird Hills own mill floor is the highest rated restaurant in Ord Antonio for the full experience enjoy your meal on the veranda overlooking the spectacular Caribbean Sea

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