How Are The Nordic Countries Different (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland vs Sweden)

In this episode I share my thoughts on each of the Nordic countries based on what I have heard about them during my time living in Sweden.

Part One:


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23 thoughts on “How Are The Nordic Countries Different (Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland vs Sweden)”

  1. German culture and danish culture is FAR away from being similar. Same goes with Sweden and Denmark, since Sweden is changing as it is atm. However Norway and Denmark has a very similar culture.

  2. Finland is like the lonely, quiet angry cousin sitting by himself at a family gathering, and he has his reasons…
    Finnish people are angry because we feel like we are the unpaid and unappreciated security guards at a nordic party. We watch all of you having a fun and peaceful time togheter, while we are outside the doors in the snowstorm fighting off the Russian communist hordes trying to take over the party.

    A couple of brave swedes briefly comes out to give us weapons and starts cheering us on from the back a bit. The rest stays inside, wondering if inviting the other loud neighbour, Germany, would scare the Russians away.

    And before you have figuered that out we have already done our job to throw the Russians out. So you give us a pat on our backs and gets back inside while we clean up after the fight barely being able to walk from all the damage we have taken.

    That is why we are a angry, sad and quiet people.

    Joking aside, I think finnish culture still has som kind of PTSD from wars with Russia and feeling abandoned when we most needed help from our nordic friends.

  3. Svenska funkar fint i Norge (100%), Danmark (om dom pratar sakta!)(90%). Finland helt eget språk! Men! i vissa områden (västra delarna) pratar dom Svenska mer än Finska!, och på Åland (tillhör Finland) alla pratar Svenska där (100%) !. Jobbade ihop några år med en från Island=fattade inte mycket! bara vissa ord! kollade in nåt historie program på tv om Island är tydligen nåt "vikinga språk som pratades i scandinavien!? på vikinga tiden!??? hi hi

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