How Oklahoma landed 2020 4-star safety Bryson Washington over Texas

Oklahoma Sooners coach Lincoln Riley and defensive coordinator beat out Texas Longhorns coach Tom Herman and defensive coordinator Todd Orlando for 2020 4-star C.E. King (Houston) safety Bryson Washington.

Washington’s comparison is Sean Taylor.







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RJ Young is a former Sooners football and basketball beat writer, investigative journalist, essayist, novelist and Ph.D student. His memoir LET IT BANG (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) is out October 2018.

today I want to talk about new oh you commit Bryson Washington and all that's coming up after the bumper what's up get folk its RJ young I am NOT on a step Mill consider hitting the like and subscribe button because I upload a video every single day so it's oh you're related college football related sports related we have a good time and today I want to talk about the latest commitment to the 2020 recruiting class for Oklahoma that is one Bryson Washington and my goodness do you ever like this this might be my favorite commit of the last four weeks and that's another thing way of me just segue into there have been for sooner defensive commits since June 12 Parian Winfrey right remember him Andrew and Cooper right remember him Brandon Walker right remember him and now Bryson Washington out of CT King in Houston and this dude is all of six foot two 195 pounds and can fly look I don't know that you could be more excited about a guy joining the class then Bryson Washington because he is prototypical for what grinch wants and another one of those unicorns look at six foot two 195 pounds yes he projects it strong safety but he also has the speed to be the fifth defensive back in grinches scheme which i think looks more like a three three five one two three four fight me but that's kind of my point here you have to have an absolute monster playing at that nickel spot and I actually wrote about this on two four seven going who's gonna be the guy because Buki was supposed to be that guy last year and then David seals cooked his grits and then we saw the same thing happened in the Orange Bowl didn't matter if you were playing a Sam linebacker didn't matter if you plan a new comeback that dude got torched you week in and week out and that was the biggest thing that I needed to see Grinch fix for his scheme to take effect you got to find an absolute dog out there the star position in Alabama the rover position that you're seeing in the NFL the slot corner the nickel corner the Nickelback Bryson Washington could be that guy and that guy is making the most money or will be at the next level at the NFL level is the reason why Chris Harris is arguably one of the best defensive players in the NFL right now shout out big speak because he is the best corner in the NFL and in today's NFL today's offense you need a guy that could take away the slot guy because we're seeing more and more people are unafraid of taking their blessed outside receiver and moving him inside to match up against what they think is a magic that he want right they think that that 5th bet defensive back is not gonna be that good or that dime guys not gonna be that good Bryson Washington was down to Texas and Oklahoma after having a em Georgia Alabama all of them chasing him even going back to last year this time he had Texas inside of his top ten and now we're down to Texas in Oklahoma Oklahoma getting a late run at him he took an official to Texas On June 21st so a lot of people thinking that was over that it was done and since he has camped at Texas repeatedly he visited Texas for the USC game everybody's thinking do from Texas gonna commit to Texas and the argument that I would have if I was Longhorn fan was look when you're looking at defensive backs and you're looking at defensive backs how they play and whether or not they get drafted you're looking at Texas when you look at Oklahoma in the last 3-4 years just affect right even Chris Boyd getting drafted in the seventh round means Oklahoma didn't have anybody drafted at all in the 2019 draft in the defensive back field and that is the place for which grinch needs to make his mark especially since he's lost safety he's a safeties coach that is his bread and butter and the way that he and Roy Manning coached this defense and particularly the back end it's gonna either pay dividends or show everybody that Oklahoma still doesn't know how to play defense and if you got a guy like Bryce in watching in the boat before you can even show what the defense actually looks like you got to know that they've been recruiting their butts off and I was cringing Roy Manning in particular gotta be just in love with this because this is a guy that can return punts it's a guy that has blocked punt I watched the manhunt autofill and I get its highlight reel but he would chase people down that he had no business chasing down other fast men were caught with by him and his four or five speed legitimate speed legitimate size and at a time when we're taking stock of who the best are in this 2020 class and where they come from 238 of the 500 recruits come out of Florida Texas or Georgia and I'm saying that because look you go seventy two of the top 500 in Florida 69 of the top 500 are in Texas 53 of the top 500 are in Georgia just 44 of the top 500 in California so yes Oklahoma's got to recruit Texas because everybody ought to be recruited Texas matter of fact I need to do this segment where I should I didn't do this segment I needed this to do this for the for the channel but if you're just recruiting in Florida Texas and Georgia you're gonna have a really good football team because nearly half of the top 500 recruits in the country come out of those three places Oklahoma had just four guys inside the top 500 in the 2020 class so yes Oklahoma is always gonna have to recruit Texas always has always will same thing with Oklahoma State same thing with Texas and I think this is also speaking toward just how much the perception is at least trying to be changed by a lot of strange wearing man named Brian Odom the new guys on the defensive staff because they know the reputation of Oklahoma before they got here you know if you had even looks something like a above average defense against Georgia you probably win that game you probably win the nation' the best matchup against Alabama to beat Alabama was always that 2017 Oklahoma team they were just built to beat them offensively but you had to have a defense to get there that's why a Georgia one right then this little past year you fired the defensive coordinator midway through the season and you made the college football playoff with the one loss with an interim defensive coordinator so if you had anything like a stable and then above-average scheme you perhaps have an opportunity to beat Alabama instead of going down twenty eight two zero on the first quarter and basically throwing in the towel after that if you're no you fan on you know a lot of folks started drinking after that even as the team did fight back to lose 45 to 34 which was closer than the 28 to zero margin that you know you started out with so now that you know that the offenses gonna hum you've always needed to put the defense on the field and I for one have never taken for granted that Lincoln Reilly's offense is going to continue to break records I know it's gonna be good I know that it should be good but the wheels do come off every now and again man I mean it wasn't that long ago that we were talking about Florida State as a class member of college football and now Florida State is fighting back to be relevant it really can't go that quickly and you need to have a defense this year more than ever because you could have been you didn't offer been immense calimary and we want to make fun of you like we did but I understand it you would might be wrong for betting against Jalen Hertz but if you do I understand it because asking Jalen hurts to have the level of production that both Baker Mayfield and Cuyler Murray had before him is asking too much you need to ask him to do more than what he did at Alabama but not that much more and by that much more I mean if he throws for over 3,000 yards and he has over 30 touchdowns passing and he rushes for like 700 and he has over 20 rushing touchdowns that should be a really good offensive team but it doesn't have to be what Baker Mayfield was doing and it doesn't have to be what kind of Murray was doing it in it frankly wouldn't be but if your defense was as good as my buddy Steve hopes it might be like we're talking about defensive efficiency I contend that offensive efficiency number for Oklahoma ain't gonna be great right I think it might be in the 60s because there's just a lot of work to do right if they hit 77 I think you should be happy with it because of being grinches first year and he's working with the same sort of guys that Mike Stoops was recruiting for a different store to sort of football and a different ideal plus you're gonna have some moving and shaking on the defensive line that I've kind of shaded but also kind of talked outright about but even now you're seeing what the recruiting strategy is and you've seen what kind of defensive lineman wants what kind of linebacker steady wants and what kind of defensive backs he wants and the guys like Brice and Washington routinely yeah everybody wants them not everybody gets them they usually go play SEC football or if they're from Texas they end up at A&M they end up at Texas every now and again you do what we have seen Alex branch do which is pull Ryan Watt six foot three cornerback out of little elm pull Bryson Washington out of Houston which ought to be something like home base for Texas to say nothing of whatever it is Dana Holgorsen is trying to build down there with the Cougars who Oklahoma's gonna face September 1 you also have to continue with TCU you also have to contend with SMU Baylor we can keep going here you get the point Ella just over there man Arkansas is just up there so for Lincoln Riley outs crinch and roy manning to go down to Houston polygons like Bryce Washington tells you the message that they're using now is working I think that message could change a bit whether it get better or worse depending on how the defense place if the defense gets better expect more defensive recruits that are of a higher caliber the kind that Alabama has been getting the kind of LSU has been getting because all you really need to do is show the defense is getting better because if you show the defense is getting better you can sell hey be the guys to help us push this over the top continue to win big 12 championships and when the first national championship at Oklahoma since 2000 Bryce in Washington is showing you that that message is getting through all right that is it for me those

36 thoughts on “How Oklahoma landed 2020 4-star safety Bryson Washington over Texas”

  1. 30 passing TD's and 20 Rushing TD's is only 4 TD's less than Kyler (42-12) got all season last year. Realistically I think we can expect 25 passing and 20 rushing from Jalen. That will probably still be good enough to get us into the playoffs again assuming we can field an average defense at least.

  2. Liked the Chris Harris shoutout. He hooked up a little Class C football team with a scoreboard. Wilson High in Henryetta, Ok. Chris is a stand up guy and heck of a football player.

  3. RJ your reaching here bro. Texas always heavily recruits WR and DB position. We won't miss him. And don't 4get that he's an early commit so….. flip flop? Oh and I didn't know chokelahoma had a defensive scheme 😂

  4. Real simple; playing time early. Washington is a good one. To play at Texas, any DB is going to have to most likely redshirt, develop and learn for a year. There are 3 5 Star safeties at Texas right now. Texas is looking at 3 others right now. Ransom, Alford and Thompson.

    It will be interesting how they are ranked at draft time.

  5. Been waiting on this one for awhile. Big time for the new coaching staff. Building steam towards a very good 2020 defensive class. I'm so glad to see elite players being recruited to play a position that they actually play & for a scheme that's proven to work. With Mikeys staff there was way way too much recruiting athletes and experimenting going on. It's way past time for us to hit on some playmakers defensively. I feel that the D will be improved but how much is a mystery.

  6. Washington was my favorite safety (he's not a nickle RJ) in the state, and screw the depth chart talk this was a huge miss for UT. I hope he is willing to take another visit to Austin in the fall.

  7. 'IF' OU had any kind of Defense,they woulda beat Bama,'IF' OU had anything like a stable to average Defense,they woulda beat Georgia!!! RJ and his 'IF' FACTORS!!! "IF' my Aunt had Nuts,she would be my UNCLE! Every program in the country has lists of "IF's"! "IF" is just an excuse!

  8. Texas fan here:
    This was a great land for Oklahoma! I always thought that Washington was one of the most athletic safeties in this year’s class….. I believe he made the right choice because I do believe he would have a better chance at starting/playing time because of our current depth at safety. Great land for Oklahoma and I do believe that grinch will turn the defense around if he’s given the time and patience

  9. It's great to see OU getting defensive players. It will continue Grinch and Lincoln and God (Prayers) are working hard. This season OU will be a better defense under Grinch and yes I do believe in positive vibes. This season OU will be a very very good all around team in all "3 phases" as Jalen puts it.

  10. He chose OU because Texas is loaded with 5 stars at safety already. Put yourself in his shoes, do you want to go somewhere that you have to beat out guys who are gonna be all-Americans, or to a team where you’ll be the best player on the defense the first day you step on campus? OU defense still gonna look like a high school JV practice squad.

  11. Washington will start from day 1 at OU. At Texas, he'd be behind Caden Sterns, BJ Foster, DeMarvion Overshown and have a hell of a lot harder of a time cracking rotation. Solid player nevertheless

  12. Ut safety recruits…
    jones #1 safety in nation
    Sterns #1 safety in nation
    Foster #3 safety in nation
    Overshown #6 safety in nation
    Owen's #9 safety in nation… all these guys were ranked 5-stars by one of the 3 major recruiting sites…and there are more highly ranked safeties on UT roster I didn't name…..kid wanted to play right away…and he wasnt goint to be near the biggest,athletic, or fastest safety on the UT roster….good get for ou…

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