How to Add Multiple Destinations OR Stops in a Single Trip in Google Maps on Android

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How to Add Multiple Destinations on Google Maps (with Pictures)
How to add multiple stops in a single trip in Google Maps
How to add multiple destinations in Google Maps
How to Plan a Road Trip with Multiple Destinations on Google Maps
welcome to the cloud Network channel on this video and I am going to ensure you about the new features have been launched in the Google Maps so what is that's new multiple stops in a single rates that's called so just I'm going to show you how you can have this access these new features before stops will go to the Play Store and checking a version which I have the in season so now I'm going to the Play Store here and just tapping the Google Maps so here the set of light maps you can see that Google Maps here is said on the screen which already armed a beta tester of this app and if you click on read more read more scroll down you will see the version is ten point twelve point one which is a version I have so this is like I'm also a we got destroy you can see on the screen so whatever the new features will be released by the googles so I will get who is having the beta tester will get this access to those features and after a few weeks or a month it will be release all to the normal visual sight so let's see the what the future resist open the map here and you need to allow the location here already have said the location here so before it's like here is you can see click on go and you can see you my location is already set and designation and setting you can check drive to wheeler buses or whatever ok just select your distinguish this me it's I'm selecting or say any location for the testing of course I'm Shoni click on the right side three horizontal line is there top one and a stop you can see so ABC is showing click to add a stop and the screen you can see slowly slowly the stops will be added so you can see one more stops and I'm going to add it from the screen which you can see like this one I am adding ok so in this way like you can add multiple strokes in a single drink so this is called about the literature booboo trips and the trips total trips 30 kilometer is there and once you added the stocks or the seeds click on finish on the scale you can see the first one it will be go to there and the second one it will travel to digitalization and our top third one reaches to the last one so this is about the call of the multiple stops if you click on that stops and then you can sort change from one location to another location that you can transfer it so like that you can also change and if you want to move from upside the c1 so select thus C and drop to the top one so in this way like you can drop and drag the stops also from one location to the like if you want to have the first one the SC see one was goes to first a and then B one goes to C so in this way you can change also and you can want to delete the stocks also you can delete and you can click the finish this is about the having multiple stops in a cemetery strands watching my video police officer – ramat of channel

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