How to control a river cruise ship - Interview with the captain

A great interview with the river cruise ship captain aboard the MS Sound of Music during my incredible Danube river cruise with Gate 1 Travel ( It was fascinating to learn how he controls the huge ship and how he guides it from lock to lock along the Danube.

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10 thoughts on “How to control a river cruise ship – Interview with the captain”

  1. Every lock has a person who drives you to the entry. You need to comunicate when you are 2-3km close to the lock. And he will try to make it free for you. That man open and close the gates for you. One more thing. That it not cruise control, the cruise control keeps you speed at the speed you want. That is z-drive. The z-drive helps you to drive the ship easier and help you to change your direction of your propeller easily so you will take the corner safely. What captain is this hahaahahah

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