How to Make Time Go Faster (when you're waiting for something!)

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Time SLOWS DOWN when you are waiting for something. But I have a simple 2-step plan to make time go a lot quicker! And it doesn’t involve being passed out! (Although that works great too!)


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created by Brett yeah hey it's Brett and this is invention Thursday where you come up with any problem that you have put in the comments tell your friends to come here and give it a thumbs up and if your problem gets the most thumbs up by the end of the weekend I'll make you a video solving your problems last week the problem that got the most thumbs up came from caboose blue 13 and it was how do you make time go by faster when you're waiting for something that's a great question and caboose blue 13 that's been putting up for like the last five or six weeks on every invention Thursday video as for the answer I'll tell you next week no just kidding I have answers for you I was gonna say medically induced coma and then the doctors revived you right before the thing is gonna happen and you won't notice any time has passed it's perfect but the real answer is two parts part one take the importance off of that thing in the future I mean if it happens great but if it doesn't happen that's fine too because there are a million things that are gonna happen before it and there are a million things that are gonna happen after it and those are all either gonna be wonderful or they're gonna be terrible or whatever but there's so much going on that that one particular thing isn't that important part two is to distract yourself right now you're doing a great job because you're watching youtube videos which are totally entertaining and fun especially mine but you got to do something that you can really get into whatever that happens to be for me it's creating things that create videos to create music I cook food sometimes you know I can like really get into making a meal or something I say writing music I make video games I make websites and things like that and just something you can really sink your teeth into and distract yourself into being like now instead of being off in the future so you're paying attention to what's going on right now and you're having fun with it so that's it remind yourself that the thing in the future isn't that important and just act yourself right now with something you really enjoy so that air conditioning ah so thank you for watching invention Thursday remember to put a problem of yours in the comments especially one that I can build an invention for tell your friends to vote on it give it a thumbs up and if your problem gets the most thumbs up by the end of the weekend I'll make you a video solving it

38 thoughts on “How to Make Time Go Faster (when you're waiting for something!)”

  1. Everyone is here because of school or something but I'm here because my boyfriend is leaving for 6 months because of some problems and he's leaving in like 4 months and I feel so bad I think I might have an addiction towards him he's so nice and I can't let him go ,I've been breaking down so much these past few days and I sort of want him to leave because I want the clock to start ticking already but I don't wanna let him go. He's leaving at the beginning of the school year when he's a junior and I'm a senior. When he comes back we'll only have 3 months left and then I'll graduate and go to college and he may not even come back to the same school as me . I feel very very sad specially since he helped me out of my depression

  2. What helped me was when it was around 4 o cloak and I was bored trying to pass time being exited for something that is literally in ten days and I couldn’t pass time and it felt like the clock was taking an hour for a minute to go by.. so I love bike riding so I went on a bike ride and time flew by cus when I got back it was 7:00 which passed lots of time

  3. I’m waiting for my sister to come home she’s went to the beach to the cliffs with her boyfriend since yesterday and she isn’t texting back or calling I want time to go fast for she can come home

  4. In 6 days I'm going to an Amusement park (I-X Center Indoor Amusement Park to be exact) and I really just want to fast forward the times as if I were in a movie. I have trouble sleeping and usually sleep in the day which is a problem because on the day that I go I have to wake up at 8 AM and be ready at 10 AM. I Hope This Video Helps.

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