How to Stay Lean Eating Anything on Vacation (vlog)

Hey! In this video I bring you on our family vacation, I also share my best tips on how to stay healthy & lean in the holidays.

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– Jon Venus

The Quest For Fitness
what's going everyone John vias here welcome back to another video I'm here with the family we're in the car together because we just started our roadtrip – what are we going san san sebastian which is a town here in spain in spain yes on the border with France this is kind of like our summer vacation summer holiday because we have really you know had a pure vacation yet this year so this is like we decided to there right now so we're unfortunate we got to a vegan restaurant we've been driving for two hours and we got to this restaurant we tried to find parking half an hour and well we finally found parking the restaurant closes so right now we found another one that is vegetarian with healthy options so we're gonna walk there see what's up you ready to go you ready go so even if we've been based in Spain for like three and a half years we've never really explored that many cities so every time we get out and we drive it's pretty fun yeah this is actually the fifth largest city of Spain yes Zaragoza right yep hi guys so we just got to this vegetarian bar the food just arrived so this is the starter this is a carrot cream / soup and that Katherine has a bean salad you're really gonna love it I think good right guys the main dishes just got here this is the burger which is a burger patty with some I don't even know what that is like some fried potato yeah like those potato things and then some squash a little bit of sauce and in the other plate that we're sharing is just some noodles and veggies trouble and peace for you guys as always it's really good alright tummy's full oh yeah I'm so full you ready for the rest of the trip yeah attempting a fight so got two and a half hours left hopefully Noah sleeps in a car yeah he's due for another naps very soon so hopefully he falls asleep again alright guys after 5 hours of driving we finally got to the hotel area so unfortunately there's no parking here either like since we got here we haven't been able to find any parking anywhere we even wanted to go into town to the beach real quick but the parking situation was insane it's definitely like a very touristy city so yeah very very busy in summer I look at Catherine do you all the heavy lifting yeah you ready go in good morning everyone day number one here in San Sebastian we're super excited right now we're just getting ready to go out today we're gonna go for one of the biggest heights around here which is like three hours long or something Noah's getting a little bit sleepy and ready to go to bed yeah who's gonna be carrying him for all those hours and putting him to sleep in the carrier so we managed to sleep pretty nicely at least I did Catherine did as well I think no is it too so yeah yeah we're all pretty tired so yeah this bed was good enough nothing to complain about at all yeah it's big which is the most important thing it's very rare for us to find a bed that is big enough in a hotel at least here in Europe whoo like two stars like really far away from here so we have to take it off it's not going to walk for an hour and then start to hike we're just at a store right now I just had to film this because this is so funny this is a goat milk called I love my goat crazy I bet those goats I treated super nice okay guys we just got to the start of the hike very long trail into the forest I'm tired exactly I've been doing this cardio lately so basically this trail is pretty serious it's pretty long it's seven point seven kilometers which I have no idea what that is in miles for the u.s. people on the road yeah alright guys a couple hours into the hike now and we're doing well nose say hello to everyone yeah exactly to give a little bit of value for you guys who are wondering how I plan on you know staying healthy and active and fit and not gonna stuff during a vacation and a holiday well just walking like we're doing now is a big part of it right that is what we always focus on one hour on vacation we tried to go for hikes as much as possible just because it's good for everyone we actually enjoy it so it's easy for us to do plus it's good for the baby so we try to motivate ourselves to go out for as many hikes as possible wherever we are in the world and walking in nature is actually also the perfect meditation it is yeah especially when it's a super packed with people just brings you into the present moment yeah you really like getting joy just everything around you yeah 100% oh they're the sounds of grasshoppers and watching the butterflies yeah it's so nice we're big fans of hiking we've recommended hiking yes so many times before but and if it's not your thing you do something else but I I think that it is something that you can get into if you really try because there's so many benefits yeah and if you're in big cities you can just like walk when you do decide sing instead of taking the bus or whatever just go for yeah just go walking as much as possible go shopping yeah walk and buy your clothes no yeah if your vacation entails just going to the beach or something like that then you can make the commitment of doing like a little jog at the beach or just doing some burpees or any kind of bodyweight exercise at the beach if you're gonna stay at a hotel resort or something you can always make sure that this resort has a gym at least like you know treadmill or whatever but it's not really necessary you can just go out on the streets for a run or something so activity in general is super super important so diet and nutrition is also super important right we we know that and we all know that to stay healthy we've got to eat healthy and on vacation a lot of times we come you know with the mindset of having as many treats as possible trying new foods from the place you're visiting or you know with family gatherings there's a lot of food laying around always and even drinks and alcohol and that kind of stuff so it's just about you know for me it's about balance right I don't like saying no to those things if it's not in excess right like if it's if we're talking about eating cakes and desserts and stuff every single day on your vacation then it's gonna be problematic it's not gonna be worth it yeah and also maybe opt for having one or two of your meals in the hotel room at home like yesterday we went to the grocery star store and we got some groceries so you just eat in the hotel room and then we had breakfast a day after as well so it's perfect you just have oldsen soy milk and fruits and stuff like that and then you don't have to spend that much money and you don't have to buy like foods out for every meal which is expensive as well yeah it's expensive and sometimes it's hard to find healthy options yeah it's always really a lot of sodium sugar so it's about the balance like you said hmm just bounce it out by having some ya know meal some meals out and then we also did some meal prep for the road trip yeah meal prepping is key if you want to take it seriously yes I made some hummus we both brought some crackers and also made some healthy boys balls yeah we could all enjoy we're not saying that you shouldn't have your treats in your vacation you should if you want to but don't overdo it because there's no point you're just like ruining your own progress your own health and setting yourself you know further back so why not just do something that you really like and not that you would really enjoy exactly worth it right yeah then just appreciate that instead of just eating everything yeah because a lot of people just do mindless eating and just like stuff their faces while they're watching Netflix or something and then they don't even realize that they ate a whole tub of Ben and Jerry's right so I gotta appreciate the foodie it's got to be worth it and if it is worth it in your soul you feel like you need that piece of whatever it is then it is worth it and you should do it but yeah be mindful alright guys super winter here I don't know if you can hear me but we pretty much got to the other side of the you know trail and now I see this little cliff that I really want to jump down seriously I love jumping down clips and that kind of stuff I haven't done it in years so we'll see I don't know what do you think Catherine should I try back flipping it first try just jump Catherine don't get nervous okay one hour later time to try this out you having fun down there check this out this looks amazing I got one ball Cathy's got another one super delicious they're both Buddha bowls mine has quinoa some pinto beans some mushrooms different veggies like carrots and sweet potatoes and salad underneath said this is gonna be amazing super healthy perfect meal to get out if you want to stay on track with your fitness goals on the other hand Noah doesn't want to let you eat no is eating stuff on the floor yeah now you care you're too long koala we hike getting ready for a second mess so we need to just eat then I go there alright so we're at the beach now no is playing are you playing did it are you feeling daddy socks daddy socks yeah and then John just saw some people playing football or soccer or whatever you want to call it over there so he just ran over over there are you standing all by yourself well done well dad are you walking good job back for the beach and right now I'm starving this is what Katherine prepared at home right before we left she made some homemade hummus and then we have these uh like rice cake cracker thingies really really good stuff so yeah oh thank you thank you thank you and a kiwi apparently that's my meeting thanks bro it's a good idea Kiwis are one of the best fruits ever hi so today we just got out of the hotel right now and we're just wondering what's going on up here I don't know what what is what's going on up there that's like kids pushing each other off the building I wish we're staying a bit longer but maybe another time this is all we could do this time yeah true hopefully we can stay come back another time and stay a bit longer so another beautiful day beautiful weather today it's even more hot so I don't even know how we're gonna survive this and because our main name got some people helping their Instagram game down there I might have to go down there Katherine for some half-naked pictures for me I just want to go to the beach right now it's crazy we're not gonna go to beach right yeah I know I really want to go through the water maybe next time maybe tomorrow morning that someone maybe later today we'll see oh yeah it's so cool that the population is like active that's rare it's like how in the morning it's perfect just later today so it'd be like this it would be packed we were gonna go today this morning but with the baby and stuff it always takes a lot longer than we expect so how would you rate this city and vacation so far just so beautiful we got like the perfect combination um kind of like see the life nature Beach mmm apparently it's like the the capital of hiking in Spain right yeah a little trip to a electronics shop because we're running out of space on my SD card so I got to find a big one got the SD card ready to film a lot of awesome footage and I also got my guilty pleasure a monster energy drink yeah that's like my biggest guilty pleasure ever like energy drinks actually not even energy drinks but just this one in particular just because the taste is so good it's not like it doesn't taste like actual energy drink so thick thing it is a big thing it is it's true I thought it wouldn't be drinking yeah so Pepsi Max Coke Zero and this monster those are the things that I still am working on in terms of trying to eliminate completely from my life but you know you got to enjoy it sometimes I'm not gonna feel guilty about it right now now I hear it I don't want to hear in the comments section all right Kevin what about you what's your guilty pleasure chocolate or go and from there we're supposed to get a super nice panoramic view over the whole city and the beach and everything good morning what's up with you Scarface what's that what is that it's left on the carrier oh yeah nice huh actually wish they chopped down so III could see why yeah sure it's blocking most of the views at least we know they're serious about preserving nature which is cool yeah I mean this is an old piece of doing to lean on that Katherine don't make me nervous all right what is this thing right here looks like a prison cell hi guys so we're at a grocery store we're gonna stock up on some fruits groceries and also some snacks for the road trip tomorrow yeah sure I know you have one protein bar these are literally the worst protein bars on the planet what's that open it okay so it's like a higher protein hummus or something bad apples avocado maybe some plums a lot of stuff here good stuff maybe some of these apricots all right guys I'm picking up some dried mango for later or maybe for tomorrow for the road trip and it's for right now because I'm a little bit hungry I'm gonna have some sweet potato fries no oil and I think just 100% sweet potato so I'm gonna be having that just as a snack so right now we're heading over to that restaurant that we went to yesterday so it's pretty typical for us to just pick one restaurant that we enjoy and just go back to until we leave I think well we have more time like you try different right exactly yeah you just have this one more day then we just want to have something we're like yeah are you hungry Catherine really hungry actually what are you gonna have after all this walking a lot of food yeah we're gonna have some bit of bowls or something yeah I think so or maybe like the plates of the day which was like soup and then kind of like a bit of all flour as well we're hearing how huh huh huh excited knows already started eating let's just start on some our palates yeah those are actually the only olives fun fact the only olives that Katherine can actually eat that can eat yeah I did I enjoy yeah that you don't hate the taste of they're nice because they don't taste always kind of like a mix between like uh olives and not sure they're very different yeah I agree look for you different have you guys tried this kind of olive before I don't know I love it got some bread for starters to make sure white potatoes sweet potatoes and purple sweet potatoes with some extra sauces what do you think hmm check this out guys the main course has arrived so I got I don't even know what I got I'm not even gonna try to explain it but there's like rice salad yeah – it gets Pacha made of melons I don't even know how that's possible yeah yeah and I got my god chickpea bootable sweet potatoes broccoli mushrooms that I'm giving to John and then some salt so we just got the beach we decided that we did not come into the second hike today was I just chill here have some fun play with the sand maybe have a swim we'll see now we're on a little detour before heading back to the apartment and we just found this awesome spot the rocks and stuff what's amazing here take that one hour later where are we right now Catherine you have to do this some explaining here see you guys we saw this for you place that past and Beyond very good and we just she just felt hungry so we decided to come here and have a vegan burger I'm super pumped yeah this probably that'd be good burger not sure if it's a Spanish chain or international or whatever but I'm super pumped so these burgers are made with the Beyond burger I'm sure you guys have tried it out if you have it you should let me know if you have that what you think about the beyond burger because it's a new thing here in Europe I know in America it's been out for a while but in Europe it's super new and people are like their minds here so yeah let me know what you think almost forgot the ketchup I cannot eat fries without ketchup Katherine's adding the ketchup into the burger fancy it is very important I don't know how important it is in the burger but for fries I don't know how people eat it without ketchup [Applause] it's good but it's very realistic meet the thing that I'm most excited about arrived soup instead of fries good morning Ella how are you doing so we just got up we are about to leave the hotel room yesterday I hit the gym here in the hotel room which is amazing it's one of the reasons why I got so excited about this hotel is because it had a gym and the gym was really good actually for a hotel gym so I had an amazing gym but then I was so tired than finish the vlog yesterday so we're here today watching the vlog together and ready for a five and a half hour five hours yeah yeah it's gonna be intense it doesn't look like this boys it's ready for it look yeah what do you think man yeah so it's gonna be an interesting to see what happens anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this whole trip this vacation I hope you guys got some ideas and tips and useful information so yeah thank you for attending along on this journey with us don't forget we do provide online meal and workout plans if you're looking to improve your health and fitness we do that at John Venus comm so go over there check it out and as always I'll see you very soon peace out

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  1. Yes, I've had the beyond burger. They sell it also in the Czech republic finally, very good 😊 I'm happy you enjoyed your vacation in Spain, especially with the little one ❤

  2. Not sure I’d even like to try the beyond burger BECAUSE of the real meat taste! Just give me a black bean burger or chickpea and sweet potato burger and I’m good. Noah making me broody 🤣

  3. Another great video Jon 👍🏼 thank you.
    I’m sure Catherine done the most exercise out of you both, ha, carrying your little man all the time 🙌🏼 and no pram/stroller in sight 👌🏼bravo, and also breast feeding 🤱 so natural and perfect for babies 👶🏼👌🏼

  4. I love walking. Its the easiest way to stay active. Even the baby took a couple steps lol. He was literally following in your footsteps (no pun intended lol) handing you that zucchini. Great tips! The Beyond Burger is my favorite burger. Ketchup is an absolute necessity. I also really like ripe avocado on my burgers, but those are a little harder to come by. Thanks for taking us along.

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