Husky Hidey Hole in a Hotel | Travel Vlog

Today was mostly a driving vlog. We leave Washington and head to Montana! Memphis found a fun hidey hold in this hotel!

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well good wonderful beautiful mornin Parthians Little Miss Kyra has already been back to her normal self today I think whatever she ate or whatever she got into that caused her to get all sleepy and scared the heck out of us yesterday whatever it was I think we caught it nice and early and that made it a little bit easier to get it out of her system she sure has been peeing like a racehorse today though thanks for the scare yesterday babe talked to the vet the vet said go ahead and hit the road look at her she's like I'm fine guys I don't know what you're making a fuss about I just ate some stuff and it made me CP you could have just let me sleep you know maybe we should've just let you sleep and then no I'm just kidding I think we could have had some some time to ourselves right right Memphis Memphis was like it was nice when she wasn't here for four hours yesterday and I got a nap Memphis loves her but Memphis slept the whole time she was gone it was kind of funny so we are leaving Dupont Washington it has been a very interesting stay like I said the hotels been amazing just the Kiera having to go to the vet made things a little interesting and we are heading to Montana and we lose an hour today because we start going back into the other timezone so we got to hit the road it's 8 o'clock we got a 10 hour drive ahead of us let's hit the road you ready to go you're so pretty alright let's go look we've gone that place again where clouds are born this is Mount Baker that was so cool that way as well we're on i-90 we're on our way to Montana it looks like we used to drive through yet another mountain range it's very close it looks cool though – hi truck I wanted to look at this way there's a mountain with clouds being born Sonne so we've got eight and a half hours to get where we're going for nine-hour Drive today we might stop and see some friends of ours along the way depending on what we get to wear their pants otherwise today is mostly a dry day but I don't take it because we get to drive through this and because I'm not driving it's so cool it does yes yeah it does remind me of Pennsylvania mountains I love how there's like trees and then the rock you can see the rock going out of the mountains we were just talking about how all the mountains are so different they're all still so cool that is an animal bridge it is there's no road there that bridge that we just went under is Salette animals get from this side to this side without having to try to cross this road that's kind of cool I don't think I've ever seen one I made a little stop at the rink Oh Petrified Forest wasn't Li visiting area I didn't like drive into the forest area but we saw some of the petrified wood that was out there and there was a gem shop which is why I really wanted to sabotage a panel truck course we had to pick up some rocks so this one apparently is some type of rock you can get in Oregon and I already forgot what it was called so maybe one of you guys can tell me but I got one of those and then we had to get a piece of petrified wood because why not and I got one of the polished pieces Canada's literally we bought rocks so we didn't have a chance to go yeah we didn't did didn't think about that much either that we should have made some time for that but that's okay we lots of rocks I got this piece of petrified Buddhas continuing on alright so we just stopped to get lunch we just visited James and Ashley from the checks life you guys don't know who they are check them out you can just look up the chicks life we didn't film anything we didn't stay for long we just kind of went and said hi because we were through what 20 minutes off of our trail trail 20 minutes out of our trip gonna put us to the hotel in Montana a little bit later but that's okay okay all right they'll have to film some stuff as we drive through there I'm gonna drive for a little bit and then possibly Jamie will finish out the drive we got about four and a half hours not too bad so we're going to fill up on some food the dogs had lunch while we were at the park with them we yeah yeah they know you know they're getting chicken of it okay they know they know so all right we're gonna continue on we're definitely I think it was like 3,000 4,000 feet me anymore I think we're higher up now oh that's what what oh really we were just in the panhandle of Idaho hi Jess look recrossing just keep a home yeah I saw the state line yeah the state line is actually Montana entrance to Monty yeah I was gonna mention Lookout Pass why do they call it like lookout like look at that mountain up in the head up ahead if there's a big look out there what are you gonna look out and see the next Mountain I mean they really what do you can sound like oh oh hey the mountain on the Left rying to run for the hills guys I mean it is pretty and there there was snow it's got to be snow yeah that's them or it's a waterfall considering it's 48 degrees yeah here pretty sure up there they're see-through the bugs ohne blurry showing too fond of the hills but we can clearly see that they were spots where you can see landslides where the were that all the trees were just missing this is pretty clouds we're on the other side of the hill that was pretty cool too I just wanted to drive through Montana the only ever drove through like a little corner so I think it was years ago I always super excited for today good I kinda want to be home but still that's headed they're headed to NASCAR desolate it's really pretty it's very I feel like you guys are driving on this road that feeling here we are right where are we what's theater way to Montana where my opinion that's a nigga though that's yep the other side is full of trees but this side has let's go see all the roads leading to the top it's a pretty big and this one has trees and then next to it it's like I don't know maybe that's where the snow falls and nothing grows because any time the trees grow like it has little mini avalanches maybe that or yeah it could be the head or it's just really really hard that could be to Vegas maybe just grass stuck in traffic still but I thought that mountain was pretty cool yeah that was so after a really long day we're here they made it to our hotel and look it looks just like all the other hotel wandering oh my god is that fun in there guys disagree check this out I got my own little hidey-hole is that your hidey-hole Oh is she just want to leave you alone well she this puppy's got so much in it hey indoor voice indoor voice indoor voice okay I'm gonna go find something for Jamie and I to eat and probably get ready to go to bed after that cuz it's late I guess technically though hon it's only like 9:30 from where we just were someone from where we were yeah so realistically we would have rolled in at about 9:30 if we were in the other timezone [Laughter] all right girls let's ask it I would ask you if you're ready for bed but you're already in bed so I think you're ready listen keep that leg out there girl you need it get it all right guys we're gonna call it a night we actually have no idea what's in store for tomorrow we don't know what we're doing we're gonna go to Glacier National Park but it's still like three and a half hours away from here so that would make seven hours of just driving tomorrow and we might take it easy we might find some local trails and some local areas close to where we're at see what we can see maybe find some rivers take the dogs for some hikes who knows we'll figure it out tomorrow we got one full day here before we continue on to get it you got it G spot my help you itch it I'll help you but my help eh it will help you get your wood I knew it didn't all right you guys we hope you enjoyed today's video as always thanks so much for watching thanks for subscribing stay positive dream big we will see again soon goodnight audience I'm glad you're feeling better we're so glad you're feeling better goodnight audience if you love our Huskies come along for the ride all you have to do is hit subscribe follow as we share our lives with their dogs and join our adventures on snow dogs loves

38 thoughts on “Husky Hidey Hole in a Hotel | Travel Vlog”

  1. Hopefully you guys can make it. I hope you have a safe trip and your dogs and you guys have a great trip wherever you go out for your dogs that is really kind of you for making all these videos

  2. Glacier national park is amazing. I'm excited for the next video. I remember this really clear lake with rocks of so many colours and it looking like the swiss alps.

  3. Those mountains ⛰⛰ were huge great traveling view .. 😂 jess when u were in the drivers seat talking Shelby was behind u
    And it looked like her ears were sticking out of your hat 😂🤣
    … Im glad little miss Kira is better 😊💖 .. I just love her an memphis playing an snuggling together 😊💖

  4. Those rocks are called thunder eggs!

    If you're ever near Portland again, there's a really cool rock museum called Rice Museum of Rocks and Minerals, in Hillsboro (city west of Portland) . You can easily spend a few hours there.

  5. I'm sure you have posted it somewhere but how many miles total was your trip? I also feel like these vlogs have been much more casual, maybe because you're driving and don't have much going on but I like it!

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