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I look down and I see little tiny little tiny like clear bugs with legs that are moving all over me in my hair and my weed I just I can't not say it in this vlog because it was that crazy [Applause] hey booze so I'm currently at Virginia Beach I flew in here yesterday yes and that extra I flew instead of driving six hours I took like a 45-minute flight which was the smallest the light of my life guys like it was one see on each side like 50 people but no biggie I got here in 45 minutes and yeah I'm here and it's beautiful and it's amazing and we're staying in the most beautiful shabby chic cottage ever I am here visiting someone can you guess who I'm visiting cool air from Blood Queen those of you who haven't seen the Christmas special she is one of the Regals you guys could go back to a previous vlog of the behind the scenes of blood queens her and I became best best friends during season three going to a tea room soon guys look how like this room is so cute before we came here and now it's just like destroy girls but it's like girl aside so like I said we are going to a tea room we have reservations in like what time is it 20 minutes so I'm gonna do some really quick makeup right now I need to do more with this look especially since you are fancy vlogging today her to go antique shopping after the tea room I think I'm just gonna do like really really soft makeup since I only have like 10 minutes to do it so we are heading to tea just look how cute this house it does me and Alexei we want to paint like right here later in the evening we're gonna paint little pictures right here and we're gonna like drink coffee or something like to speak girls this is a girl occasion by the way I don't think I establish that this is just for a girl so this is a girl Cashin that's why I like the Airbnb so girly and there's no Colin obviously a lot of people were like on social media they were like where's Colin wider that why isn't calm with you and I'm like dude does my boyfriend have to go with me on every vacation no we can come tonight he can come next time right now it's about a girl occasion I love Broadway shoes and I think girls need to have them everything it's like right now we're about to get some tea and then we're going shopping but a lot of things like girls do with their girlfriends that like a boyfriend wouldn't want to do but we don't have to feel guilty to you yeah I'm doing makeup like yeah taking pictures going shopping getting drinks just being girls gossiping sometimes you just you just need to be the girl see what I'm saying the room a team room and look at where our little table is ruin like this little nook right here and then like everyone else is over there but yeah we're just like in this little corner it was just so cute they have so many teas I don't know what to pick apple cinnamon coffee cake sounds really good for tea maybe there's like caffeine in it too I've never tried like dessert so yummy so I just got this really good strawberry salad and we got our tea and they love this little thing over it it's really helped me to not get like the herbs in it look at your endless Diaries right now I told Alex I had to show her what the bathroom looks like so look at all the like vintage hats right here it's so much of here I'm like so inspired right now I feel like I need to do this to my bathroom oh this looks so so cute it does my little like vintage room oh my god it's gorgeous I feel like these little like drawer boxes are so good for storage and so is the so freakin pretty what's this cards look how cute these cards are oh my goodness it's just like a little church oh my god I love cards I need to take these oh my god these are so cute there's two matching lamps this would be like so pretty like next to a shabby-chic bed I would obviously change the lampshade but I flew here so I can't like I'm fantasizing I really fall in love with something that I can't pack in my suitcase then I'll just have Alex mail it to me look at that little like lantern with the sunflowers look at this crown basket with the blush ribbon that is so freaking cute this is so cute I feel like these are snowflakes and this is a Christmas sweater this is so something I would wear for a gap miss bag so cute there's a bunch of holiday stuff here I think this is holiday and then look at this like pullover with pink snowflakes I am just gonna go ham this year on godness guys I need this in my life I'm gonna take it but the question is do I take the whole day a mannequin like what do I do guys too bad Easter's over like it's I know I'm shopping for Christmas stuff early but I there's no way I'll shop for Easter stuff early that's like almost a year away but look how cute this decoration is so cute oh my gosh and Eloise snow globe how the heck would I bring this huh if only like I could just order this and this could be our kitchen table like oh my goodness oh my goodness and this mirror you don't have a full mirror anywhere in our house you need one and look at that and I would stop everything oh my gosh look at this little like bulletin oh my gosh the lights oh you look how cute that dress is up there that is like a 1970s nightgown this is like a vintage wedding dress and they just have such gorgeous things like look at this pink fur coat and look at this pink summer dress this is so beachy and pretty I want this so bad Alex you know I wear this out so cute I love it look at this little wooden bench if I lived here I'd buy everything if I buy furniture I'm just gonna pay for them to ship it over this the shopping wasn't over we came home and changed outfit just cause like we've been wearing the same outfits for like from morning so like mid-afternoon now it's like evening ish and we just like want to wear different stuff so we can go back to the air UV and now we're in our different looks we're gonna wear these outfits to dinner but yeah work instead point of the beach we're actually going to go to her local mall to shop so we did like tea room it's you chuck now MA but yeah people come to like the beach to put the beach but like I come to the beach to shop it's gonna be fun I wore this in my war abroad hey guys after a really really long day of shopping I decided I'm gonna stick here in my jammies and just give you guys a little haul before bed and Y&T shopping i went to the mall um tomorrow I'm going to the spa what you guys will see but right now I'm just gonna show you that everything I've got and I'm gonna be kind of quick because I got a lot of stuff so I'm sorry about the see I'm sorry I'm not trying things on it's actually currently thunderstorm Inge um and a little spoon but I'm gonna show you guys what I've got then first thing I might show you guys is from the antique shop and it's super simple it's a white slip nightgown so pretty I love little like slips like this that our antique but I especially love when they're white I just feel like there's so dainty and cute and Shaggy sheep then I got this dress and it was so be cheating me and it's super super super like 80s or 90s but I feel like I could do so much with this like I could fix it up myself look at the pastel florals on this and it's like puff sleeves and the buttons it's like a sweetheart neckline and it's like ruffled at the bottom it's just so cute it's really dreamy and romantic and the pastel colors really made me think of bermuda and me and Connor are going to Bermuda in two weeks so actually I'm will probably be in Bermuda by the time this video is up but yeah I just felt like this was so Bermuda and I really want to fix it up and like we're on a trip the next outfit I got I like was drawn to it I don't know why I don't own any dresses that look like this but it's like white and it's like really hot pink or like neon pink and it's very like country and I love this sleeves it's very shabby chic it's like a shabby chic pink like most people who have shabby chic furniture paint their furniture this color who want to paint a pink it's just really fun and girly and it's such a like country girl at the picket fence kind of dress I think it's romantic and I you like Collinwood like me wearing this dress so I bought it Pollan loves when I wear vintage dresses so the next thing I got was this hat and like I don't think I'm gonna wear this often like it's not it's not really flattering to wear but I think it would look so cute hung up in the princess cave on the wall cuz it's just super cute it's the exact shade of pinkish I love it the next thing I got is this like mint sweater I don't know what color this is going to turn out on camera but there's the good bunch of snowflakes or flowers on it I think there's snow flakes it was in like the Christmas sweater section and yeah this I guess this is like an ugly Christmas sweater but to me it's a pretty gap miss wetter so I'm just gonna wear this in like gab Mis vlogs because I love it and then I found another gap in sweatshirt or not sweater sweatshirt and it looks like this and it has like pink snowflakes on it there's like little like diamonds I don't we could see that all over I just really see myself wearing this so I'm super excited about it this is really really comfy then I got another gabba sweater and has shoulder pads and a little like Ted Baker bow in the middle this was like five dollars guys I'm so happy with it I would definitely wear this like whenever like not just for Gavin it's like this is this is me and then I was surprised to find this top while I was antique shopping I found this top it's yellow and it's so cute it ties around the neck I mean I need to iron it but it's gorgeous I've recently been starting to get into the color yellow thanks to my girl Adeline so then I got this vintage couture sign I feel like this would look so cute in my princess cake so I'm gonna bring it actually I feel like this would also look super cute like in my little desk area but I don't want to overcrowd that so I think I'm just gonna put this in the princess cave because it goes with everything else vintage couture how cute is that and this is like a blush pink and it's just a really cute wooden sign and last but not least I went to the mall and I went into that store altered state that I was telling you guys I love and I just want to show you guys this real quick I actually bought this shirt in my Paul the buying myself everything I want at all and I've had this in like mint and I was sold on with the shirt and it's so comfy that I got it in blush I saw it in the store today they saw it was blush and I'm like okay I need to get another one and then I've got this like sweatshirt that has like little ruffles it's like quarter length sleeves with ruffles it looks like there's like an undershirt it's just so cute like the top is simple but the bottom has ruffles and the sleeve several if you like this is one of those cute little simple plain shirts where you can have like a Tiffany's necklace with like a little heart just like peeking over the top and let the sleeves and bottom of the shirt speak for itself and holy it is sundering so bad right now I'm so scared I literally hate thunder guys last but not least from altered state I got the Holy Bible and actually there's gonna be a following video from this it's actually insane and I'm just like I just can't get into it in this vlog because this vlog is already probably really really long and this is just a whole other video but find out in my next vlog why I bought a Holy Bible and it's so pretty it looks like watercolors it's at the ocean and it's just like it's just like a really cute like what's that what's the word it's a cute when people want trips they buy something to bring it home with the cold souvenir it's a really cute souvenir all right last but not least your girl Wentz Victoria's Secret and thanks to one of you fancy babies I think one of you guys on Twitter recommended I go to Victoria's Secret because of these certain sprays if I could find the picture of the tweet up right here I do actively see what you guys tweet me on twitter be sure to follow me on Twitter you guys are always dropping in suggestions and I'm always running to the store I'm like Colin let's go look what's in the store right now in that case right now it's Alex let's go to Victoria's Secret what could be sprays so I have to get these braids I mean come on this is me ran all over it this is called candy baby and it's just a beautiful it looks like a bath bomb like a cotton candy bath bomb and if you spray it oh my gosh it literally smells like that crystal candy mixed with like plum and sugar and then I got the sugar hi lavender one and the difference from that one and this one is that this one this one has more of a pastry smell into it this is more like a candy smell even though this is a sugar high then okay this is my favorite one surprisingly you think the other ones where this is my least favorite bottle now the perfumes in this would be Nikki's favorite bottle probably but there's a fruit crush this is the best one like I think it's most insane I got so many compliments on this today I like gave myself a perfume shower with fruit crush everyone every like cashier J it was just like what are you wearing it smells so good and I would like advertised Oratory secret I'm like I'm not sponsored but this is what it is um it just smells like fruit which is a delightful smell it's like really citrusy and like I'm I love anything that smells citrusy makes with like sugar so like this has like a like a vanilla orange it's like an orange e lemon kind of smell with like vanilla undertones it's like I don't know like a fruit pie kind of smell it's just so good I love it so much and then I got cake confetti and you guys obviously know what this smells like it smells like cake oh my gosh it's this is hardcore vanilla like this is exposing whipped cream this is like whipped cream vanilla cake batter that's all it smells like the other ones all have a touch of vanilla but this is like just like hardcore like vanilla cake like freaky cake so good and then this obviously smells like candy this lotion and the bottle is pretty I didn't open it yet the bottle is really really pretty it's probably gonna go my Instagram soon and then I got sugar high lotion and this isn't open either actually it's really good that they're not open because it means no one was using them to test but yeah that was my fall it was epic and big but I probably went a little too thick so I'm sorry um I'm going to get ready for bed what if you help me made up because I have a spa appointment with Alex tomorrow and you're gonna see all of that it's gonna be super fun and and then stay tuned for that story time that's following this video [Applause] hey boo so I'm barefaced and I'm in my bikini ever going to this spa I'm already home so I'll see you guys after the picture so in like an hour hey guys so I just got back for my facial and as you can see I'm the really really rad I look like Rudolph – right now cuz we did a lot of extractions but needless to say I think my skin is looking great ever since I laid off they're like tanning I think my skin has like just I'm just so good but right now when 25 type it into a 4 and boozy area it's so nice here but they really have their noses oh my gosh what is that bubbles it was my behind oh my god so Alex's children here when I was getting my facial I'm trying to picture you right like that's so nice and this is a shower I didn't even see the spoiler like the showers in their place like rocks I know that's cute there's another sweat out the room I don't know about this one now that seems too sweaty for me yeah I love something we see this is hilarious who the do we think we are what you can order food up there but my god Alex this is a hot set to work [Applause] so look at this hallway which handle ears and you can walk out and it's the cool room and you can see the beach from here how freaking gorgeous this is like heaven Alex I love it hey guys so as you may notice there's like an orange wall behind me you probably have not seen this in my vlog yet um this is such a long story I've already kind of briefed that there's a huge story time about this trip coming after this vlog but there is one story in specific that I do want to tell in this vlog I just like can't not say it in this vlog because it was that crazy but it was just like one small portion of a big story so a big story is coming this is just a really small like fraction of it before I get into that I just want to show you guys look up this like little like penthouse suite looks like we're staying at this bougie like hotel in Virginia hey Alex and this is so Nikki in here I feel like she'd appreciate like the style way more but it's still so cute there's like a tub I'm sure the shower but alex has taken a shower she's a mermaid and this is the bedroom I feel like this is so Nikki in here but like we got like a really nice view of the courtyard and this looks like an apartment but it's a suite also just posted a no makeup pic on Instagram and I'm getting so much love with this look so I feel like I'm gonna be wearing makeup a lot less I don't know I just really liked the no makeup with the paler skin so I'm gonna keep it up a little more in my vlog I just feel like more obviously natural but like more me so an Alex like me with no makeup the best like really inspired me she said like me with no makeup like is her favorite and I'm like well she's the like one of the most honest people I've ever met so I like a really take what she says into consideration so while we tell this story Wow I tell this story that I have to tell this vlog I'm gonna set this up right here so we are no longer in the air baby and that is just gonna be its own entity its own story time but like little things just kept happening and we'll touch base on that entire like subject when the video comes out like little tiny things started happening and but one of the tiny things within like like a sub story within the big story was something we encountered at the bay the first day that I was here so first of all I wanted to take a back to the beach so we went to this one beach that I thought would be good because a lot of tourists go there so it's like pretty and stuff like that and we get there and it is completely crowded like there's so many umbrellas everywhere I don't normally go to tourist parts of my town so that's why I didn't know so I was like okay let's go to a different Beach so we went down a little bit further and then the waves were so big I say look like borderline tsunami like I'm not yeah I think it was scary she was like what is going on like it looked like there was gonna be like a storm coming yeah I didn't want to take her swim in there cuz last thing I want is for gonna drowned on her vacation so I was like okay let's go to one more of each and so as we really I find I found parking super easy you know which is maybe a bad thing because it's a nice day yeah they're all that the third Beach pete wentz you there's like available partner I was like wow like oh we got a good parking hot beautiful daily eyes they're available yeah I was like okay well this is gonna this is gonna be a good one like this is you know like good luck here at the sign so you start walking I was like a few third time's a charm and so then how are you like log up there and I'm like okay let's go swimming we like put our stuff down there's a bunch of people on the beach but nobody's nobody's in the water but I that kind of like clicked I was just like usually up north I don't know if you northerners and like the US notice the lake or you guys are probably aware like the base builds with jellyfish year-round not just like jellyfish season but just like year-round and like my parents have a beach house in Delaware and we just always were topic do not swim in the day unless it's like the whaling deep part and not near the shallow parts and we were out like a bay beach where it's like the shallow part that leads to the deep and I saw no one was in the water so I'm like maybe like Alex is just a little different than the rest of people and maybe like they're the same rule of pie because no one was in the water yeah I was like no everybody comes here like my family for years is there all my fur on decoders yeah I was like I've been here like 20 I mean longer than that but you know I moved away fellow it but still I like swim in this ocean all the time we're in the bay which is connected to the ocean so I was like no it's truly everyone goes trust me like jellyfish season it's like a while away like you don't have to worry so I convinced her to get in and then like I'm on it's like so warm like I'm so warm and nice and I was like just get your hair wet Gaby yeah the guy was yeah and I was like not feeling it cuz I was like literally know what's in the water I'm buggin out with ya yeah she was like tell me everyone goes in this water so I'm like fine and she's going underwater and swimming far out I'm like you know what it you only live once i'ma go underwater far out in a Bay which I've never done before so I did I did that feeling so great she's like pick your legs up and just blow loading I'm having a great time and then all of a sudden I feel like an itch like on my back I'm like what the I'm like is this sand and I'm like itching and I'm like it's just seeing Gaby Carolyn I leave I'm like what the is this I thought was my eczema honestly because I exam on I thought maybe I was reacting to assault work have itching really bad and then this little girl shouts over to us in the bag we're like far out and we can't really make up what she's saying that easily but I thought she said hey guys you should get out of the water because you'll get sand in your bikini that's what I thought she said really we'll get out that my I thought that she was like one of Gabby's viewers because I like I thought she wanted an excuse to talk to her yeah I think like that so like we're swimming and I'm like no no this is it it became so unbearable like I never felt anything like that and it crossed my mind am i allergic to like the ocean or the water it's a salt what did I develop an allergy cuz this bitch is seven autoimmune diseases and like thousands of allergies I'm always developing allergy so I just I literally thought like maybe I'm allergic to shellfish and like my skin's reacting I don't know so I got out of the water and like what the is this bitch and I'm like screaming and all of a sudden I look down and I see little tiny little tiny like clear bugs with legs that are moving all over me in my hair in my weave all the way up in it like all inside my I was wearing a one-piece swimsuit was all up inside my one-piece swimsuit I'm like stripping in front of strangers pulling these little bugs out I'm screaming so then I like I'm really confused and that's like older man comes over and tells us you guys shouldn't be swimmin like you know you thirsty lights in there and so she starts freaking out there's that surprise she's seeing them in the end she starts crying and I feel so bad and I look down and there's someone YouTube I don't care because I'm just feel so bad about Gabby because I just forced her to get in and it's her first day in town to hang out and there's already been like this other bad stuff happening so I'm like whoa first day like I landed like maybe 4 hours before this huh yeah like I was just I felt so bad I wanted to cry guys I have like a bug phobia and I'm sure like you guys too it's like a very common phobia but like my worst nightmare is lice and when you hear like it's sea lice like I kept thinking it's the lice that you get in your hair that like that like you need a shampoo and have special treatments to get out and I just got like this new install and I'm like thinking the worst like what if these bugs are crawling up under you kept sitting there like I just like I'm crawling up under there under the braids and like living under like my my leave and like like I was just freaking out and I was crying and it said online when we googled sea lice after all this happened said like don't wear a one-piece if you're gonna swim in areas where there's sea lice is comment because like they all get trapped in your one piece and like stinging your stomach or whatever and like that's why I was so itchy and she didn't really feel it because I was wearing a one-piece and she was wearing a bikini yeah and I kind of like just skipped over where the sea lice were like they were all at the front and I'm like I kept coasting the front a nervous she's sitting by the front yeah but I just like kind of like jumped like in really far so so yeah so I was like okay we got a rush and so I like figured out somebody's house that was by there and we like you feel like hose yeah I was hosing Gaby off and I was like pulling or like even though all night says what we did was like gonna point thing you should do they said don't laugh in like fresh cold water yeah jump in a hot shower to like kill them yeah so eventually like you'll find out in the bigger story time that we like took a shower really like I took a really really hot shower and so did she but like this is just one thing of like many things that happened that all have to do with each other and it's just like crazy and I just can't even explain what this the videos gonna entail like I hope I feel like you guys might have a hint because like we're together and it's like the blood queens cast and stuff but like that's all I'm gonna say just wait just wait we've been telling everyone here this whole story like I know we hang out with some one of my friends I'm like so listen and we just like go through everything we go through everything that you have oh my god but for now we're gonna enjoy this hotel and it's beautiful and like so gorgeous and comfy and I feel like things happen for a reason and everyone's probably just like what the Oh Aaron everyone's probably like oh my god Virginia Beach is disgusting because there see like no never happen yeah it never happened before all of my whole family they're like what forgive me like in here for 20 yeah and they've never seen ya Cielo and I have like older family members have been hearing them longer and they're like I don't even like like it's crazy like I family were like 50 years that they've been here and they don't know it like they haven't heard of sea lice or they've never had or whatever and so yeah I know I'm pretty sure right now nobody's going into Bay like you're not allowed to go in the bay now so it was like on the news too and like everyone was posting about it only first people did that discovered it because there is no warning sign like no purple flag because it's online if there's sea lice there's gonna be a purple pod no pepper fly there wasn't one because yeah because we were like we were there when it first got there I like the what like I've never been the first person to experience what I like to report it like you know yeah never that happened but that happened to me yeah so yeah that's pretty much it for this vlog guys just a wait till the next one comes like just movie um I'll see you guys in my next fancy vlog it might not be that fancy but I love you it was you guys bye

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