Hey huntys and huncles!! Today I share with you all my Caribbean Cruise #vacation experience. Is it wrong that I went on a #vacation without hubby and the kids? I had a great time dancing, meeting new and old friends like Trixx. Going to the various soca events on a ship cruise. Comment below if you ever been on a cruise. #Travel #ShipCruise SUBSCRIBE 🙂
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– Chalay, Chalay – How are you enjoying your first cruise? – It's my first cruise, it's so fun. I'm having so much fun. – Yo Latoya's on a boat for
the first time in her life. – Yes. ("No Letting Go" by Jahkoy) – Good morning hunty's and huncles. So you gus I'm in Miami, I'm on a ship and I'm going on my very first cruise it's called Ubersoca
cruise and I'm so excited. Auntie Jillian is here,
auntie Carla's here, my photographer Chey is here. Adi's here, Tamika's here. We are just gonna go all
about the cruise ship. Oh my God, I'm so excited. Look at my current view.
How pretty is this? It's so gorgeous and we
haven't even left yet. Everyone's still boarding.
Look at how pretty. Hi Chey. – Hey – My photographer. You good? – Yeah it's hot. – It's hot as hell girl, I know. – Auntie Jillian. We're out here. (cheers) – We living the life.
This is our best life – The best life. – From Toronto to Atlanta. See family, we always pick up
– To Miami and then to Haiti. Because we're going on a cruise – Y'all, y'all just stay
tuned for this okay. – Look at this hot tub. Oh my gosh it's scorching
hot outside you guys, it's so beautiful. Oh my gosh you guys, look
at the cake it's so pretty. It's huge. I think this
is the biggest cake I've ever seen in my
entire life with my eyes. 2018 Ubersoca cruise, an
experience beyond the music. Love it. This is gonna be my area,
I'm gonna chill, relax. you know the kids aren't
here, Adam isn't here so I'm gonna take this time and just, relax. Hey hunty's and huncles I
just had an outfit change. So I'm wearing this
cute number. Two piece. I love my matching two
pieces. They're so cute. Anyways, we're about to take off. There's over 3000 people here right now. Let me do a little pan over so you can see what's going on (soca music) and then let me show you the view. We're still in Miami,
we're docked in Miami. The Miami port and then
we are gonna take off, go through the Caribbean, we're gonna go to Haiti
and it's going to be fun. And obviously I'm gonna
take you guys along with me. (house music) It's day two of Ubersoca cruise. We're chilling in my room.
No I'm not naked, I just have on a little you know
– yes she is – This my girl Rudy I'm
so happy that we met. Let's tell them our story. Rudylive, make sure you guys
hit her up on Instagram. – Rudy live on the ting now,
VI massive representing. – You better get it girl. So we met at Miami carnival I hosted the entire Miami
carnival and I interviewed her. And I just loved her
spirit, I loved her vibe, she's so funny, so full of
life, she's so energized. She's like me times 20. Like she's always on – I feel you're worse than me though. – Me? I'm definitely not worse. – Oh my God, oh my God. – What! Yo. That's how we met and now we're friends. We're cool, like we've been hanging out. She lives in ATL – Yes and I just recently moved to ATL – Yeah she just recently moved – Is said you live there? I live there. – Oh my God, I'm like we have to link up and like we are so cool
now so I'm so happy we met. We're going to a pool party so stay tuned for that.
– Yes stay tuned for that. – You guys look at my swimwear,
hold on let me get it. – She got like a whole
10 different outfits. – Yeah. – Welcome to my suite. First, let me do my outfit of the day. This right here is from
pretty little thing okay. I love this bathing suit, one piece, whatever, swimwear, it's bomb. Anyways, I'm going to the pool just now. This is my closet tour, I took it over. Yes yes yes. Beautiful. There's a Wakanda night,
like an African themed. This my friends is my beautiful bathroom. My en suite bathroom isn't it so cute. Right here is my vanity. This is where all the magic happens okay. TV, isn't it so pretty? I love it. Here's my shoes. All my shoes
couldn't fit in my closet so we have them all here. The view. Listen we have ocean view honey. Look this is where, you know I sit down, I have some coffee, I drink and I just sit here, relax. Read a book sometimes. As long as I have this view
I'm good to go in life. I love the ocean, I love the water, I love being outside, I love the sun. I'm an ocean baby and I
don't know how to swim. (reggae music) It's just been a relaxing time. I've been enjoying myself. Its crazy because, you guys
people have been fetting. Fetting is like partying,
you know having a good time, they vibeing out. They've been
fetting all day every day. Like, they're not sleeping,
they're not going to sleep. See I need sleep. I went to two parties yesterday and then I just crashed after that. And everyone's going all
night, all day and night. It's crazy like how do
you have all that energy. I'm just like take me to bed. (relaxing happy music) – Chalay is in the
building this is my boo! – Come on. – Come on Chalay, Chalay. – How are you enjoying your first cruise? – It's my first cruise, it's so fun I'm having so much fun. – Yo Latoya's on a boat for
the first time in her life. – Yes. – And I'm a letting you know right now, Adam don't worry we're
reading the bible every night. – Every night, Amen.
– Every night – God is good. God is so good. Hey guys so we're at a comedy show, and of course Trixx is performing. And I'm so excited because he
cracks me up he's so funny, so I cannot wait for this show you guys. (crowd laughing)
(Trixx performing) (inaudible) – I freaking love him. – So we're here at Ubersoca cruise 2018
– Yes we are. – It's a real ting.
– It's a real ting. Auntie Jillian let's whine
forever, let's get it. (happy music) – Okay hunty's and huncles
we made it to Haiti. We are off the boat, the ship. We are on land, praise God because we were in the middle
of the ocean for a good while and it was giving me anxiety. It's an incredible day, I'm living in the moment, living it up. Look at the water, I can't believe this. This is real life. Chey's in Haiti, is your
first time in Haiti? – Yeah. – Isn't she so cute today? Look at her in little short shorts. Okay so J'ouvert is today. After J'ouvert this is
gonna be me. In that. In the wheelchair. – That's gonna be me, let me take a ride. Is everybody ready? (cheers) what kind of kid were you
in school? A mute one? (laughs) The quiet girl – Yes, basically. – We are going on a jet ski. Alright you guys ready? I'm so tired. Okay you guys we changed our mind. We're not going on the jet ski anymore because Rudy is scared. I don't wanna go alone, she can't swim
– and I can't swim – I can't swim. – I didn't wanna wear the life jacket I wanted to take a
picture and he's taking us on a hour, two hour tour and we're trying to watch the performances and he's mean. – Yeah, very mean. – But we wanted to watch
the performances now and we wanna participate
in J'ouvert for a bit and I wanna show you guys
J'ouvert what that's all about. (house music) So we are at a Wakanda forever dinner. I have my Wakanda forever outfit on. So cute, love it. Here's auntie Jillian. Why are we so cute? There's auntie Carla, wassup, Chey, T, Jen, Ady, Aquille. We are about to eat. (African music) (happy music) – I'm back. Chey we're
back did you have fun? – Yeah I had fun. – You surely did have fun. She surely did. Adam did you miss me? – Did I miss you? I
mean if you came a day, like if you came back tomorrow I would of. – Oh please, you missed me. And guess what. Chey, she was dancing. Can you even picture that? – I think you probably forced her. – Chey come here, Chey come
here, Chey come here, Chey. – [Adam] What do you meanshe was dancing? She was dancing on a guy. Wait hold up. You have a boyfriend? – [Chey] No. – Girlfriend? – [Chey] No.
– Okay. So yeah she was dancing on a guy. How do you feel? Do you remember that? Do you remember? Well I have footage. Okay I won't expose you like that. But Adam I'm gonna show you after. – You actually have footage? – I have footage of her dancing, she was whining up, she was
backing it up like this. It was so funny. Anyways
I'm happy to be home. – Welcome back baby.
– Thank you. – We held a fork down. – We held it down. We did. – Now that you're back the kids are acting all spoiled and whining and everything. – I know. – But under my operation,
they were walking like this. – They're so bad with me. They run… show them what they do, tell them what the kids
do when I'm around. – They're just whining and just. – They run after me and just whine. – Whine. – All day. Especially Zayn. And he wants me to carry him everywhere. If you don't get your snot
nosed (inaudible) out. But yeah it was fun. Happy to be home. – Welcome back. – Ew okay. – You don't want that Wakanda… – Later okay love you.
– What? – Love you guys. Don't forget
to subscribe to our chanel. And thumbs up the video okay. Bye. – Peace out. ("No Letting Go" by Jahkoy)

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