Inside South Africa's White Displacement Camps

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south africa's white working-class is going through an intense crisis in the last two decades the number of whites living in poverty in the country has been increasing steadily with the ruling African National Congress introduction of black economic empowerment laws that seek to place black workers ahead of ethnic minority workers many white South Africans have fallen on hard times finding themselves living and what are colloquially known as white squatter camps after hearing about an orphanage that was cut off from its financial support for being too white I visited one such site to find out what kind of life many white South Africans are being forced to live yeah well the places about people that this haven't got place to stay that stays on the street so we help them and especially women that dispute with children and we help them with that that this were what we are doing here so and from the public side outside we don't get any support so the main year we all we are working we love to do it because especially women and children they don't get any support from the government we don't get anything we don't get anything we haven't got power all lights electricity Raven gotcha this is one guys that look at this room one gun if this didn't exist where would these people go they will be honest to me they will be on the studies this squatter camp just outside Johannesburg is one of the many across South Africa and is home to some of the country's most disadvantaged people it is built on the site of an old dumping ground and is home to around 60 people most of whom are children many of the people who live here have been through some of the worst situations and have been failed by the police social services and even charities designed to help South Africa's poorest yeah why couldn't you go to one of the hospitals that the government has set up because of the skin colour and yeah it's not as well we just saw white people yet because it's not the place it does its if you go to these places many places on a mr. sarples manger those places they take blacks and they put the whites out you see so you know that's about it so wait you there are places here that will only help blacks but won't help whites that's true can you tell us a little bit more about that like I people find that a very bizarre idea yeah if you I don't know how to say just the racism going around I'm just yet to get my life in order and try to give my daughter a better life were there any other places you could have gone other than no why not what else didn't want to help I've tried a lot and at the end of the day uncle Cuba's was the only one let it clean are there no government programs nothing it's the only place you could help us with place to stay and things there are the only ones who helped us with it no one else wanted if it wasn't for them I would have been in street I wanna sleep with my wife and my kids I'm steady that's it there's no one who can help us because this side of Earth is it's bad for us I'm not lying it's really bad no one can get jobs around here is suffering badly well we we lived things are very dangerous the one day I'm there was black people walking in the street and they shot through our windows and our rains and the police did nothing you can't even walk in the street don't run at night during the day they always rapes rape you or they beat you up they swearing it in they then with you they know you don't know that in which they will come as ready to boot you know breaking you down around you you know you don't feel like a person around anymore so they making sure our people it's we don't ever live anymore it will make sure about it you tried to look into leaving so that I can get a chance I will come if I can get a bit of life that side oh this is me and my two kids I've got I need their life to make follow in fact the people here are often refused help based solely on their race miss grace the de facto mother of the camp told me how one resident was refused treatment at a hospital because of his white skin while others were refused a place at a local school for the same reason in fact the school asked how many black people were at the camp before refusing based on the fact that there weren't enough he told on the tee on the news shoot abou kill the Buddha what we are like just living also we are also human beings we also got a life we also got you are like human means just like them just in the lane which is different but while there Kinsler's even black kids were beating my kids up know if I've yelled tell them this is not for you anymore said affricates flowers before them and that's why we like this I don't want to give my kids a life like this I want to give them what they need and I can't I'm fed up of this country now without this place open where would these kids be they will be on this piece this camp isn't like the refugee camps that you see across Europe for illegal migrants the people here are largely women and children they want to work they haven't illegally crossed any borders and they're trying to do things right yet they live like this within their own nation and while the world touts their love for refugees because of their skin color the white minority in South Africa has been forgotten thank you so much for watching this video I just wanted to let you know that this is actually just a short clip from a much larger documentary project I'm working on called farmlands now there are a million ways you can help with this project and spread the word about the situation going on in South Africa if you want to know how you can do that go down to the links below or visit farmlands dot online I'll see you next time

49 thoughts on “Inside South Africa's White Displacement Camps”

  1. Play sad music to make folks feel sad. It’s sad to be poor but if this was about blacks that kept saying they need “help” they would say “pull yourself up by your bootstraps and STOP looking for “handouts”. Another thing they would to say to blacks is “if it’s so bad leave”. To be honest there probably wouldn’t even be a video made. It would just be swept under the rug for blacks.

  2. Did you know calling people by color is racism in itself? So why keep racism in AFRICA and around the world going unless you enjoy it? You really make me sick with that color calling shit, like the people don't know what the fucking color of their skin is. Are you really that stupid?.

  3. It's wrong … But the white might be facing this racism now for the things their ancestors in Africa did to the blacks .
    But this is wrong …..
    Why white skin …. Jesus died for us .
    I know the whites were advance and were purely racist and were backward in this regret but generation is changing .
    And it's time for black also to keep equality in their country ,it's their country .
    So my prayer are with you

  4. Ok correction :

    You cannot call yourself a disciple of Jesus if you don't accept any skin color !

    He went to heal the sick,help the poor
    Did he look at skin color ?
    No !

    Romans 12:17
    Galatians 3:28
    John 7:24
    1 Samuel 6:7
    Ephesians 4:32
    Matthew 18:6
    Romans 12:9

    I will keep all these people and children in my prayers 🙏🙏🙏
    I will also pray for the people who suffered in the past to find peace and forgiveness in their hearts 🙏🙏🙏

  5. What about the hundreds of years of the whites doing this and worse to the Africans. All Africa did was take their land back in the same way it was taken from them.

  6. They are suffering the same way as my people here in the states. I love all my people and I wish none to suffer. My ancestry is filled with blood sweat and tears from oppression plagued by Caucasian race. I pray love fill every nation and oppression is erased.

  7. These white people's ancestors should never have moved to South Africa in the first place. They fukced over the Africans and now they are getting fukced back. They only can blame their ancestors in my opinion.

  8. And this is the reason why white folks are reviving kkk groups across America. It's been "their" plan all this time just ask any real mofo who has served 5+ years in prison!! To mix the white blood race with theirs, extinguish white culture, & genocide.

  9. So south Africa was built up by white people and now the rest of Africa is trying to punish them for it. Ok let it be that way. Get them people out of there and let them have it. Bet it will look just like the rest of Africa before too long

  10. Hello good people. I'm from SA and black I really feel for people of this camp, but this guys, in reality, is better compared to black squatter camps of SA. I know it's odd seeing poor white people, but frankly, for us it is as twice as bad. People who are not affected by the aftermaths of Apartheid in this country are Indians.

  11. Sarcasm Oh no! I guess all those European takeovers and Apartheid in earlier decades caught up with them. All the descendants are suffering for their their predecessors' crimes against the real natives of Africa. The only people I actually feel sorry for are the children. Sounds mean, but this is what happens when racism and takeovers occur. Soon the show will be on the other foot. This is horrible but history has not been kind to black Africans in their own countries or anywhere. Now the white people are feeling what blacks felt for centuries. CENTURIES!!!

  12. Poverty is everwhere even in US and other rich European countries but you dont film there. Being poor is not a choice and does not choose white, black or brown miss.. Why is it a big deal to see white and poor. Even blacks are swimming in poverty in South Africa. Poverty has nothing to do with the colour of your skin.

  13. funny things the only fachism or racism that is tolerate is against white people, go to europe gourvenement protecting migrants regardless if they are black/muslim/turks/arabs they are defending minority and now take a look at south africa haha such a joke tell me more about white priviledge witch it doesnt exist at all

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  15. In South Africa they burn other African Immigrants a life, many Somali, Ethiopian… victims. The problem is not necessarily racism but can be one of the causes. I think the biggest problem is lack of economic prospects for the young people; young men and it all comes down to the government not doing its job of managing the country and its resources and the minorities are just caught up in the middle. You make it look like as if all black South Africans are actively seeking out White minorities and hunting them down. So what about blacks getting killed? Also racism? !!

  16. Yeah ! Cry me a river ! Your parents were spitting on black people ! Now it’s your turn to suffer as Africa rises . Go back to Europe . At least in Africa you wind die of exposure ! None of you are skinny ! I see generations of good food in your fat faces ! Black people are healing . You whites are lucky to be alive !!

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