Introduction - What is Vrinda's Adventures about?

Hi, welcome aboard! I’m Vrinda (friends and family call me Kuhu). I’m 9 years old now (as on Jan ’19). I like to read, dance, travel, eat and watch videos. I’m young now, so I travel with my parents. This video was created sometime back, I’ll share a latest one soon!

This channel (Vrinda’s Adventures) is vlog of all things that I enjoy doing. It would include my travel videos, fun games, food reviews, book reviews, DIY and many more activities.

I’m young, but there’s a long list of adventures that I would love to share with you all. Hope you enjoy watching the videos as much as I love making them.

My parents are helping me in making these videos.


PS : Due to age restrictions, I can’t have my own account so my Mom will be managing my channel.

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Kuhu and Pihu share with you 3 games that you can play while travelling. This is Part 2 of the travel game series. These games are simple fun games that can be played by kids as well as adults.
Please watch: “Road trip Games | Travel Games for Kids – Part 2”

hi everybody my name's Arthur you can call me COO I'm seven years old I live in been DLC I love to travel read faster than books I'm a really bad foodie when I listen anything about food I always loved that thing I have to watch videos enough others iPad – I'm a lucky girl dad opportunity to travel around the world with my mother and father I'm going to 11 countries with them and I feel Vic Firth because I'm going to Hong Kong Phooey I made this channel to share my experiences with you please subscribe to my trolley because there are some interesting videos coming he's like travel it food you can make when your mother and father me not at home the independent Eve things you can do when your mother and father are not at home help your mother and father hope you enjoyed this video please subscribe to my channel bye

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