It’s Not Easy Being Clean | Barbie Dreamtopia: The Series | Episode 22

As Chelsea helps Barbie clean up her room, she wishes there was a way to do it super fast. In Sparkle Mountain, the Apprentice Queens create a mess with their spell-testing. Chelsea builds a cleaning robot to help them out, only it malfunctions. With the castle inspector on his way, Chelsea and Barbie must clean up the old-fashioned way, with hard work. #Barbie #Dreamtopia

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It’s Not Easy Being Clean | Barbie Dreamtopia: The Series | Episode 22

it's not easy being clean a story about responsibility hi great sleepover let's do it again soon hey Barbie whoa what happened in here I really need to clean this place up now I wanted to make some cupcakes with you what if I help you wanna go faster then again I guess this could take a while I wish there's a way we could just make all this mess go away by great session we'll do it again soon bye Barbie oh hey chels hi Barbie what you up to just a little magic practice whoa we made a few bad spells it's gonna take me forever to clean this up can't you just use magic I wish we can't use magic to undo practice mistakes apprentice Queen Bobbie there's something I forgot to tell you me yeah what a mess working on it milky what were you saying yes if the royal inspector is coming in an hour to look over the castle is sent by the glitter Queen herself so perhaps you should you know deal with all this a palace inspection today don't worry Barbie I'll be cleanup new plan you get started I'll get us some help not oh sorry Chelsea no time for princely chitchat right now gotta get this jet pack upgraded but not oh it's an emergency year's or altered nozzle Ranger for the back of the jet pack oh hello Chelsea what brings you to our little gem junkyard the Royal inspector is coming and the castle is a mess do you have any superfast cleaning machines around here this junkyard is just parts you have to build one I'm pretty good at building stuff hey I can make a cleaning robot sure we've got lots of robot parts in here who would believe how many times the natto princess tried to build a robot doesn't usually end well okay I'll do it give me all the robot parts you've got little tightening and there what do you think honey that's what I thought too let's go show Barbie never fear Chelsea's here what have you got there may I present for all your cleaning and sparkling needs yeah can you guess what his name is um mr. sparkle clean no Shelby Chelsea plus Barbie get it Shelby love it welcome to the castle Shelby let's try them out he says she'll be okay let's try something else Shelby that's honey please give honey a hug it's okay honey Toby put honey down so far so good try something harder Shelby please clean up those piles of glitter powder he's fast Chelsea this just might work well chop let's go to the kitchen and make a nice tea party for the inspector I did hear he likes tea sandwiches without the crusts but are you sure we can trust Shelby can you clean up the entire main hall without us really think he's gonna be alright don't worry I've got everything under control now let's go make the sandwiches Spectre is gonna love this cucumber one not as much as the lemon tart here's to all your hard work yours too and don't forget Shelby's thanks to him we can do the fun stuff I am sorry to interrupt your Tea Party but I thought you'd like to know there's a bit of an emergency and not the kind I usually say like I'm out of startled oh wait urgency tell me what are you doing this is a royal disaster I don't understand what happened I thought I bought chubby perfectly I'm sorry Barbies it's okay we can clean it up ourselves the regular way we still have a little time before the inspector arrives did I not mention he's almost here what can you go outside and Stalin not that I had any part in this but I'll see what I can do come on milky really my duties as castle cat you can help us clean wait for me not oh I was just trying to make our work easier I know but sometimes the best thing to do is just dig in and get it done come on let's get started just in time good because I'm the Royal inspector is here the Royal inspector is here my job is done hello hi welcome you're so very punctual I like to be on time the glitter Queen sends her greetings and please send her mine where would you like to begin the inspection it's already begun I Castle needs to feel welcoming to all visit so it thrilled me to see your delightful greeter at the front door the greeter the doorman thank you well what would you like to see next I've seen all I need to see consider the sparkle mountain castle a designated triple crystal facility you're charming castle Kat said something about cheese sandwiches without crust this almost doesn't feel like chores I know maybe your room should be messy more often but then we wouldn't have time to make cupcakes shall we

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