IT'S PARTY TIME! Let's Get Wild And CRAZY😜 Cabo Anniversary Trip VLOG

We’ve been having a ton of fun on our Anniversary Vacay!!! Tonight we got out of our box a bit and went to a party. We had a blast! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe XOXO.

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I loved you then, and I love you still… ❤️Today we celebrate the best decision YOU ever made 🤣🤣🤣 #06/30 Love you bestie! Happy Wedding Anniversary babe 😘🤗 @jerardbennett #InittoBennett
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[Applause] if the kingdom is over time meet me at the cornerstone and know that I can't be without you this bond is solid Simon didn't Amuro it took me forever to find you oh baby you can do it is karika santa chapter okay what [Applause] [Applause] hello party guys neon party it's time to get crazy Wow crazy so night this should be really fun I guess where everybody any mom we're gonna be there you know change she's something about we tried to wear the most neon color outfits that we have and drawer has been trying to decide need a whole lot what are you doing those the moves but he's gonna be showing us tonight so guys this is my outfit for the evening I literally bought this dress thinking that I'm gonna wear it why are you looking like that I bought this dress and it has the same print as the outfit that I had on earlier the outfit I had on it was just like a top oh Lord I didn't come together no so I just put the short sweet time under this dress is see-through so I was like I'm either gonna have all my chest down and all my out like look at it look at that slim so I wouldn't trying to have all of that out so I just put the shorts under and this little tube top so we not showing everything so walk into the glow party now it's not on our resort it's on the hotel resort that's next door to us what is the name of that one Sanofi so we're at Rio palace and we're going to Santa Fe next door they actually had some face paint and stuff that you can do for the glow party and they had like some accessories and something you can add to your hair I don't know if we draw that we missed it but I don't know we're gonna walk past the area where they were doing it to see but we most likely be it because the party started at 7:00 and it's literally like is it like not a plan it's 9 o'clock now we're very late because we wanted to go back and get changed after dinner and shower and everything so this is how it looks at night so beautiful here we go rich spell it like facade you rich busy a Beatles a real job somebody rich spell let my face out you bitch busy a people say rich I'm rich I'm rich bitch oh I missed on my body rich spell it like beside you bitching Jersey yeah people say wait Chuck Chuck Chuck got missed on my body which spell it like face my G which is e your feet bitch my baby so I'm crazy but you bend that back for me meatball stop guys your feet you get to flap with I can take you down for take you around cross Walking Dead lucky to yeah so we getting ready taking out our outfits for today because we have a boat ride later on in the day we got these outfits from Dianna so I have a skirt set there's a top and also a skirt that you all will see in a moment once I put it all and look at what this debate he's going over the different things is bad that he could potentially wear with these shorts and he's like babe I don't know what could go with that well I knew he bought a white button now and I'm thinking well that would be perfect but that's gonna be a similar look so what he did last year so I was like well maybe if you have something different like a t-shirt or something that works so he's like oh yeah I got this white v-neck shirt and I'm thinking and he's talking about it like it's a plain white t-shirt look at this y'all there whatever this photo collection I'm so appalled all right no idea who's doing that let me let me get it I hope man nothing's on my hands but look at this he's talking about what do you say babe he's away I keep some sauces like oh you know you talking about I keep some sauce in the cup he's I had to come with it out here I brought some sand to the beach because my Beach is better you know they say you know it says bride this is the photo that I took last year in Jamaica on our honeymoon and he's gonna get it printed on a shirt doesn't see your favorite shirt so this is his outfit he has a dealer hat is the honor shorts and his berry tea oh my goodness this is mine don't slider my dealings axilla prices they not the sale I will show you our faces but like we're not dressed yet so we're gonna wait until we get dressed because we're literally in our night attire so yeah mine is in a size medium your girl is in a medium nail y'all last year we were wearing a large look at the Lord look what he has done so we got a medium in the skirt and in the top and when I tried it on last I felt like I probably could have went down to a small so yeah I think I'm gonna be able to fit it perfectly now though because we've been eating a lot but these are our outfits so you guys are gonna see how we're gonna look as twenties once again dress somebody's finally almost ready this is what my outfit is looking like I put on my Africa continent earrings have on my Africa necklace I'll link this down in the description I get so many questions about this necklace steel and then the skirt it has a little slit let me in the mirror so I can see it have a bow tie here at the top so it's kind of a crop top well it is a crop top and then the skirt is so high waisted that you can't really see any skin but if you were wearing some low rise or mid-rise jeans then it would look more like a crop and then there is the slit but unless you like prop your leg out like that you can't really see it so if you wanted to wear it to an event where you need to be covered a little more like maybe to church this dress will work or the skirt will work not the top because of the skiing but it is versatile in that way so you have a little ski in action being a little sexy or fold that over and you don't see anything and I love how it really matches your waist in them you know these are the shoes that I'm actually gonna wear there from Zara they're these clear mule sandals but for now I just have on these gold little flip-flop sandals just until we get to our location let me put these on so y'all can see what they look like and these were like fifty dollars really affordable this is what these look like kind of have like a Cinderella tight heel like clear look I love clear shoes now because I feel like they go with anything look at the model look at the supermodel you also hear our outfits together disregard how nasty that mirror is it was that way we got here but um well you just want to favorite shirt new favorite shirt my new favorite shirt and it's not for sale so guys don't you know message me and ask me how you can get one this is an exclusive my goodness 101 so yeah unfortunately it's not for sale he said he told the guy at the store don't try to duplicate I told him yeah matter of fact after he made this shirt you know I made sure he went in you know deleted the picture you know I mean because I told him I don't want him selling these across the internet because I know you know this could be a best seller a best seller but uh let me get a close-up of this little situation now what is on your tire right here you know this is right here 101 you know me that girl was over Baywatch top model status Tom Nardone top model how many different times that we have to shoot this in order to get this one take one take one take J I don't know about that and that's another thing I was a photographer he was the protect you did do a good job took this photo so really I'm just using my homework you know I'm so okay I own the copyrights at his image you know I mean oh okay understand I wanted to show you my bathing suit for today wifey for like thee word this to the beach on my anniversary and now it's a good lunch that's on block cover it up I put on this little tutu skirt we actually came back to the room so that we can get changed because they won't let you just going to the restaurant in a swimsuit so I think I may just wear this and I'm gonna take my makeup off because I've been in this hot weather it's just not good for my skin but this makeup oh and I just cannot stay in the way you feel it so I'm just gonna take all this off and then we're gonna go to lunch it's about two I believe two or three and we have not eaten yet we've been trying to get all of our photos in for our anniversary and that took much longer than we were anticipating so how can we get change Dora Mae keep on what he has on I think I might keep this on his will but we'll see I might end up change it because this is all white and I kind of want some color so I have to worry about what we talked about earlier which actually worked out in this white swimsuit I don't have any leakage or anything with the ones that are used so no problem there it's just that this song swimsuit is like not comfortable yeah because it feels like it's like a long in the back or something and I didn't know I'm on it it's like one of those where your cheeks are like pretty much out so this was needed for me I love a clean face now I kind of want to wash my face too so I think I'm going to use this deep cleansing cream this is the one that I use on my face so for those who always ask about my facial routine this is what I use so I'm going to use this now first face nice to leave my hand a bi shut that trap musical exchange you Colbert I wouldn't trade you for anything baby oh happy I'll never change no way no way you wanna say from the day that I knew that I could love you when I saw your face my life was changed the world just can't capture your girl no way no way you are the same from the day that I knew that I could love you I'm your slave I will never run away does it go I'm a magazine everybody I look they cry and cry and cry and clean everywhere she goes and she pays my queen black purse hat she whistling and hinders walks – shouting shouting shouting clean every day she goes smiling laughs singing my songs okay okay found away from the day that I knew that I will love you when a heart gives the world stylish classic my baby girl okay okay found away from the day and uh stay shining shining shining

37 thoughts on “IT'S PARTY TIME! Let's Get Wild And CRAZY😜 Cabo Anniversary Trip VLOG”

  1. For some reason, the dance scene reminded me of "How Stella got her Groove Back". Like nobody drop anything! You guys sure did have a lot fun!!!!!!

  2. This is Soo inspiring. All of your vacation videos and how close you are to God inspires me. Like your whole life just reminded me that God has someone special for me and that my living for God isn’t in vain. Girl, you are truly an inspiration!! Keep it up! You will go very far!!! ♥️
    God Bless!!

  3. Mrs. Bennett, your husband is showing he is in it to win it. That "Mary-T was EVERYTHING! You were having so much fun dancing. Having a great time I see. Keep dropping those videos. As always thanks for sharing & blessings.

  4. Happy Anniversary!!!!💕🎉 Y'all definitely looked like you were having a ball from beginning to end. Thanks for sharing! 😊 Blessings on many more to come!!!🙌🏾

  5. June 31?!?!😂❤️I am really enjoying the love and energy the two of you have. God always gives us what we need and you two are blessings to us all. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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