Join Brian Major at Barceló Maya Colonial and Maya Tropical

Under a hot Mexican sun Brian Major takes viewers on a casual stroll around two beautiful Barceló resorts, the Maya Tropical and the Maya Colonial. Colorful, very family friendly, and part of a five property mega complex these two resorts are perfect for group getaways to Mexico’s Riviera Maya.
Briah major here I'm at the barceló Maya beach resort complex this is a complex of five individual resorts and today we're gonna take a look at two of them the Maya tropical beach resort and the Maya Colonial Beach Resort which is right behind me why don't we go take a look and see what that's like I'm in the lobby of the Maya Colonial Beach Resort and it's beautiful here there's beautifully landscaped grounds waterfalls beautiful sculpture here it's really nice and what's really special about this place is right next door is a barceló Maya Convention Center so if you got a group you got an event you want to put together this is the place you're gonna do it you know what but before we take a look at the rest of this Resort why don't we take a short walk over to the lobby of the Maya tropical beaches are let's see what that looks like and now we're going to take you in for a look at both properties a walk through either property is an easy one and enjoyable too you can walk outside and work on your tan or stroll around the gardens over a cool covered path now I'm here at the midway point of the two resorts on this side we've got the Maya colonial and on this side we've got the Maya tropical if you are guests at either of these two resorts you have access to both resorts on top of that as long as your guests at one of these two resorts you also have access to the Maya Beach and the Maya Caribe as you can see this resort is very family-friendly with great facilities for kids like this waterpark fun features like these keep kids happy and offer a nice relief for hard-working parents when you think hunger might strike there are six specialty restaurants with tables all awaiting your reservation I hope you enjoyed our little tour the two properties doesn't get much better than this I think I'm gonna head off for there so until next time I'm Brian major take care

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