JW Marriott - Khao Lak Review

We do a review of the JW Marriott – Khao Lak resort and spa!

Via Luxury Escapes deal Ange and I booked a stay at the JW Marriott for our honeymoon! We checked TripAdvisor and the JW has great feedback so we wanted to check it out for ourselves.

In this video we talk about the restaurant, spa, cooking course, service, how to get clothes washed outside of the facility, food, activities, drinks, the massive POOL and the romantic dinner. This trip for us was well worth the month and we would recommend a trip to the JW Marriott to our friends and family.

This is a great place to stay if you need to recharge your batteries and not worry about the cost of things with an all inclusive deal (minus the drinks).

Do you agree with what we said in the video? Did I miss something you want to know? If so, place your comments in the comments section below and Ange and I will get back to you.

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Hey guys, we are going to be doing a review of the JW Marriott here in Khao Lak. we are going to have a walk around and have some fun (Rob) Anything to say Ange? (Ange) No. (Rob) nothing to say? Alright lets go! So over here we have a surf shot, there are two of these shops in the facility they sell sun screen and clothing we have ATM and a Clinic, so if you are sick you can go to the Clinic if you need cold and flu tablets at the front of the facility you have tennis courts. Now it costs 200 Bhat an hour, so me and Ange had a game out there it was pretty hot so either play in the evening or the morning. now we checked out the squash courts as well but we don't know how much it costs but its a pretty good facility if you are into squash now over here you can see bike which you can hire the table tennis is free. It was pretty good for us because sometime we got bored. and over here is the gym the guy is pretty friendly at the front they have some free weights and machines basically everything in a conventional gym you will be fine there, I trained quite a bit when I was done here nicely air conditioned they have some classes as well like Thai kick boxing in here they have air hockey, pool and foosball this is the business centre you can access your emails from the free internet here they have got a meeting room in here as well you can also print off documents which was pretty handy for us. we printed off our flight itinerary so this is the late checkout lounge here you have mens and womens change facilities showers and toilets its actually in really good condition so its good when you are traveling and have a late flight they have good facilities so you can stay there and you don't need to buy an extra night. so just keep that in mind if you are going to be booking at the JW Marriott as you can see the gardens are kept in really good condition they have gardeners there doing maintenance throughout the whole facility it looks like they are on a continual maintenance schedule they have showers all around the facilities as well so if you are at the pool or at the beach you can wash yourself off before going back to your room so in-between the bushes here you have secluded seats these are situated right beside the pool so if you don't get a deluxe pool access room so you can still hang out most of the day here it all depends on what kind of preferences you got myself and Ange like to keep to ourselves so we like to have our own space we did see most of the people hang out here throughout the day and have a good time its all what you are really into okay to hang out in these kind of areas then go for it but if you like your own privacy then we recommend getting a deluxe pool access room now over here one of our favourite places it is the Japanese Restaurant, it was our favourite by far its not because it has the better food than the other ones its just because we like Japanese food we got a Luxury Escapes deal and all the food was top knotch but I will talk about that more at the end of the clip our favourites at this restaurant was the Salmon Sashimi and the Ebi prawns so over here we have the main pool, and the main pool bar to the left hand side and over to the right we have a spa area now over here we have the Thai Restaurant the food there was absolutely awesome be warned if you are afraid of chilli here is the Quan Spa We spent a few Luxury Escape vouchers here it was beautiful there the staff where really nice I think Ange got her back completely destroyed but she asked for a medium massage in Thailand so what do you expect hahaha here we have a whole bunch of sun chairs a lot of westerners and Europeans hang out here all day if you are out here staff bring you out cold water especially because its really humid and hot you can sit back and listen to the waves me and Ange sat out here a few times especially at night because it was a little bit cooler it was really cool to sit back and relax it was pretty comfortable and they are pretty big too, because I am a pretty big bloke so I need a big chair so this is the beach so this is probably what most people come to Thailand for. Me and Ange are not really into beaches we are more into eating food and sleeping over here we have the waterfront this is where you will go for breakfast everyday they also host special events like a bbq dinner over here are your towels if you are going to the beach and this is the infinity pool bar I smashed a few cocktails here I had a basil mojito the bar staff are really nice as well they provide you with snacks so if you are going to go for a few drinks, you can have some snacks usually a good idea to have if you are going to have a few too many cocktails on your journeys So I looked like a complete weirdo walking around the breakfast area with a camera on my head here are the buffet stations for breakfast you have your egg station and fresh juices are over here you have some baked beans and potatoes over to the left this is your egg station, they provide you with everything you need, bacon eggs in this corner you can create your own soups there are some Asian things like rice, which is pretty good for the Filipino with me 😛 you have a salad station over there and this is where I hanged out most of the time the fresh bread station, so they have fresh croissants by far for me that was the best, I smashed like 8 or 9 croissants in a few days it was a pretty good effort on my part now over here we have Olives Restaurant, they have Mediterranean cuisine more like your pastas, your carb based foods one thing we would like to mention, when we were staying we had to get our laundry done at the Marriott it costs about $2 AUD per piece of clothing so we actually had to get the laundry done to the left hand corner of the resort facing the beach, so just where my camera is shooting there is a laundry sign Laundry costs way too much to get done at the Marriott most of the time we had to get the washing done inside the bathroom then hang it outside, which is a bit disappointing but that is what you get if you go to a nice place like the Marriott but it cost way too much money compared to going outside to a local vendor we also nearly got scammed at the front of the hotel, some tried to sell us 700bht per kilo of clothing we had about 6 or 7 kilos, so be aware and be smart when traveling in Asia so it was around 80 bht per kilo when we went to the correct place when we read a few forums on Trip Advisor and as I said before guys here is Olives when you go here just make sure you are bloody hungry because they fill you up with lots of bread a few times I felt sick with how much food they gave us and I never refuse to eat what is left over on my plate so words of advice go there hungry so Ange and I had a cooking class with the chef there, she was really friendly its not as in depth as I would have liked it was very basic as you can see Ange's one looks better than mine (Ange) hello we are going to a romantic private dinner at the waterfront thanks to our lovely host Ange there We decided to go for a romantic Dinner overall we didn't think it was worth it on the day it actually rained, we had to go indoors as usually they have the dinner on the beach the food is at the same level of what you would have in the restaurants anyway Bang for buck we didn't think it was worth it, but the waiter and the chef on the night was really nice and came and had a Chat to us probably stick to your normal meals that would be our recommendation thanks for watching the video, overall we thought the resort was about a 9 out of 10 we really enjoyed our stay here I have written down some pros and cons that me and Ange has written down during our stay the Pros ARE! the people here are amazing, they are very helpful a example of this has been when Ange has been sick for the past couple of days she has had a really sore throat and some of the people has just noticed that staff has provided Ange with a hot drink of lemon, lime and honey they have brought that to her continually until she had got better they have been very helpful and attentive to what we need that is the best thing by far here the FOOD as you can notice me and Ange are big foodies we have travelled to Michelin star and hatted restaurants here in Australia one of our concerns coming here a few things noted on Trip Advisor saying the food is not good I can guarantee that is full of shi. (Ange) especially complaints from people from luxury escapes people who stay on a luxury escapes deal that the food is not good, is a complete load of crap the food here is grade A quality and not only that there is a variety of food to chose from food highlights for us, Ange your highlight? (Ange) I like the egg station for me Ilike the bread station, I smashed 2 or 3 pieces of bread every morning the other pros for us is the pool, its great if you have pool access we have added that into the video as well and we placed some recommendations in the video while walking around as well and there are so many different activities you can choose from so today Ange and I are going to be doing a Thai cooking class we are also going to be doing a romantic dinner which we are going to try to add into the video as well the cons there are street dogs roaming around outside Ange jumped on my back and nearly took my lower back out when she saw a few dogs because she is really scared of dogs. (Ange) well street dogs (rob) actually dogs in general just be careful about that the drinks here are pricey as well it wasn't really a problem for us but for a budget traveller it might be a problem for you but its not all bad news, when you go out you can get some non sparkling water and that's free for your meals and they provide some bottles of water in your room as well one of the problems was the washing of the cloths it was way too expensive for us it would be great and I know I mentioned this during our walkthrough for us it would be great if the Marriott could reduce the cost of washing clothes we were basically forced to wash our clothes inside the hotel by hand or go to a outside vendor which we did alright guys we have some tips here if you are going to be staying at the JW Marriott here in Khao Lak for us we are just a young couple we just like to be left alone if you want to stay in a quite area stay in wing one or wing two we stayed in wing 2 and if you have kids stay in wings 3, 4 or 5 if you have a deluxe pool access room just request to be located near a pool railing if you find it hard to get in and out of a pool if mobility is a issue for you and also for us as I mentioned we like to keep things quite we have talked to a few different travellers including Australians we recommend in getting in early breakfast would be at 6:30 am lunch around 12 or 12:30 and dinner at around 6:30 if you go in around those times its really quite and for us it was pretty cool to sit there by yourself with your partner and other tip as we mentioned before get the laundry done outside of house as inside of house with the Marriott is way to expensive for use we went to the left of the resort facing the ocean we only paid 80 bht per kilo and they got it back to us within a day nicely folded hope you enjoyed the video guys, it has been a real fun trip for me and Ange we will be coming back maybe, we want to check out a few other places first I definitely will be recommending friends and family to come here its a great place to stay if you need some downtime staff are friendly and we really enjoyed our time here and we mean that sincerely as we have been to a few different places we can rip on them as well thanks for watching the video guys, please like and subscribe down below if you got any comments or questions I will get back to you

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  1. Thank you for the review…..just a query on the price of the drinks. You said it was pricey, what are we talking about in aud? Thanks again thinking of going there in September 👍

  2. Nice review 🙂

    Thinking of going there in January.

    What about food and drinks I read that it is really expensive.

    What is your expirience. What is the cost of cocktails ?

    Also would you recommend half board

    Also are there many restourants and bars at the beach or near the hotel, or is it mostly the only option to eat and drink in the hotels own places ?

  3. thanks for posting this video! we're gonna be there in May and now I've got a picture of what to expect! was getting a bit anxious if it was as good as the pictures show on the internet.

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