Kayak Fishing: Offshore Trip Gone Wrong - Part 3

This was my first shark from the kayak, and after spending 5 minutes trying to remove the hook with pliers and being unable to get it out, I cut the line so that I didn’t keep the fish out of the water any longer. I felt that if I kept trying, the shark would suffocate and die. Luckily they were NOT stainless steel hooks and it has certainly rusted out by now. Since this trip, I now pinch down the barbs on my hooks and have removed the hook from about 15 sharks since this trip. It is all a learning experience and I learned a lot from the mistakes I made on this trip.

Offshore Trip Gone Wrong: Part 3

I traveled from Corpus Christi up to Galveston, TX in search of my next target: landing a big shark from the kayak. Well, before long I had my first run and I could tell this was the kind of fish I was looking for. I landed my first shark, a nice 6 foot blacktip, but I would soon learn that if you lose your focus for just one second, the ocean will take advantage. My whole world got turned upside down in a heartbeat… literally.

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46 thoughts on “Kayak Fishing: Offshore Trip Gone Wrong – Part 3”

  1. Okay, I read the description, now I don't think ill of you, – (the hook left in it's mouth)… You definitely have more balls than I do. The ocean scares the muck outta me, anything off shore. Love surf fishing though.

  2. It is completely idiotic to leave a hook in the mouth of a shark, or any fish. It takes little extra effort to do so. But of course, your kayaking, off shore, by yourself. that says a lot about you. You broke ruler #1. Good job.

  3. I can’t believe all the uneducated people making rediculas comments about this video’ the hook will eventually go from his mouth, sharks have thick skin, and heal quick’ they are a beast in the ocean’ Robert is a champion fisherman, and we should all learn from his experiances with the ocean and fishing and respect him ! Great video Rob, keep up it up !

  4. @robert field nice catch i did the same thing when i first got into kyaking and thank you for posting this video to help the new people know that the ocean is no joke

    and ps. ignore the people telling you that your a dick for leaving a hook in its mouth it will fall out and the shark will be fine

  5. He acts like doing what he wasn't supposed to is funny. The truth is he is a DUMBASS, no other way to put it I wonder if he is a politician from California, acts like it.

  6. The amount of tree hugger snowflakes in this comment section is unreal. The hook will fall out of the mouth on its own. It’s always amazing seeing people bitch and complain about something something they have never done before and have no idea what they are talking about

  7. Fuck that. That shit is so unstable you cant even pull that shark up there to get its hook out. Even if you were gonna keep it, what were you gonna do with it? What if it was bigger? You need outriggers in that choppy water. Fuck that. I would never fish out of a kayak.

  8. Lol so many people ragging on your videos from 6 years ago. Y'all realize this is one of the most well known kayak fishermen in the world now right? Glad these are here though so I don't make the same mistakes. Thanks bro!

  9. Personally this guy is as bright as a box full of burnt out light bulbs for one year in a kayak 4 to your fishing for shark what the hell is wrong with you son especially in a kayak I just don't understand these people that think they're Bulletproof nothing will happen to me I'm smarter than the fish and I'm going after yeah until you get bit yeah that's what he thinks not that big and bad out of the water until he thrashes just right and takes off half your freaking arm like I said people think they're Bulletproof it just shows how idiotic he really is now he's in the water with you know the fish that don't look too mean when they're out of the water and now you're in there swimming with them what are you going to do if one comes up to bite you in the ass

  10. Guys I will be graduating this month. Hopefully someone give me a fishing set ,I'm from Philippines I hope someone notice me hehe thank you 🙂 its my ream to have a fishing rod

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