Leaving is never easy.. | Canada Vlog | Elanna Pecherle 2019

Come along on our Summer Vacation to Canada where we enjoy good food, events and just RELAX. #ellepearls #travelvlog #weeklyvlog

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hi guys welcome back to my blog we're in that was our century entry oh my gosh opening we're in Canada this week it is Sunday we are heading to Tirana because we are going to a party with her friends Erica and Colin it's for ace hill which is a craft beer they have ciders at kombucha I feel like Rattlers and a whole bunch of things that's quite popular over here we're gonna go to their party and we're gonna bring you guys with us and there's gonna be really good food and really good drink stuff some mom and dad's day out range of car we made it in America hauling in the driver and potty he was not lifting this every one we didn't vlog dress today because we were so tired we went to the yard party it's the shirt was really fun it is really good but we left around five had to go back to our babies we stopped off at the new there's a black carnita that we always loved to go to in Toronto on College Street but they opened one at square one which is way closer to my parents house and they have this like full-on like it's called the rec room it's a whole bunch of different restaurants so delicious it was so good we always get the boy polio free dough that deep fried chicken one and then in cod we trust favorite tacos it's so good and then today we're actually gonna go see me in Korea by olives great-grandma she's not doing the greatest but my aunt early went and picked her up so that we could go see her which is really nice I know it sounds really weird to say but she just feels very ready to leave and I think she's just not the same without grant but ever since grandpa passed away it's such a blessed event we do get to see her I have like third day hair but it always looks sleeker because Greece you know Tim's all the flyaways turn I say hi to everyone what would that face need help there you go oh no dolly look at those curls I love give us a fashion show twirl oh I love that dance in that song I'm doing this they hide oh look look how gorgeous you look oh yeah oh do you what do you want to say to everyone you love it let's get the pool party time we have some friends over just enjoying the Sun I think I've been doing a bit too much look how perfect this backyard is though for hosting absolutely love it he doing a funny face for grant but I'm putting on my pants because it's time to get dressed what I definitely got the Sun Oh what's the matter do you not want to go to Breda boys olive that's not my fiancée track we're going to burrito boys because we're barbecued out yesterday you master I like birds that I actually am well amber but it's not as red as the camera shy stay up let's really get some the most hand over and the night is very cool since having all of my skin's been weird and I don't get any Sun but I've been trying that Fox tan did I tell you guys I don't know if I just put it on my instead of stories but it's I've been using Fox 10 at night a couple days before this trip knowing that it was gonna be sunny and it's supposed to you up the levels of melanin melanin melanin in your skin so you get the Sun and boy does it work so I've been using that and I'll sorry the others I'm using – but we had Breda boys delicious we watched love island we're streaming it here because we're such a good man it was so happy more and Curtis our thing was she's my favorite they're gonna go too bad because I'm exhausted and it she's just – you did I'm gonna replay that back for them does it does it does it okay my mom has done such a good job with gardening in this house the landscaping is real so many pretty flowers it is I don't think you do better it is hit it's hot I think I should have put something later on but we just followed down for a nap she has been having a lot of bad nappies like really wet like diarrhea kind of libraries and her butt is so soul and in my craw she I think she's just a bit sick / teething at the teething bun so she's down for a nap so we have free time breakfast I parent at home here wondering how good does this look like a little gummy Mexican Bowl some home fries patty has a pretty basic one yeah well I'm excited for mine you can ask them made it to heart like splashpad I don't know I was like all of the water there was that scary yeah ready I'm balanced pinky with camera on a water bottle so just wanted to show you guys this is what I've been using for sunscreen it's from Esther damn up the Sun Sun care Body Lotion SPF 15 spin so nice like I'm honestly 3/4 of the bottle used it obviously I didn't use it the first day because I first a little bit but I reapply it like every hour and I feel like it's still good a little bit of Sun but I'm not move they also sent me SPF 30 and then I think mineral one that was like 50 we've been putting that on olive this is not a good idea and I love it I didn't even know they send it to me my mom just said I had some stuff in my room so yeah thank you so much for sending everyday I've been wearing it and then I'll post all of this in rain ftse so smells good too I don't know we need it really blog after going to the mall because it's a family time we fed all of she's feeling a little bit better thankfully and then my friend Sarah that I went to school away came over and we just had some nice time with her all it was so cute with her am I in the frame yeah like going to see a movie getting popcorn butter popcorn have better pop you're getting popcorn on pizza oh yeah we're gonna go see yesterday so unless you can we'll give us a look at look at that on a circle a disaster world why am I going on I thought we were gonna see it today how did Jack maybe rebuffing up for the camera no is it no Mary shoulder thumb broken shoulder how did you how did you like yesterday it was good I really liked it it was just simple easy watching feel good feel good you have to think about it it was cute okay good night good night good morning just topping up my lipstick oh no anything Mac fo what am i old-time favorite old putter all-time all-time favorite nice moppy color we are gonna head to a soft play it's now like 11:30 but it has been raining cats and dogs it honestly felt like we were in the Amazon like all windows in the house my parents have a lot of windows were like fogged up like it looked so weird it was so like humid but it was just like a misstep that like a full downpour rain mist so it was also really dark too until about literally half an hour ago so we've just been chilling all have already type of two-hour nap so she was really tired she's feeling a little bit better but her butt is so so we're looking it just does not look comfortable at all we gave her lunch and now we're gonna head to I think it's an Erin Mills Town Center it's up soft play my friend Erica told me about it so we're gonna go my parents are gonna come with and we're gonna have a little bit of playtime because it's not really nice outside so gonna play inside and then we're gonna meet my friend Shawna and her new guy tonight for dinner downtown Toronto so we're gonna leave up a little bit earlier Patty and I so we can try to avoid that traffic on the 401 definitely Sunkist Patties really sunkissed to grandeur no no hoes I think the brightness is gonna dulling our suntan down but we are in the car we're parked at the moment and we're gonna go to the mall cuz patty is to get fitted for a suit for his brother's wedding in September so we're gonna go do that I have to return something I didn't vlog at all today because we wanted a strictly just family day where we were to spy the pool we literally did nothing all the love to pool today and we just relax so this is our vacation we didn't really want to vlog because it was no point to lips are stripped down liner and yash all for mac it's nice nude I do a little skincare nighttime skincare with you because Patty's outside with smile and Rhys you're having some boy time I brought everything in like a little travel containers this is my skin suitable gentle cleansers I'm gonna take a good amount on my hand there so you really massage this into my face all right let's go cleanse us off now I'm gonna take a second cleanser this is the skins go-to skin suitable blemish and aged cleanser kind of a consistency I don't put this like all my eyes cuz I definitely has that like minty kind of sensation where it's like very cooling and I just think oh dear tea my eye so I really just keep it on areas that I'd break out so jawline now into toner this is the skin atsuta khals there's a lot consider goals because I am actually doing facial programs with them they've gifted me these products which is really kind but I'm being very strict with my routine because I have been trying them up since I've been breaking out hormonal E and it's helped so much the blemish mage is great but I also mix in a couple different things all right now for some serums this is actually a mini size so it's perfect I do have the larger size is this skinceuticals blemish and age defense serum so take a couple drops of that and press it again just kind of staying in the areas that I break out and I'm actually going to take something that's enough and suta calls this is actually new it's from Canada a girl sent it to me she started this up the brand is called shows you me sorry I'm bushed showing that and it's pure hyaluronic acid serum great for holding moisture in your skin and just you know plumping up any fine line it's not gonna make you break out or clog your pores so it's just really great to put it on before your moisturizer which brings me to a moisturizer which is skin suitable and daily moisturizer I believe but you can use it at night I also do have a retinol from skin criticals 0.3 and 0.5 mm line Bob is that you build yourself up to it and we use this every three to four days do your research before you go into retinol but it has helped a lot for my skin in particular okay oh that's going I forgot to bring an eye cream it's but first spot cream this has been a game-changer it is actually from a peon epi amps amazing incredible again it has that like minty kind of feel like it's very like it feels like it's doing its job right away which I love right there that's just scarring there's no active spots someone over here – yeah and make sure you may morning skincare routine honestly the only thing that's different is I put on my consider go see freulich it's like a high vitamin C potency it's an antioxidant so that's the only thing that's different so there you go what's the temp it's 95 it's like a hot tub and it's about what temperature I'd say something similar it's a wee bit foggy yeah I only have my cell live eating some cups pretty sure there's nothing cuter than a little tiny ponytail in blonde hair oh my goodness it's probably cuz her hair's a bit greasy because she won't let us wash her but it's still so cute so adamant that salmon is his and olives color Oh this top is one of the yes style ones that was sent I did end up cutting like the back little ties that was on it because it was very like restricting but now it's a little like you know off the shoulder ease so make sure you have a good strapless bra which I have yet to find I'm just wearing a normal one but just putting the straps down is there such thing is a great strapless bras especially I feel like you can really judge a good one if you've had a baby you need a bit of help so let me know you ready to go in the pool daddy's gonna shower you in the pool because you don't want to go in the bath here I have a layer of sweat on my face I did not behind today I say hi hairs no ponytail what flat because it's so humid out all up show us your new dress that grandma got you it's so cute on you a little ponytail I love show me your cheese haha go pretty these girls like I did for the vlog did their hair and makeup but I'm not gonna show myself but they all look really cute and beachy so what brand is this that you're shooting for Aries and it's your your brand mark Erica's a model yeah yeah so I'll link them down below but you're not launching just yet soon yeah soon like it okay will do [Applause] we're on our way to the movie theater to meet up with Elena and Patti oh yeah anna-lena turn our vlogging camera with me No I'm edited and asked for footage and we're just going to take this moment to know to say some things that we love about Elena and Patti and olives patty is pretty funny I feel like he is like the gentle giant every so often his timid personality that's very conservative like put a joke out there and I'll be like oh wow where did that come from the cutest the best and that's why I spend every week watching her blog our wife since we left our part which is really take it there just slightly start a petition to get Elena and Patti and all up to move back to Kiev I'm really sorry Jana Peter just really nice to have roller coaster what did you buy do an unboxing they rounded I went oh pretty ribs yes I just saw that Erica and Colin had a little take over on the vlog because I left it at Carl Ang's house where I did the hair and makeup for the photo shoot for their swim line very swim I'll link them down below you should go follow them and good thing : that was their little preview of hopefully a vlog they make in the future I'm putting it out there for you guys and we saw the Lion King it it was really good like it honestly sedated it so true to the original it was just so much obviously more real-life and cinematic the only thing and I never thought it would come to this cuz if you know me I am a massive Beyonce fan but I think because and it's Donald Glover or childish gambino that plays Simba you kind of just think of the person and not the character if that makes sense so whenever now I you know becomes older and she's the Beyonce character and that like you're just kind of thinking of like those two actor slash singers I don't know like I kind of kinda wish they picked like people you didn't know the voice up the other than that was really good obviously Timon and Pumbaa it stole the show they did in the cartoon version as well probably got some nice stuff too from Zara did you get anything from H&M you know just just Sartre and then in ace Hilltop thanks des so it's really nice and they sent two sampler pack so we're excited to have those tomorrow by the pool get to my brothers tattoo shop today I took a video of it so I'll just play it over my voice it is so cool this is his third shop man they're so creative and innovative this one is basically like kind of based off of an alleyway in Hong Kong my dad said it really well like a Disney ride like where it really creates the ambience in the atmosphere and then like you go into this bright room and it's like bright neon long bulb lights and tattoo stations it's really really cool I feel like there's nothing really out there like that in the tattoo world or you know I wouldn't really know but I think it's really cool so if you're in obviously the GTA check out that location it's a little bit less busy because it's a newer one and it's outside of the city it's on me this I think in Mississauga definitely hit them up we're gonna go to bed because I was up at 3:30 this morning not an ungodly I don't know how 10 days can go by so quickly but it has I definitely need to shower before we go because this hair is very greasy actually just filmed my how I packed for a long time long time long haul well it is a long flight 10 day vacation with a baby all on one carry-on so that will be up later this week because this will be up on it Monday hopefully hopefully and we actually just came back from a nice brunch with my family at my aunt's house my grandma was there which is really nice all up down for a nap Patty's outside it's our last day of Sun it is gorgeous it's thirty and sunny not as muggy as it was the last couple of days so it's nice like dry heat before that kind of heat it's gonna be like a really chill pool day seeing people because we don't fly out till 11 p.m. so we'd have to be at the airport till 9:00 think I'm gonna end the vlog here just because we want to spend time with family and just really be in the moment cuz we only have a couple more hours with them hope you guys enjoyed this candidate vlog we are back in September for Niles wedding which is really exciting it's always sad to leave especially when you have a child and you know your parents don't get to see her and every milestone when she goes through but it's a choice I made with moving countries it's never easy but we make the most of it every time they come and she really did have such a great time here so follow me on Instagram if you want to see little snippets of our trip in picture form and thanks for watching and I'll see you guys in next week's vlog bye

26 thoughts on “Leaving is never easy.. | Canada Vlog | Elanna Pecherle 2019”

  1. I only found you yesterday but I’ve been binge watching your videos. Someone was raving about you on a website so thought I’d check you out, I’m so pleased I did!!
    I had to comment about your brothers tattoo studio it’s amazing!!! I live in Surrey, just outside of London and have never seen anything like it 👌🏻 x

  2. That last bit made me tear up. You are so blessed with Paddy's family close by, but that must be so hard missing your side of the family for those milestones. I'm certain one second in heaven all together will make up for all those missed moments. So thankful we have that eternity waiting through Jesus. We live in New York, about 3 hours south of Toronto. It has been so hot and humid this summer. A pool and the lake have been our summer hang outs. Lovely family vaca. Thanks for always sharing ❤

  3. LOVE these Canada vlogs! I live about 40mins away from where you guys hang out when you come to Canada so cool to see new and old places I know. Also, I plan on going to get my next tattoo at your brother's new shop! So excited

  4. I admire you for moving away and starting a whole new life so far from your family. I’ve been in the UK for a year and a half and I’m finally going home (to stay) in August. I never really felt 100% comfortable here and my heart had always been calling out for Canada. Every time I have to say goodbye to my family, I go through security whilst bawling my eyes out. My boyfriend is English and in the near future we’ll need to make the decision as to where we will settle. Really nice to see someone else who has been in the same situation and see them be so successful in it. ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Random comment but I just wanted to ask, I saw ur skincare video where u used the Pixi glow tonic as an exfoliador and I want to know if u recommend it and if u r still using it ????? By the way love ur videos ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. Norstrom has a great strapless bra. It's not padded (which I like). It's made by Madewell. It's called a Bandeau Skin & Mesh and it's on sale right now. It also has straps if you want to use them. Also it comes in black and ivory.

  7. I can't believe how much you look like your granny, Elanna! Such a beautiful, radiant woman. It's clear where you get those attributes from. Wishing her all the best from NI 🙂

    P.S. Try the Wonderbra New Ultimate Strapless Bra – game changer! I bought it from ASOS recently for a trip to California and it did not budge even during a day at Disneyland in very hot weather. It's expensive but I literally forgot that I was even wearing it any day I put it on.

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