LEGOLAND HOTEL TOUR, Giant Lego Swimming Pool, and Amusement Park for Kids Compilation Video

LEGOLAND HOTEL TOUR, Giant Lego Swimming Pool, and Amusement Park for Kids Compilation Video with Ryan’s Family Review! Ryan’s family went on a Legoland adventure with lots of kids rides, kids toys, and lots of legos for kids! Great Kids play area with lots of children activitieshis is the best hotel ever for kids because it have fun party music on the elevator, whoopie cushion jump area , castle children play center! There’s a Lego Pool and the best part is the Amusement Park for kids is right next door! There’s also smores campfire and treasure hunt!

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Oh [Laughter] I like to pretend whoa what is this so many Legos everywhere roulette start what is this like a pirate ship our friend it says go in there maybe it's a trap I'm no rise in jail no more building fun here look somebody built this like a Lego tree here oh no what is this Lego are you going are they out looking for you where'd you go Ryan would you go there no a treehouse you ready to go daddy's ready right I love it glued onto the wall and that way you can get a chance to build it make your art look they have give you my gosh oh my gosh and they came as jellybean with 20 flavors all right so this is the room oh I know oh yeah what yeah okay why didn't they make a layover pretty cool right whoa explain big spider where oh all right let's go on the bunk beds to see what the view look like see here oh and it gives you a card shoot says your room is officially monster free there's an airplane on the wall where a wristband screen wristbands mommy will pick rag jumping on the bed ready my job monkey jumping on the bed whoa boom Ryan what's your view that's you interview looks like Wow holy moly this is right down we have run see a big pool from here that's what we want to go right I haven't seen the bathroom that's right we haven't check out the master what what's the bathroom oh whoa what is this this is the bathroom another shower the other one is I bump it I'm excited about this treasure hunt here that we have to do later it is you can't open it because you need the key and how do you get the key by doing the treasure hon right forward we needed a treasure hunt details right here under the TV is the room and there's a puzzle oh and it lets you play with the knife had one year while you're here that's awesome all right oh no no like okay a Lego game where oh yeah game and they give it some energy bar and sunscreen because you know we don't get sunburned right another dance party in elevators left me I don't want to miss the dance party okay so what is your creation whoa if you look at the bicycle the mangoes my lips portion all right so now we are going to be eating at risk family restaurant all right let's go eat whoa what is that is that like an ice cream pop the mouth oh look at that over there what are these noodles these are noodles with tomatoes yummy fine whoa look at that one over there what is that well look he's like baking think you use mixing but my question is why are they in fire is he mixing it with people in the mixing ball this is our area they have my favorite cheesecake and tiramisu at the same time oh my gosh this smart experiment did you know they have jello here and you can put cream on it okay we'll find you some free you can hear some kids what do you want you want more not yeah okay what are you doing pretty much okay well what kind of topping him on what about weight gain the supercharged retirement that ice cream and whipped cream and jello you're gonna have a meeting that doesn't look very tasty Oh let's party in the elevator that was fun yeah that's funny let me see here a drink what are you drinking a little little taste of the pool is it cold a little bit chilly oh my god yeah what they made is awesome possum you're gonna build something where you going it's too high for you Ryan it senses three feet Oh daddy built what is that looks like a crocodile what a person like two hands into feet what are you doing you want to go here I really like this it looks like a person that's cool looks like a dog or something it's like it's like two people and then like a dog am i right am I wrong I don't know you got it like a tree like a Lego tree you want to go down with me I wanna go down building speed is it speedy over there daddy it looks like a propeller okay okay you can control it hey bro hey what I want to make in his head John what a head job you're flirting with Lego whoa just eternity in circle [Laughter] you trying to but you're going [Laughter] okay so crocodile is floating [Laughter] you're good with your Lego piece bumped into a Lego you're halfway through the pool good John Ryan I think you can save up now Ryan I think you are clear to Jana what are you doing you're crying up you're crawling up doing all right it's crawling up let's go all right where are you going wait for mommy number one what is the first digit of your room number okay how many people are in the room door how many people over there in there any more people under the TV in your room there is a puzzle when you solve the puzzle what is the number shown what's that okay so change it to the numbers looking one oh I think a number start for me oh well do you see the number huh no tell Ryan let's see if you figured out what number is that fine hi yes let's go hold it right now okay so what is the password fine five two two five five okay now you have solved the clue turn the number on the check and discover the treasure Legoland that's in part with Disney oh thanks this is an activity pack that has a scavenger hunt that is awesome some stuff I want to what's behind there something moving my belly was rumbling in there okay one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ready or not I'm coming guys see you guys here if you guys see Ryan let me know okay yeah see anywhere anywhere behind this curtain behind his car sure nope on top of the bed no let's turn the corner here see you guys see them let me know I see where could they be Oh daddy might be what sticking out alright but I'm still missing Ryan it see behind this one then I wonder where and Ryan what's that noise coming from I warn you tell me last I want okay first they lose all right how about mommy turn to hide and you guys find me okay okay one ready or not here I come nobody wait nobody no idea you guys took I think really I don't know I would judge whoever is the coolest okay cause coolest sorry so daddy versus Ryan it has to be the Fowler yeah the cool is all right so this is what Ryan looks like a preview a little preview just started dr. Ryan alright so we will be back so stay tuned okay so in ten minutes and this is a little preview of what Ryan has a lot of things going on it's a pirate ship fine trying to fight down the tower Oh pirate ship trying to fight down this tower and then daddy over here no doubt thank you this blue coward way bigger alright so I give you about five more minutes and I'm gonna let the audience decide this one's good okay five minutes is that guy still trying to build something here all right kids do you have to tell me who won Donny's out with the road or Ryan let go down here and this is a boss okay well it looks awesome Ryan well since I think Ryan won okay but kids tell me am i right or wrong okay I think Ryan well since you on Ryan how about we open this Lego minifigure eanes with Disney characters here daddy did you sabotage it no no let's see what character we get I'm interested in Mickey Mouse Oh Donald dr. cannot see who do you think we're gonna get daddy bugs my ear okay let's see ooh did we get Minnie Mouse not not even Minnie Mouse Oh you guys know the name but that's no cuz sweet forgot his house but what I thought I thought I'd visit your house so big driveway for the car oh no oh no Godzilla's coming Godzilla kids with you think this is Oh so daddy built something which character is that lot real job daddy that's pretty good I mean out of the limited you know LEGO pieces that you have that's pretty good whoa I like it I see I see yeah it's like a looks like a crocodile a crocodile monster with ginormous Wow yeah he likes hugs too in pictures we're eating breakfast and half live in the little patio my little baby your mind it's a hospital time yeah I am kids all kids version comes with hashbrowns yeah I don't version did it and this is our view from the patio very nice view the park is over there yeah it's way way high well still going high and still going higher whoa I was just talking about it super high oh cool right yeah you know the two toys that we got from the treasure chest come on which one you want to build looks like a frog or a dragon opening but you want me to be a little complicated how many steps there are so many pages wow that's a lot of 18 that's what it looks like so that's step 19 gesso daddy's gonna help Ryan build this because this one says six and up and Ryan's not six yet who your daddy finish building it that's cool oh it has wings fly don't attack me don't attack me are you ready to attack Ryan's building what is it attack Ryan's truck hey buddy is truck okay oh wow where'd you go it's okay it doggy do the rescue I got you I didn't know doggie can fly okay he's he's flying the dog me are you ready for another attack kiss this listen this is the makeup Jamaica bullets okay well I can beat the mega bullet they're already shooting well on these are fire oh okay yeah they are kind of delicate just be careful the wheel does move this RV oh it's really heavy huh yeah try this one uh so you had to build a smaller one you're extra lucky now you got four liters yeah cut the floor carefully I think I dropped pieces what is this anyway this is what he's gonna think the long flat greenie need a second so here's what we have so far is either crazy he's got crazy one going the same way no just like that that's right I'm alright [Laughter] make some s'mores oh where oh yeah fire over there it's alright so this is the pool at night time so this is my first time making forth you never made a real s'mores before alle campfire of you daddy okay be careful with the fire it's too dangerous whoa oh I know the fireman's are coming and justified tired man's gonna come well hopefully we can make our s'mores first before they come all right I'm gonna eat some s'mores first look Ryan I used to play the fire oh right got kids going already nice you want two or one there you go Ryan mr. marshmallow on the slide – okay you got it good good the other yeah okay and then you are you doing supposedly put this on top of it all right Ryan's first floor stick a bike track yeah what is the marshmallow good good right daddy you got some stick it out we're gonna do a racing challenge in the hotel we're gonna do the challenge where you have to hop from one place she went up there without touching the floor okay can only hop on things they gonna hop on the spider you can't touch the floor you're gonna hop like seeing you've hopped from there all the way there see it mommy they're here in here here near here ha you ever reach here first is the winner honey put on the timer when Ryan starts ready go two more up dunce timer stops 20 yeah just 20 seconds 20 seconds okay daddy mommy be fat let's see you'll never be I'm gonna try holding it okay so this time we're gonna do reverse and it's gonna be different because we're gonna dodge the things right don't touch that ready go no Jack no touching stuff are you not Oh sixteen can you beat that daddy yeah no super close all right so now Ryan and daddy and doing a scavenger hunt whoever gets the most out of five wins you ready the first one is monkey monkey you can find the monkey first go monkeys monkey monkey anybody monkey do it okay where where where okay at one point number two fighters number three what about some coins coins coins coins oh I think it's a tie okay all right daddy one point then daddy won and Ryan – all right so two more things yes ready the Lego dog the local dog you can come back we do one more for fun all right last one a lizard sort of lizard daddy got it so daddy has to in Ryan has three good job there we go keep holding the wheel press down the pedal where's the bucket of fish he says he's standing on yeah oh no we're gonna hit we're gonna bump are we gonna bump are we gonna bump are we gonna bump boingy whoa kids please we better not go that way yeah you don't want to spray by the water boingy Wow [Applause] watch your step okay feet are only be first I'm gonna go through there go slowly can you go slowly be careful slowly what are we going iron yeah let's go hi girls something pterodactyl easy that's a pterodactyl turn it there's a way I can after you in just okay you want me to make it talk at all okay all right I'll make it talk what you gonna do right that's not very nice you knock down my power oh no he's gonna attack my tower yeah the big slice is what I want to go but how do we get there so we just climbed up here there you go there you go yes bunny there you go there you go good job right first time doing it by himself all right night yeah wobbly wobbly not even wobbly whoo welcome to LEGO City Police and Fire Academy Wow Wow where's Ryan where's E Adventure [Applause] [Applause] ladies hey the driver Bogota fast oh I'll be doing it's making barbecue ohit's fishing they're fishing on the bunny no joke Gino Joker hey Joker no that is Joker Joker jumpin Johnny girl kids four years old to 99 years old so if you're 100 years old I mean you cannot play oh you wanna ride on that you're coming right hey Ryan [Applause] showed you up over there yeah whoa goes bad please drive on it whoa good job [Applause] let's go which one you want to write on which one that one Wow [Applause] [Applause] have a family destiny don't forget to subscribe for more Ryan berry videos

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