LOS ANGELES VLOG 2019  |   my favourite travel vlog ever

“life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”
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hey guys, today I have my favourite vlog that I have ever captured and edited. I am so excited to put this up. I’ve never paid so much attention to detail into a vlog before and I love how it turned out. Los Angeles was beautiful and truly one of my favourite places.

I hope you get all the vibes it gave me, and feel what I did x

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Zaini – Hollow

Omar – Away From Here


RUDE – Eternal Youth

Chymes – Clouds

Forrest – So Good

Dreams – Harrison Storm

Forgive My Attitude I’ve Been Stressed About Nothing In Particular

Beyond The Waves – Apogee

Alina Baraz – Fallin

Hazey Eyes – Too Young

Finding Hope – You & Me

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25 thoughts on “LOS ANGELES VLOG 2019 | my favourite travel vlog ever”

  1. can we take a moment to appreciate the couple during the sunset?
    lowkey wanna know who they are because they were so cute😭 also the cats, the ocean, the palm trees… can’t cope with all the vibes🌴

  2. Omg girl you are so under rated !!! I love the way you edit your videos ! I wanna go to school for editing and film and you are now my new favorite YouTuber & take that as the biggest compliment cause i follow a lot of big youtubers and you’re my legit favorite now that I come across your channel 🤩 you edit your videos so perfectly like I always had this vision as a future YouTuber to edit just like this and I randomly came across your video and I’m so blessed to have found you 💚💜 your vibe is so different and on point . No other youtubers especially big youtubers take the time to edit their videos so detailed and cool like this !! It makes it 100x’s more enjoyable to watch 🎆

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