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So it was the month of February and we planned to experience the chilliness of Mahabaleshwar because winter season does not exist in Mumbai. And of course, it’s one of the best weekend getaways from Mumbai and pune.

And this was a family trip where everyone was craving for some change & replenishment from the daily routine life.

We went to Lodwick’s point, Bombay point, explored British architecture of Mahabaleshwar but sunset from the middle of water at Venna Lake was like cherry on top.

On the next day, we went to Mapro Garden which is situated at Panchghani (20-30 mins from Mahabaleshwar) and it is known for being the power House of strawberry production.

We saw how freshly plucked strawberries are processed, watched the Mapro story on screen and obviously, something you can’t miss out, had the famous ‘strawberry cream’ of Mapro Garden. πŸ“ πŸ“

So over all it was an amazing weekend getaway and a perfect detoxification session for the entire family.

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Good day!
hey what's going on guys this is fed in the fashion of most of them caught me fighting and wait a minute and it's 6:30 in the morning in the temperature outside is almost 16 17 degrees Celsius which was freezing cold in Mumbai and he is for me and today we are headed towards Malaysia as a weekend getaway so yeah we are pretty excited about it so let's get go for it this will be required highly recommended I'm so glad that we will be able to make those wearing clothes over there because as you already know when the season does not exist in Mumbai so it was the month of February and we plan to experience the chilliness of mahabaleshwar so it's 9:45 and BBH Pune and I'm literally freezing over you so I will have a breakfast and then we will directly stop at nomination fill up with yummy South Indian breakfast which removed our morning drowsiness and made us more enthusiastic for the trip and this was a family trip where everyone was craving for some change and replenishment from the daily routine life so finally we each Malaysia and we checked into our resort that is the Piccadilly resort and yeah now I would like to give you guys a quick room tour of my room cute little drew yeah Scott hi everyone oh I love this and now we'll have a lunch and then we'll go to the sunset point and after that so at first we went to the Ludwig's point for which we had to track a bit to each day this is the convicts point that is the elephant's head point so it was almost a 1 kilometer trek to God Vic's point ah but it was not foggy but instead was very sunny I wish it was a bit foggy and green so it's preferable to come in the monsoon time that is June July August September and it's February which is winter time so everything is quite dry and brown in colour but yeah we I enjoy so now we are exploring the lanes of mulish word yay where are we headed oh my god the Sun was to POC Lord bits point and I forgot my sunglasses and I feel like I will get a headache yeah correct one cup of chai and that's the remedy sooo swagatam Vishram Gris her guide three hands can we let's check see it's not long and we can go the unexplored areas of Mahabaleshwar agree explored now the architecture had archaic British touch giving us a historic vibe of British rule in that place we just got to know that there are some people here I think it's their guest house and we should leave so the point behind me is the sunset point which is also known as the Mumbai point and that is very very proudly and people are like waiting for the sunset for almost one hour so we decided to leave the central point and head towards the famous memory so that we could experience the sunset from the middle of water and trust me this was such a good decision we made after all a hill station is incomplete without a famous lake and this was the perfect sunset we will see in fact it's like a bonfire so it's 12 degree outside and it was such a challenging task for me to bear in this temperature gentle job of cha ta good morning it's 9:00 in the morning and I feel like sleeping a little bit more it's so cozy so the temperature that is quite pleasant and at night it don't really cold well that's why we actually came to here is the chewiness of the weather so we will have breakfast now and after that we'll get ready for the return journey but in between we'll wait in punch Connie um in the Mothra garden yeah that is something you cannot miss out if you are coming to Marvel additional so yeah let's see how that he goes [Applause] [Applause] so this is the morrow garden which is situated at punch girl and it is known for being the powerhouse of strawberry production at first we went to the auditorium where we watch the short film depicting the struggle and development of macro as a company but I won't review the story over here because and this is the shopping area which has a beautiful collection of chocolates syrups squash Chang chocolate spread and many more instance these are the freshly plug strawberries right from the farm which you can see over here and obviously you just cannot miss the famous trouble cream of map regardin so overall it was an amazing weekend getaway and a perfect detoxification session for the entire family so if you guys like this video then don't forget to give a big fat thumbs up share it with your friends and subscribe to my channel for more such awesome videos [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. Hey Paari awesome getaway you had with your family I wish I get one soon😭but nonetheless awesome vlog and yes monsoon is the best time to visit Mahabaleshwar keep uploading soon πŸ˜…βœŒ

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