Millennials have no future

The reality of the value proposition facing all generations, but particularly gen y & z.
good afternoon ladies and gents what's going on so today's video is gonna focus on the value prepositions particularly because I've been thinking more you know the stories bashing our generation again and I know it seems like an opportune time to to list some of it out or at least it focus on the whys alright so let's start off with the basics alright for boomers when they started working and Gen X to a certain extent although not as well not as good all right there was a solid value proposition all right you put in your time you work and you know you can argue whether work was terrible back in the 60s or whether it's terrible now but no it's not the focus of this video but the value proposition how do people to write value right how do you put value on something one important aspect is time like if you're gonna get a car is that car going to last 20 years are you gonna see that 20 years later and be like damn that's a good fucking car or are you going to be like the vast majority of people and in this country where you sign the dotted line and you borrow $40,000 for a Hyundai Elantra they're pushing them at 35 36 now plus tag and title fees and paperwork charge the dealership will say 40,000 right so $40,000 for a fancy brand new Hyundai Elantra that loses half of its value in the first year so you didn't even have the money in the first place but now you are negative $60,000 all right you owe the 40,000 well I mean it chipped away a little bit at it but yo the 40,000 and she lost twenty thousand dollars in value so your 60,000 down okay why is the why is any of this important I'll get to it all right then over the next couple years he lose anywhere between 10 and 20 percent depends on the vehicle of the of the remaining value until you're four years in and the cars worth like six grand it's not even a fucking joke I wish I was joking moving forward why aren't Millennials lazy they don't want to work hard enough okay well first most Millennials have seen the parents get old rot away and die or at least it's it's coming up all right if it hasn't happened to a lot of people already and it sucks it fucking sucks but you know it's life a lot of people's parents work themselves into the ground and their bodies showed it like 10 20 years ago and stressed out all the time all that impact your health destroys your body and then you instead of living to 80 you croak at 50 I mean that's that's the way it goes it has been going for them for a long time but um more importantly what's the value proposition all right you're gonna work hard all right well people have two things they focus on they have necessities and they have wants all right well necessity wants slash investment all right I guess it's the easier way to frame it working for your necessities you know that's necessary you got to do that in order to keep yourself alive why wouldn't you work for your wants all right well if you've been around long enough if you've if you've avoided instant gratification when you do buy something it tends to mean a lot more alright it isn't something that you just pick up at the store because you're fucking bored and you need something to fuck around with like a fidget spoon or whatever the hell it could be anything people who go for instant gratification they generally become bored with just about everything like little things like like it just popped out of nowhere too but there's this this little ceramic like space shuttle and the US Space Shuttle made by Wade ceramics in the UK and little things like that make me happy alright it's one of those things I don't know where the hell it came from my other half doesn't know where the hell it came from it just appeared into existence and we're just looking around like this come from little things little things are nice and you generally you know when you when you're not like jumping up and down for the next new thing you skip the the mass of depreciation just like guys you buy brand new Husqvarna lawn mowers and I swear to god I know I've talked about this guy before but you know the washout board right this guy literally cooked the hose up to the washout port – oh hey look you can water the lawn while your mom and – instantly like it is fucking family I shit you not just instant baseball instant baseball but that that you know there are some Millennials that don't exactly understand simple things generally tends to be mechanics with most of them because you know outdoor cats versus indoor cats argument but anyway what's the point the value proposition to working a normal job or two or three so you can secure your net assess ''tis and be able to get some if not all of your wants the value proposition sucks it sucks you have to work harder and longer to meet your necessities and you have to work insane amount of hours in order to get some of you are more important wants or investments I read something for the future but particularly when it comes to like investing there is no guarantee this is the this is the thing about the world and the longer you're in it the longer you're seeing things and processing them you will realize there's no such thing as a sure bet the companies that are on the ballon dust rail right now could disappear tomorrow they just plug new ones in and if you had stopped in there you probably get nothing because the bondholders get the first take if company goes under like General Electric they're gonna be they're gonna have a brutal fall they also did a lot of accounting fraud but now that's that's what people and companies do it's what the government does it's it's just the way this fucking country works now the value proposition sucks because if you're smart enough to look through what they want you to see all right a lot of it comes down to psychology people's feelings and emotions manipulating people's thoughts shit like that right it's like um now is it every single commercial it's always the happy family all together and even better if it's a happy african-american family because it makes us feel like diversity is great and it's a well race doesn't really matter there's a lot of father-in-law's households but you know that picture-perfect middle-class existence doesn't resonate with people anymore it's one of the reasons why you know I don't even know why companies do that kind of traditional advertising because it's pointless it's pointless vast majority of people are fucked the risk of the currency crashing all right you save you save up for your wants and needs particularly he wants you save up for it what's to say the value of your money doesn't collapse by 20% tomorrow it's happened before it has happened before all the world leaders get together in a nice little meeting and meetings over dollars now 20% worth less all right even if they didn't print the extra money to make that 20% happen they'll just practically order it mmm that's good enough all right there's no guarantee that your money is going to hold its value and if you look back through history and it is paper money it's backed by nothing except faith and confidence everything you work for could be lost in the matter of seconds and in particular with countries with the central bank central banks and there are taxing authorities you know the IRS was creative along with the Federal Reserve in the early 1900s with the IRS being essentially the enforcement wing it's um it's within the right of the Federal Reserve to confiscate all of your property that came out when people started pokin and proddin I forgot the person's name in particular but they got a statement from the Fed one of the Fed banks that they reserve the right to confiscate all property all wealth all value all their paper anything used anything that their paper was used to buy because it is all debt it's a different completely different type of currency or a shadow world currency where debt flies around and then we have credit seizures and freezes and you know you know you normally see it every you know market cycle 2007-2008 at that point the economy was pretty much dead but they re fired kind of a credit cycle they keep going but each each year or each each time it turns the debts double and double and double and double and double and at some point that is going to break we're pretty much at the point where it's gonna break the dad's got to be wiped off the books is investing in debt a good idea fuck now is investing in cars a good idea fuck now I know it's arguable if you invest in an El Camino it's probably gonna hold some kind of value but a lot of the things are not gonna hold there they're all hold their weight you know you got silver and gold silver and gold always a good one alcohol tobacco firearms explosives if you are licensed for it any vice any place is a big one you know if you have a basement full of slot machines right that that might actually those will actually hold some value versus just about anything else paper won't hold value but the important thing to focus on is you can work your ass off and that's generally what they tell you work your ass off you know college get a good degree you go get this fuckin bullshit job that doesn't exist because they're outsourcing even white-collar work and they're automate and what's left of blue-collar until we're to the point where everybody has no collar and that's whatever what's coming up is you are going to see like within the next 10 20 years you're gonna see severe strains on Social Security you might even see a faster the this kind of problem could happen at any point at any point all right a couple things a couple rumblings is all it would take to get that going and that would trigger a fucking panic most people like I have I've talked to a lot of boomers about this and Gen Xers who are going down the same damn road that the Boomers want and that's okay right well you're going to suffer the same damn consequences because you are basing your life around the promises of a bankrupt system all right there's not enough growth to make it possible tax taxes are going to have to go up that's gonna kill more incentive of the ambitious and one thing that sums up kind of where things have gone was it Paul Harvey I found this the other day if I were the devil and it said from 1965 to now you want to talk about perfect fucking illustration of that whole timeframe and where everything went you you got it right there it's like a two three minute video the important thing you can work your ass off you can run yourself into the ground just like most people most people's parents and you will be at the end of the road just like most people in most people's parents will be alright broke sick powerless and what's coming soon enough is they're not just gonna be broke and living on Social Security and Medicare or Medicaid on that one ship they're gonna be broke broke because Social Security won't be able to to make the payments now they could slash and say all right we're gonna give you 75 cents of every dollar we're gonna give you 50 cents of every dollar and that's probably the way that they're going to go but they're doing that at a time where the Fed supposedly I didn't check this myself yeah I probably should have but supposedly it looks like the Federal Reserve has quietly started quantitative easing around 4 which is going to all in all be bigger than the first three combined and they're gonna print a whole fuckload of money to try to prop this thing back up in the process you know it's bad enough that they won't be able to be solvent enough to make all those payments without slashing them but the way it'll probably work out instead of slash the benefits or hard or print and inflate the currency completely is they'll be somewhere in the middle where they're going to inflate the currency and slash those benefits and it's just gonna hurt it's gonna hurt real bad all right and that's that's probably the way things are gonna go all right we're not in imperfect land it's all fucking topsy-turvy and when it comes to the economy for for those of you who don't normally watch me was somehow found in this video when when you hear the Talking Heads all right when they were touting how strong the economy is and everything's great and then all of a sudden the past couple months oh fuck we're gonna have a recession we can't have that no no we don't we're not gonna have a recession cut their interest rate cut the fucking interest rate devalue the fucking currency as quickly as you can god dammit I demand it what we're gonna be moving towards is we really could go into a Mad Max situation those of you who haven't been paying attention the economy wasn't that strong it wasn't alright living in the city living up here the economy is pretty flat there's not really too much room to move in either direction and whenever one company rises literally the company down the street collapses it literally has been happening like that up here and it is one of those things is there's there's not enough money to go around not enough activity to go around to keep all these legacy businesses and even though we're ones flush enough with cash to keep the doors open it's kind of been shit for ten years it's been just like Japan it's been a lost decade there's not really too much you could do about it except prepare for things to get even shittier all right the slow managed decline at least we got a hope it's a slow one as if one day we wake up everything goes up the cliff it will be Mad Max the value proposition sucks gone forward just to reiterate these points as a millennial do you want to work your ass up and get property to be taxed higher on it even all the way up to the point where you won't make money all right and nobody will be able to afford to live there even with fucking section 8 all right do you want to try to set up rentals and deal with all the drug addicts and all the bullshit you know you buy a house on the cheap fix it up rent it down the next thing you know on a couple of months it's fucking destroyed again do you really want to have to go through all that fucking ball lake as one of the things everybody's looking for passive income it's like this not yeah believe me I've chased it – there's not really that many good ways to have passive income it's possible but it's not gonna be doing anything that you initially think alright it's gonna be those weird fucking issues you wouldn't even fucking think about unless you were drunk in high at the same time but then maybe on merry-go-around you know sure let's add that to the mix the chances that a millennial that invests in a retirement gets burnt are really fucking high Millennials who are smart know that they're probably not gonna see any Social Security any of those government benefits they're gonna disappear you know as a millennial know if you're smart with your money that most of the cars that are produced are garbage and they're selling garbage for top dollar but looking at things for what they were and this started like all the way back in 2017 there's been this issue building a bunch of the cars that came off leases are filling up the Lots now they're filled to the fucking breaking point with old 2016-17 eighteens they just keep building and building and building and there's a huge inventory of these their newest relatively still nice ish but still not worth it cars that they can't fucking sell we're gonna get down to the point where not only are that that's gonna have to be wiped out but they're gonna have to fire sale everything everything that's assuming the bank's don't get it first is the banks will just sundered auction and probably it'll be an option directed firmly to the insiders but used-car Lots how the hell are they gonna sell their shit alright and there are some some used-car Lots they actually give a damn they actually do pretty good and actually fix things instead of just buy this fucking mystery car and just fucking throw it right on the lock but it's rare now how the hell does a used-car dealer push cars and trucks from the early 90s all the way in 2005 how do they push those if all of a sudden all these newer cars 2016 17 18 19 s all start flooding the market the prices are going to crash for cars and if you if you think there's value in your vehicles or no all right there are some there are some collectors cars but your average car is gonna lose a fuckload of value the chances that on top of that they're gonna print a fuckload of money you might not even notice you might not even notice and that's that's probably what they're banking on but if you pay attention you'll see it it's um it's looking pretty nasty going forward just to leave it at that and maybe you can notice I'm slowly sinking here because China China does great shit don't they yeah you know let's make this a longer one why not I have your attention if I can Doug's gonna start work and so I'll catch up with you guys later have a great day and now if you're interested check that space see

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