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Okay, I went into this video thinking it wasn't gonna be that bad But it's really bad so a viewer discretion advised this video is a little morbid THE WORST KIDS EVER And you thought you were a bad ass nah I'm talking about bad worst incarcerated prison jail for life Bad like these kids done messed up. It's really bad. It's much worse than you think it's not like Oh Punch my father in the face. He deserves that and it ain't this And it's definitely not this These kids Are angels compared to these kids that you're about to see here. Hi sound like a hosts. Hi guys today Were reacted to this hi guys welcome to sniper wolves channel where we do reactions. We got this little boy over here He's 14 years old He was called four eyes one too many times, and you know what he did to that boy that called him four eyes He lured him into the middle school bathroom and stabbed him 40 times wait. I thought two knifes was it kill oh No, that's too melees he probably played destiny when you got a melee somebody like ten times like they just don't die But anyways he stabbed him to death and then right after he just left the body there and calmly walked to class and sat down Like nothing happened. I just killed somebody now. I'm just gonna sit in my seat and act like nothing happend I see like nothing happened time to learn about George Washington So after that they investigated him and they found out he had a list of names That he planned to kill and his sister was on the list too. He was given a life Sentence in 2004 which the Supreme Court mandated a review for recently Okay, I mean come on. He's 14. There is no excuses. You kill somebody you go rot in jail. This is self-defense It's like what did the guy do to him? Maybe he did something to him I mean besides call him four-eyes But it's like imagine being in jail when you're 14 years old and being there the rest of your life That's just insane to me. It's like your whole life wasted You've had time dont do crime Look at the goofy looking kid Graham young was an English serial killer This goofy ass kid looked like a literal serial killer like you to take a bag of Lucky Charms Smash the Lucky Charms and be like you are dead now So he was sent to a mental hospital when he was only 15 after trying to poison his own family and kids at school Which made them all violently ill he never got caught until he killed his stepmother by putting poison in her tea wait wait wait What kind of poison is this? Like how does a 15 year old boy just? Open like have access to poison this was in 1992 You don't just go to the damn store buy poison Where did you get this from so he spent nine years in a mental hospital and after he got released he poisoned another 70 people 2 who died and then he died of a heart attack in prison in 1990 Graham Gram You little bitch. I hate your face next kid here called Brian Blackwell It looks like a good kid right, but you know what looks can be deceiving he's from England And he was 18 years old when he took out several loans and credit cards in his father's name Wanting to appear richer and wanting to live a lavish lifestyle. Let me tell you right now If you don't have the money, then that's stupid you you a fake rich What's the point of being fake rich look you didn't make any of the money? It's like being with a old rich students showing off all the vacations and stuff he buys you. I don't know there's just something about Satisfaction for working for what you have when his parents started asking him questions about the money. He beat them with a hammer and Stabed them repeatedly then he took the trip to New York with his girlfriend leaving his dead parents in that house ohhh I Thought he just like took their money, and that's it man. Hey son where's all this money coming from That's awful like Brian you really thought you're gonna away with this. This is so terrible You have to be mentally ill Sick to hurt your parents Beating up with a hammer next up. We got these two brothers in 95 Brian He was 17 and David he was 15 they both killed their own family in Pennsylvania, they savagely stabbed their mother after after killing their mother they moved upstairs where they beat their father an 11 year-old brother to death in their sleep Okay, I mean I was hoping to do this video and Like crack jokes or something, but I mean I haven't read any of these I don't know what they do like I'm reacting to it the first time These are bad kids I mean this is I wasn't lying when I said the worst kids in the world and the most dangerous and the baddest So far all these people deserve being in jail so we got Edmund over here. He looks old He looks like an old pedophile so when he was 15 He shot both of his grandparents. He said he wanted to see what it would feel like to kill grandma And then he killed grandpa because he'd be angry about grandma being dead He only served five years for the shootings This was in 1964 five years For killing two people like just cold blood I wanna know what it was like okay? Oh? And the idiots released him after five years, and he went on to kill and dismember six female hitchhikers and Santa Cruz He also later killed his mother and his friend and then turned himself in Went on a full on killing spree just like Jokes, I knew cops you guys are gonna. Let me go I'll show you why you shouldn't let people like me go and that's why they have a life sentence now whoa so here was a six feet and nine inches and weighed over 300 pounds and had an IQ of 140 so he was like really freaking big yeah, he was a big bitch he bigger then digital He was really smart so his victim stood very little chance, okay, then he was sentenced to life and Requested to be executed capital punishment was still suspended at that time, so he's serving his life sentence So is he still in jail like rotting cuz That'd be dope Next up Michael Kearney oh so far almost everybody on this list is wearing glasses Why are you looking at me like that? So Michael wrap the shotgun and a rifle in a blanket and took them to school at age 14 He passed off the weapons as an art project. He was working on he also carried a loaded He also carried a loaded pistol in his backpack wait Hold on the weapons are an art project. What year is this? That the art teacher would believe that a real gun is an art. Project. Are you kidding me? who gave this boy a gun like like a pistol a rifle and a shotgun This is Some Call Of Duty Shit You just press triangle swap out your shotgun for rifle you gucci So he opened fire on a prayer group the attack killed three girls and injured more than five people He then turned the gun on himself and said kill me, please I can't believe I did that so if he turned to the gun and looked at it like Kill me please I can't believe I did that Like like you know you have to like pull the trigger You know you know what you just did so but he was diagnosed as mentally ill like Like everybody else on this list and he was incarcerated, and he's currently serving a life sentence November 1998 an 8 year old girl named Maddie disappeared volunteers searched for her for a week But the search was called off when Josh's mom went to clean his room and found Maddie's body under his bed. He was 14 He killed an 8 year old girl named Maddie like what who was this girl Some girl that didn't like you in school, and they just gonna hide the body in his room I did not expect this list to be so morbid. We got a girl and of course She wearing the glasses Her name is Brenda and Spencer Spencer was a mastermind behind the San Diego school shooting in 1979 she lived across the street from the school and shot students and teachers from her bedroom window She was only 16 years old, but she was tried in court as an adult. She's currently still Prison Why like why Alot of these were like decades ago, what did parents just like leave their guns out like oh yeah, son Just make sure you put it back when you're done I know things are much different now like obviously you're gonna watch your kid and not let your teen Borrow a gun I mean without you watching them without being with them You're just gonna let them take a gun to school. I mean I would hope not but Feel like some parents just don't care. We have another girl on this list Marybel strangled two toddlers at the age of 11 in england she carved the letter M into their Chests so she comes from my abuse family. She's a psychopath and she was sent to prison 12 years later She was released and giving that new identity why she was 11 and she killed two toddlers What are you doing? That case send the eleven-year-old to juvie or a prison so when she was released she had a daughter oh? My lord no no no no no people like this should not have babies But I guess she went on and lived a normal life because in 2009 she became a grandmother. What next up We got David Brahm. He murdered his family inside their home in Minnesota. He was only 16 at the time Why because he got into an argument with his dad that only happens to every single teenager Early the next morning he hit him repeatedly in the head with an axe he killed his mother and his brother Next when he spotted his sister standing over his mother's body upstairs. He killed her, too He left their bodies and the ax and went to school. He killed them and went to school Like nothing happened what and then when he was at school he bragged about murdering his family and Then rumors started spreading and then somebody told the cops and then they found all four bodies inside their house whoa oh my Lord This was in 1988 he was given three life sentences And he's eligible for a lease in 2041 and let's hope that doesn't happen because once a psychopath Always a psychopath, but people change No, no no no no no not these people Not these people like you saw what all the other people that got released you see what they did Anyways, that's all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video leave a like if you want a part 2 comment below should these people be released or should they be put in prison for life and subscribe to join the Wolfpack ouwww Love you guys so much. Thanks for watching bye guys


  1. Not gonna lie, when I heard of killing their whole family, I got a bad stomach ache, and why do these people have to be so cruel, parents give you everything, a heart, everything, money, fancy stuffs etc. And they killed their own parents/family!?

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