Most Easy-Use Vacation Plant Waterer, Set of 4 - Review

Most Easy-Use Vacation Plant Waterer, Set of 4 Ceramic Watering Stakes, Perfect for Vacation Plant Watering and Drip Irrigation Watering, Self Watering Spikes for Indoor&Outdoor Use

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hey there I just got these up magic plant waterers I was so excited about these they are the little waters that you put in your plant in the soil like this and it kind of self waters so super excited these are really small um fits just in my hand so you can tell it's gonna fit nicely into a plant I have one already out in a plant I'm gonna take you out there in a second and show you um in my yard in the front of the house I have a hanging basket and its really awkward to get the hose all the way out there to water so it's super excited to put this out there so I'm gonna take you out there in a second and show you how and have it out there but so first of all just move on so this part right here is plastic and this comes off so to make it easier to put a bottle on so this part just hooks on here and then this is ceramic which is nice um it's super durable it's not gonna break you can hear that that's really um really sturdy right there and that's amazed kind of spot for the water to come out so what I have found is that soda bottles work best I haven't found a water bottle like a plastic water bottle that actually will work on this so ones that actually work best are 16 ounce soda bottles these work fantastic so essentially all you do is fill it up with water and screw it right on here and then you stick it into the plant and what happens is the water comes out of here and it doesn't rush out it comes out very slowly if I squeeze it this one had a little bit of water in it you can kind of see it kind of just runs down right here into the plant and so it comes out really slowly um the one I have outside and I'm going to show you I put water in it yesterday yesterday morning I think and I'm gonna take you out and I think it's probably still got a little bit of water in and I'm in hot hot weather right now we're in the 90s we happen for weeks and also with that one I put water in a before I left for a couple days and I came back in my soil was still really nice and white so I'm just gonna run outside show you how I have it out there and let you see so here is the one and this is um taller soda bottle like I think it's like a 20 ounce soda bottle um and you can see it's just sitting if I can reach up there kind of poked into this little right there and the water I find it it doesn't leak out here or anything it will just kind of run down quicker down there it doesn't leak it just goes right into the soil and hopefully you can kind of see that this soil is um it's good in there and a seen one so now that you've seen that I'm I hope that that's kind of shows you a good way to use these we have a lot of potted plants around here and recently one the yard of the month in our housing communities I'm pretty proud of my plants and I really like these because I can stick them in the soil I don't worry about the plants and watering that often and all about

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