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Welcome to my Budapest travel vlog! I went with one of my best friends for four days to explore this gorgeous city. Of course we checked out Széchenyi Thermal Baths and Gellert Baths, Fisherman’s Bastion and a Riverboat, but also a bunch of other lesser known activities and restaurants. I’d highly recommend Budapest and I hope you find this video useful! Thank you so much for watching, and of course don’t forget to subscribe!

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good morning everyone and welcome to Budapest in Hungary this is going to be a four day vlog over Easter weekend and I'm here with one of my best friends ever Cathy so we're gonna have a super fun girly like instagrammy weekend and we're starting off today going to the sir Jenny shirring out that baths to obviously do the whole spa bath experience and we'll also go into the gallop baths tomorrow so we're doing double baths in like full Budapest style but first we're going to stop by at a super cute brunch cafe as our apartment is in here I'll show you later but just a little courtyard I guess we really lucked out with this place I will link it in the description so there's a little kitchen in here which has everything that you need but the main event is this amazing huge living room massive high ceilings this is the view I showed you earlier out into like the super cute courtyard TV internet etc is a double bed here then there's the bathroom which is nothing spectacular but very much does the job and then the main bedroom which is gorgeous this huge huge room and out here is pretty much the main street just there is one of the big main roads with since stephen's basilica run so it's a little bit noisy if you're a very light sleeper and these curtains don't entirely do their job so I have an eye mask which has been amazing but apart from that a hundred percent would recommend this place this is actually really nice so we just went to vintage garden Bistro for breakfast we didn't get there until maybe after 11:00 is when they stopped doing breakfast so we had a really short but there wasn't many things on the menu so you should definitely get there a bit earlier and definitely you need to make a reservation because we were sat inside and outside is like a really cute bit but if you want the Instagram spot I mean it's the place but you need to reserve and get there a little bit earlier for the full breakfast menu our breakfast was a little bit sad but still actually very delicious and everything here is so cheap so I think we paid and we paid like 10 pounds ish each we had a drink a couple of bits of food so it was reasonably expensive but it's like a very instagraming place so I expected that but now we're getting a taxi which costs one pound on the vault app which is like an uber thing all the way to the bus well we have arrived at the baths we've brought our towel which you can bring your own but we rented ours it's like 2 pounds the ticket price is about 15 pounds which I personally think is a bargain you need to bring your own flip-flops because it's compulsory to wear like sandals obviously it's super busy now I think if you come are like opening time that's much emptier but we wanted to have a lion a brunch so here we are and it looks so pretty and it's such a nice sunny day for it so we snuck up the steps to get to this bit up the top of these amazing pillars it's really cool all the Instagram so my opinion this is the best shot to get a good ceramic the blue water and now we're going to go down and get pictures in the water and then we're going to put our phone and the camera away and just enjoy a nice relaxing morning this is when you change if you get a locker instead of a cabin the cupboards look nice but I really don't think leaders I would recommend saving money on that just get a locker that's gonna be movin out I'm gonna go enjoy the spa so we just finished in the baths if you were like a relaxing spa kind of person you could totally spend all day there but we don't have very long in Budapest so we've got lots of other things that we want to see it was really fun after the bits that I filmed outside which is the most famous part we also went to all the inside bits so there's something like 15 or 20 little miniature baths inside and they're all different temperatures you can kind of try at different temperatures and then there's some steam rooms which are my favorite because they're all different scents and I think the scent might change they had like a menu of what the different scents are gonna be yeah there was one that was kind of like raspberry tea and that was really good so I was doing the steam rooms and then going in the plunge pool which is really cold so you can do like the hot and cold so that was very entertaining I really enjoyed doing that and generally I would highly recommend it it was quite busy and I'm sure if you went on a weekday in the morning of you're much less busy but I don't really mind it just means it's fun and it's popular and everyone was having a nice time everyone was very friendly so yeah you got to do the spa and tomorrow we're gonna do gallops bus you can see the other ones but now we're gonna walk back into town so we're just going past the park on the way and there's a big light trampoline area and this river you can do pedalos this is a really cute park spend a few hours we've had a little change of plan we're going to this restaurant to eat because it looks so nice excellent very good food a little bit expensive but my salad was like 13 euros so I still think that's totally fine it was very fancy on the lake highly highly recommend and now we're gonna go to heroes bar so we've come to check out the ruined bars I've heard that you should check might in the day as well because you can get such a different vibe to in the evening so we're going to come back tonight because we're going on a bar crawl I'm not various but I'm sure it'd be a laugh but yeah first this is the most famous one this is infamous urge sure that's how you pronounce it we're gonna get inside this food court comes very highly recommended from some other people we're not gonna read that right now but if you are around the ruined bars this is a great spot to eat there's also another version of the food truck park but vegan only so we've been walking all around exploring the Jewish quarter the synagogue and the library were closed so we're going to save them for another day and now we are going to get ready for our night out our bark rule tonight and I'm not going to get my camera but I will probably do a little bit of footage on my phone if we go anywhere particularly cool so I'll see you guys good morning guys we are bright and early for today's adventure for day two in Budapest last night we went out on the pub crawl bar crawl and it was really good fun there was 120 people in the group which is insane and there was a couple of guides who were like make sure everybody got to the next vacation and it was really fun everybody was very friendly to us we made lots of new friends and the music was really good having been living in Spain I've been really missing just like normal English like basic pop music and that seems to be what they play here so there was lots of like Beyonce I think they played crazy and lovely every club that we went to we went to like three or four different places they all play crazy in love just in like the half an hour that we were there so it was all that kind of stuff that we liked like Rihanna Drake fiance Justin Bieber all that kind of stuff so the music was really excellent I was surprised how many of them were like clubs rather than bars so they all had dance halls which was really fun the only one that didn't really have a dance floor was a lot o Kurt and then we did try and get into simpler to finish off the night but the queue is like all the way down the block so I'm really glad that we went to that in the daytime so that we had seen that one because in the night time just would have been too hard to get in but today we are up at 9 o'clock ready to go because we are going to the galloped baths which I am at variable as where we're going so we have arrived at Gallup Spa it looks super beautiful and I just wanted to say definitely don't need a cabin hitch because they have these little like cubicles inside the lockers I guess maybe if it was busy you'd struggle to get one but apart from that you have a private changing area so definitely you know Cap'n also I think I saw a sign saying no fill me I love this one this one is slightly more expensive the so far it's way less busy so I guess maybe it's as popular it's definitely like less of a famous one but at the time like oh my gosh obsess in Norway you saw Nepali by rolling in the snow so this is nothing hungry so I feel like hey compared to shoes any from yesterday is definitely much quieter like maybe we're a bit earlier today and it is a Sunday but it seems much more peaceful and kind of more classy there's no stag dudes it's not many kids it's more of like a relaxing spa whereas yesterday was like a tourist attraction and it was beautiful but this has outside and inside so I feel like if you can only do one maybe do this one but yesterday is so iconic I don't know it depends what you're looking for yesterday had a bit more of like a party sociable touristy vibe whereas this is more of like a relaxing day spa and it's more old-fashioned it's got the tiling for the inside and the blue one so both are very beautiful I'm really happy we had time to be both so right opposite the Gallants part there is the hill up to the citadel which apparently has a really amazing view and google says it's 15 minutes walk up so we'll see we made it to that time took always exactly 10 minutes so yes definitely worth doing let's check out the view it really reminds me of Paris the way those like narrow tall buildings in Paris it's like them that's just the Eiffel Tower like sticking out from the Citadella to get to the castle I'm going to dump it upon the Cultural Center it's having some big like Easter Sunday building look beautiful so I would definitely recommend coming to check it out even though the Easter concert went beyond this market looks like semi-permanent in this building is beautiful so definitely a good accidental find [Applause] so we're finally gonna get to try manga the queue is crazy but I'm sure it will be worth it fire the league are lying us we weren't for just cheese because I'm kind of allergic to garlic and then only for garlic on the bottom but you can get it with four different toppings including sweet ones let's see how it is it actually reminds me of makita in Bulgaria kind of like a donut but savory I think I'll be going with saucisson and definitely the sweet one add chocolate or anything Louise is the best urine name fair enough just – perfect excellent painting Louise [Laughter] so the walk between where we came up to the top of the castle hill and now we're going over to fisherman Bastian and Matthias Church and it's such a pretty walk with all these like cherry blossom trees and the birds is really peaceful apart from those sirens but yeah so walking around like Castle area of town lots of people are recommended to me and I can definitely see why because it's really really sweet so much of all the recommendations that you guys sent me amazingly this is the most highly recommended thing is this cafe to get pastries so hopefully it's going to live up to the hype so the famous thing that you're supposed to get is like a cream cake I'm not super into moon cake because I'm sure it's amazing yeah let's go ahead so instead I've burned cherry strudel which is very highly recommended by my friends so hopefully it's gonna be awesome and we even though she got a table all the start prayer really helpful so they'll definitely try and get you seated if they can and everybody likes together we've got ours so there's a restaurant here like on the Bastian wall that looks amazing overlooks the water so if you're looking to propose to someone or have a really fancy day I don't know what the prices are like or if you can get a reservation but it looks beautiful so I would highly recommend that you can definitely see why this is probably the most popular like thing to do and Instagram thing to see in Budapest it's totally beautiful it's very photogenic it's like amazing medieval castle that you can just walk around but it's also perfectly preserved very clean it kind of feels like it Disney sad it's awesome but of course it is very busy so if you can come on a weekday or you can come and I post a sunset like us it's quite a bit quieter than it was a few hours ago but yeah highly recommend fisherman's bastion and this gorgeous church as well so before I come to somewhere I always research for Instagram like inspiration for sports that are good that other people have found but sometimes you have to just find a spot that only sees you so we found one for Kathy which was like totally her aesthetic and then we found this one which I love and it's just a bit different to the ones that everybody else has I mean I took all the classics as well of course but it's nice to have one that you feel like it's just your little spot in Budapest so this is my spot you can copy it if you like so you got some pictures with Parliament the Parliament building here is so impressive it's really really cool and it's nice it's right on the river so you can see it from like so many different places and now we're walking across to one of the river bars to have a kind of sunset drink maybe some dinner lots of people have recommended to me to have sunset on the river so we're not going to do a night boat cruise but a lot of people recommended this if you want to do that you get to see everything lifts up at night for the red dinner included although apparently the dinners are very good but yeah that's another option if you have some time here but we're just going to sit so I would definitely recommend this restaurant it's a little bit fancy but my reel was still only 15 euros so by like English standard that's totally fine and the people he was that next to us said that their waiter on their cruise was from Budapest and said this was one of the best restaurants in town so it comes highly recommended even from a local looking away queue new hats I don't want to see equal you love to look enough for me you know I'm trying to agree before the Sun goes I would definitely recommend that place they do all kinds of like Eggs Benedict and yogurt muesli and all that stuff so we kind of wish that we went there every day to try all the different menu but I have a car they chase today because I am hashtag basic and now we have come down to the river again to see shoes on the Danube which is like a memorial to the Holocaust victims that happened here so that's gonna be really interesting to see it looks pretty busy already and then we're also gonna see Parliament which is right behind me yesterday we saw it from across the river but today we're gonna see it face to face if you don't know the story of this memorial people here jeez when they were being killed in the Holocaust we're told to stand on the edge of the river take their shoes off and be pushed in we'll jump into the water and I actually find this one way more moving than other memorials I mean they're always moving obviously but this one because all the shoes you can see the kind of different personality it makes it feel way more real you can make imagine all the individuals and just such a like scary crazy time so yeah I think this is a really moving one I would definitely recommend coming to have a look it's free there's a lot of people here but it's nice to see so many people still engaging in things and I really like memorials they're kind of interactive and really powerful like that and kind of to speak to you know different ways so that issues on the Danube definitely recommend checking it out now we're going to walk just two meters along you can see it there and have a look at so this is apartment building I would definitely recommend coming around from the river to the front here because you get this lovely like garden view and it's very beautiful we did a bit of fun fact googling so apparently this is the tallest building in Budapest which makes sense because yesterday when I was saying looking out over the view the whole city looked really flat which I quite liked and it's the largest building in Hungary and it's 96 meters tall because apparently 96 is a like kind of auspicious poignant number in Hungarian history so yeah I like that they've thought of these things through there's loads of cool sculptures very detailed and yeah the Parliament is pretty cool so come have a look and then there's also this other building on the opposite side which I don't know what it is but I feel like it's the sad sibling they once were here but I think it's awesome so we've come over now to Margaret Island which apparently is a nice place to like walk around have a picnic and it's quite a local thing to do I think to hang out here on a weekend and to get here you just walk along Margaret bridge and then there's a little tiny adjoining bit so you can reach it without coming on a boat which is nice and convenient and when I was researching yesterday things to do here there is apparently a Japanese garden a rose garden there's also actually a spa like the baths the same as we did yesterday and this one's only a fiver so I mean it's obviously not as fancy or as famous but it does look really nice if you want just like a day chilling out kind of sunbathing and relaxing and then the other thing that I saw and might like things to do was to rent some kind of transport because there is a train there's bicycles there's these weird like four-person kind of pedal bicycles and there's little motorized like bubble cars there's lots of different ways to get around I think we'll probably choose the most hilarious method when the wind blows hi and we lose inside you know we are going to get one of the adorable red like vintage pedal bike things Balak so cute and so hilarious and you pay by half an hour the hour and hour is about 15 pounds so like $20 so let's go on sure it's gonna be fine if you just run it for a rock we stood all the wheels over will become lonely this is now well I saw another one down there though I think we're supposed to be down that will do this oh no hit naps yeah but look at this pathway this is the route okay so he survives the bicycle adventure there are much cheaper ways like just the rental bikes but it was so much fun and now we're just in time for the closing display we found a couple of little like beer garden type places and we've chosen this one which is hippie Island and it looks excellent very excellent so we're back in the city we're kind of finishing off the bits of touristy things that we need to do so this is since stephen's basilica and then I have got my postcard which I always get in each place to write some keep memories on and we're going to explore this really nice area bias and Stephens which is kind of like a bit pedestrian Dyess and nice it's it's Easter Monday today so lots of things are closed but this all seems to be open and then we need to find somewhere good enough become a waterfall a third morning guys today is our last day in Budapest cathy has already left this morning because she has a job and it's a Tuesday so she has to get back to work but I'm gonna do a quick run round and check out a couple of things that we couldn't see because they were closed for the back holiday and then I'm gonna go and get my flight back to and Canaria so the first thing I – I haven't managed to do is have chimney cake and I'm very exciting if I'm a cherry cake they come in lots of different flavors but I've heard that the classic cinnamon is the best machine they make it on the site China of rolling pins that they kind of put it around and like toast it almost like a kabob it looks really I think it's gonna be very sweet well mostly it's a little bit raisiny maybe because of the cinnamon it's very good this is gonna be a perfect healthy holiday breakfast and there are a couple of things that we haven't managed to see on our long week and I'm going to include in the description box all the things that were on my list that we have managed to get to most of them are restaurants people recommended me restaurants cafes bars all that kind of stuff because we've been kind of just going to wherever is convenient and looks nice but next I'm coming to the library which I've been so looking forward to because it looks stunning very like amazing Beauty and the Beast I think you have to pay to get in fair enough it's about two dollars I think so it's hardly anything I'm very excited to see inside and it's actually raining so if I can I might stay and do some work Nomad life the library was pretty beautiful she didn't charge me a ticket price she said today was free I don't know that's because of Easter or because she didn't understand what I was asking but anyway she let me in for grace that was nice you have to be pretty ballsy to take and Instagram in there because everybody is like working it's a normal library so it's kind of silent so I ended up just taking a little bit of video footage on my phone and then I sat down and did some work for a while I couldn't get on the Wi-Fi but I just hot spotted from my phone it's such a nice place to work most of the library is just a normal library it's got like four or five floors just you know normal library and then kind of around the back on the third or fourth floor that's where the amazing room is and there is a second older room which i think might be called the palace which she said was closed today but it was like the gold run with the chandeliers was the one I really wanted to see I did actually just want to add as well that pretty much everyone in there seemed like a student so I imagine if you came at like 8 or 9 a.m. instead of 2 o'clock while I'm here it would probably be totally deserted because let's be honest they're going to be in bed so now I'm going to go and see the inside of some Stephen's Basilica because apparently it's free and we didn't I would definitely recommend coming in it's technically for you that they offer a donation of a year which reasonable it's really really lovely the so everyone became that I did leave today so I can't come this evening but how evening and but this would be really amazing for like an organ recital went to Full Sail pub but it was a queue to get in which I'm not going to do but I am here at two o'clock so it's probably like prime time for lunch so maybe if you came like in the middle of the afternoon or something that probably wouldn't be a wait but I will include a picture up here of what it looks like inside anyways you can decide for yourself it does seem pretty cool I imagine the service is not great because it's probably hectic in there all of the time so I'm gonna try and find somewhere for lunch now so I just had lunch and balls on the recommendation of my friend Sarah and it was so good it was kind of fancy but everything here is so cheap I think my mail I had a salad and a sparkling water was like seven pound fifty so like ten dollars so yeah highly recommend the interior was this like gorgeous deco I just want to decorate my whole house like that I absolutely loved it it was very like beautiful 1920s gold and plants and the service was excellent everyone was super friendly so thank you very much to everyone who has sent me recommendations for this weekend you guys have all been amazing I hope this video is gonna help you back I wanted to also add I always like to know how to say thank you in each country so if you want to know how to say thank you here it is Casa Nam and everyone supposed to really appreciate it when you manage to say something in Hungarian cuz I'm sure the language is reasonably challenging and most tourists don't know it but now I am all done in Budapest so I'm gonna head to the airport I'm gonna get the 100 e which is a bus and I think it's only about three dollars it's really cheap and it goes right from most central places in the city it goes right from our apartment if you end up working the same one as me and the only thing that I would say is that you need to get there quite early for whichever bus you intend to take because Cathy said this morning she got the earliest bus in the morning it was about 3 a.m. and she said a lot of you wouldn't manage to get on because it was so popular because it's such a good deal because if you don't get the bus then you have to get a taxi and that's about 40 pounds so you don't want to be doing that so yeah make sure you get there nice way to your bus stop but that's what I'm gonna do it takes about an hour goes all the way out straight direct to the airport and so I guess that's going to be it for this video I have had the best I'm in Budapest it's my first time in Hungary but I'm definitely gonna be back I want to go and see some places outside of the capital although actually amusingly someone did tell me that the next biggest population of Hungarians outside of Budapest is London there's no city in Hungary as big as the population of Hungarians in London which is pretty entertaining but still I would love to explore this country a bit more so I'm sure I'll be back if you're Hungarian I'm watching this then please let me know where's good because I know I quite often get local viewers watching my travel blogs which is really fun but yeah thank you so much for watching I hope you found some interesting gems on this blog I've had the best time and I highly recommend you come and visit and while you're at it don't forget to subscribe and I will see you next week's video have a great week bye

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  1. My ex was kind of a racist and when I said I wanted to go to Budapest someday, she got really mad at me saying that's the kind of place you go to buy a 5 year old sex slave

  2. Actually, the dome of the Hungarian parliament building & the dome of St. István's basilica are both 96 m high to symbolize equality of church and state. 😊

  3. Kozsonom!…Thank you for teaching me how to say 'Thank You' in Hungarian! I just discovered you, this morning, while searching for a video on YouTube about the nation of Georgia and watching your video, then your others on how much you make online and how you made a great deal on Udemy. I've never heard of Udemy, until watching you on here. I glanced at the site and it is very interesting! However, I, also, watched your video on your donations to charities and I love how inspiring you are to people in the world, not just your home nation you are from. This planet needs more unity and you are out there sharing all you have to offer! Thank you!!

  4. Shoes on the Danube is the darkest history of Nazis in Hungary during WWII, but I would like to see an other memorial what is going to represent to the world, what Europe did to Hungary at 1920 June 4! What a shameful and darkest inhuman history of Europe against Hungary.

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