My broken leg on the internet-free family vacation

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If you opened this description box because you still want to know HOW I broke my fibula, here you go. I was with my family on a hike in a national forest. I had 2 dogs on a leash and was headed back to my truck with them. The dogs jerked forward suddenly on a downhill part of a trail, which made me extend my leg about 6 inches further than I had planned for that step. I rolled my ankle over a rock, and I tumbled forward screaming. I got up a few minutes later (against the advice of everyone else) and walked back to the truck. We went back to the cabin and I iced my ankle thinking is was just a severe sprain.
day three at the cabin didn't record anything before this because we were enjoying the cabin but this is my normal angle right here right and over here we've got my sprained ankle which is going to make today a little bit harder to deal with as far as hiking okay owner of the mountain cabin that we rented she named her cabin Cielo and it comes with a verse from Matthew over that way is actually National Forest so you rent this cabin you have your own little path that leads right up to the National Forest you can do the things that you do in national forests you know those things you do in national forests this is the fire pit area and pull your firewood day which is nice important thing about the cabin is there's absolutely no cell service and no internet in the entire cabin your entire stay is internet free no Wi-Fi what are we missing in fork knife today what kind of big event was happening in fork knife really yeah and mailboxes are coming from the water so don't have some reference from very ah are you really sad that you're missing the fork knife event go park the truck we're at the visitor center of the fluorescent Fossil Beds National Monument and come behind this sign see if they've got like guest Wi-Fi so I could cheat and there are no wait wait wait haiku no signal clx ah well I guess we're not cheating this is gonna be an internet free vacation so I apparently have like one bar of Internet and a whole bunch of notifications came in but it it's lying to me there's no internet that will come over that one bar it'll just give me a whole bunch of notifications to tease me did you imagine that tree there were sequoias here a house so they've got this other pavilion here they do lectures three fossils here we're holding them together with steel bands kind of like barrels and then they've got one over there too oh thank you that one they just let it die it's pretty awesome right two four six for for the next tour you got to walk down that walk down the hill first I gotta find some place to park they look like little puppies can we do a long process they do not do something so the Kenai and the Chilean cause this team stop Texas fallacy patience and that's some surprise Internet on the motion so I'm checking decided my first date was time to go see just 36 hours after my fall and it's at least severely sprained probably gonna check it out of the doctor's office this afternoon after we pack up and leave we we're about to leave our Mountain paradise what's the one thing you were missing from the internet the most Internet the most yeah is being able to talk to my friend and watching PewDiePie play Minecraft okay bye Cielo our mountain getaway well we made it back safely dropped off some stuff and now I am on my way to the VA hospital to have my ankle looked at by a nurse or something to make sure that that means some higher level of care because it hurts it hurts but I guess at the end of this three days of no internet what I really wanted to say was for the whole three days I don't think anyone there was actually really pining for the social media so much you know as far as like being disconnected from the Internet the thing that came up over and over again was in the middle of conversation there's evil trivia bits full factoids that people know that you'd like to share with someone and show them you know on a website like oh yeah it was this this than this you know like we watched the new Pet Sematary movie and we were wondering what other movies John Lithgow was in and besides Harry and the Hendersons of course and he was on that TV show third Rock from the Sun but something was really bugging someone and they could they couldn't remember exactly which movie it was that they remember him being in you know and not be able to whip out and hook that up really quickly it's it's noticeable so many times the middle of a conversation we're like man what's that thing what's that thing and then you can't look it up that was the biggest bit of addiction to the Internet that all of us really went through as far as withdrawal it was the social media at all I posted before the trip that I'd be hard to reach for those three days and those people that were trying to reach me during those three days I just copied the tweet that I put out before I left and I just sent it to them right now like look I said I would be gone but yeah that's it I'm glad that what little usage of the Internet we did sneak in we went to a bigger town nearby to do some stuff during the day it was all about family you know looking up different places to go on road site America or atlas obscura or just using Google Maps you know that stuff I don't really count as be attracting from family because it's it's it's supposed to enhance your experience but nobody really wanted to do anything but be with family and I was thankful for that that's all I got three days no internet I made it you well guys it looks like I might tougher than I thought because yeah it's fractured and they're gonna call me back with a specialist but yeah I gotta stay off my lake for a while you you

16 thoughts on “My broken leg on the internet-free family vacation”

  1. Internet Mafia: "So, that's a nice little family vacation you got going for you there, it would be a SHAME if something were to happen…say, maybe a little accident whilst hiking through the woods, or something. People fall down elevator shafts all the time."

    ; – )

  2. Whoa. Hiking around on that injured foot must have been painful. You are a trooper.
    Glad y'all had a good time. Aspens are so pretty and the sound of their leaves being blown by the wind is special.
    I love The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension. John Lithgow is awesome in it.

  3. Seriously, if you put together burdock root powder, comfrey powder, and arnica powder to make a paste to put on your ankle with a wrap around it, it will take your pain away very quickly. I've broken toes. The first time, it was splinted and took me nearly a week to be able to not hobble in horrible pain and more than two weeks to get back into normal sized shoes. The second time, I put together the paste (equal parts of each element into a paste that I put on my toe then wrapped w/saran wrap to keep it there) and was "normal" (except for green hemotoma left over color) by the 4th day. Arnica takes down the swelling… comfrey/burdock help with the bone formation. If you stuck the arnica/comfrey into a DMSO base and swabbed that on, it would help even more.

  4. I remember when a cop got in trouble for assaulting a citizen. He was given 2 weeks temporary suspension, with pay. Good you got that looked at, a healed over broken ankle will lead to permanent disability, oh and I also hang around my place naked too…

  5. That's what happens when you dare to escape the grip of YouTube, payback is a bitch…;-) Let's hope you heal completely before a future president Sanders or Warren takes away your medical insurance…who are we kidding? LOL, we both know Trump's odds of re-election are increasing daily, after what the entire liberal media said was his worst week ever, every state and national poll now shows Trump with the highest approval ratings of his presidency! I guess the "squad" isn't popular.

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