The one with the broken back and deck renovation.
Music By: David Cutter.
I fell out of a tree we've been complaining a lot about the heat when I say we I mean I I'm trans part game here but we are complaining no more because we're going to go to the page wouldn't be summertime in Southern California if you didn't spend some time at the beach [Applause] [Applause] trips the Oceanside beach the beach I used to come do when I was a kid something that most people don't know is crawling beneath their feet when they come to visit Oceanside is millions and millions of stand tracks once the water rushes out there will be all these little beads in the sand off man Debbie yeah hi big Manny you flip it over yeah boom what all does rollies maybe the people that are watching this assignment do think we're definitely tricked it daddy-san crab yeah let's go Flynn all right believe that Wow got a shot at a crow you like to beat sparrows sorry so my brother-in-law just showed up and he's always got cool toys and cool gadgets right they just put your head in it and blow Nicolo it's a great ad you offer brought our first port so the kids are going to try and serve for a little bit [Applause] where is it he's right here is that my nose our life huh what is that can you read the little girl a couple of days ago a little company called Disney reached out to us and asked and asked us if we wanted to be a part of a campaign they're doing like a Disney princess campaign seeing is that doesn't really fit my personality we asked the kids if they want to do it more specifically Rio and she said we got Rio we got shy guy and we got Baro Rio is going to be standing up here Shiloh and sparrow are going to be climbing this rope it's pretty much it so it's pretty simple concepts that we have going on behind me here the only thing is I have to do quite a bit of Photoshop to make this work and keep it safe I'll send you up that stuff right now okay all right the way the wedding my neck here I think they don't like when you care them because they keep leaving poop on the map alright now that I'm covered in glitter I don't think it was really clear what we were doing outside the reason the cameras on a tripod is because we work we made a few different layers of this photo that we're complaining combining so this is my background layer is the layer of Rio here I'm going to drag in my next layer it is of Shiloh and so I'm going to Photoshop myself out of this one and then the next layer is Sparrow I just use this little cool and I just kind of trace rough here just so you can kind of see it okay so that's the concept if I do that for the next hour then this photo should be ready to go okay there you have it finished photo we've got real up top in the tree fort chalo making the climb we're back why are you shopping for toilets seriously focus pretends lost one and all them we were going to start working on the deck travels unloading the four by fours just got upstairs and real was putting her American Girl dolls up in the court so she could read to them while we were working outside we heard her scream in pain so we both ran outside and she was crying and telling us that her back was hurting she fell out of the tree fort yeah first we kind of observed her and thought that she had knocked the wind out of herself but after spending some time with her pilot noticing 10-15 minutes we notice the pain was not going away we call the nurse they advised us to call 911 and so that's what we did Thank You Kara okay can you feel real out of a tree fort and lots of acting and hard to please so she will be going to the hospital in the ambulance and we're going to follow in neither their daddy wicker the SPI default has espresso five feet [Applause] Oh maybe one see it's got a pretty cool necklace how is the ambulance what did you do today I fell out of the tree what did you break today my back today didn't go as planned you have a mild fracture in your spine so so so when you re going so we got useful back and you start walk appearances before 6:00 right sounds like a rooster poor neighbors you trick this whole time we thought you were a chicken you're a rooster what are you so excited about yeah how are you doing you had some visitors huh they brought you a coffee everyone likes yellow watermelon yeah yeah I love Mellie I can see that you do I'm not gonna help me catch a June Japanese wow not doing it today oh good well he said mommy said no junebug no Japanese legs playing kick check damn it careful Rio said it best yesterday did not quite go as planned this just goes to show I could have got her but I didn't plus sleepies not really in the mood luckily Rio is okay they told her she needs to rest moving around isn't going to harm her anymore it's just it's painful to move so we got her inside resting on the couch and since we're a day behind now I have pretty much a day and a half to redo this whole deck so got a friend coming over is going to help me and I think David's delivering my truck tires today we'll see seems like with these projects you can always expect it to take twice as long as you can do oh nice break plank record Rex crunch break doing a shout out of Escondido I'm Chad blogs we got drinks right you got it mom that's the deal cool I II didn't wash your hands I can take thank you putting our friend Stuart walking around today her leg is a little weak but she can walk with the help of the wall or someone right Rio Rio has an appointment today um not sure I know the appointment Rio's got an acupuncture appointment today here baby day two of working on the deck we still haven't really shared with you what it's going to look like when it's done but we're really excited about it talking to her cousin okay Rio's going to her appointment I'm going to try and get these last couple posts up before they at home that way when they get home we can go to Lowe's and get this thing finished up hopefully okay that you want it dumb it let me be sick we have to do versus a concert that's a lot of wood it has been a long long week I cannot wait for this product project to be over [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] why does it keep getting dark we did it what you doing I didn't peaches for pie oh really oh yes most people will cook down their fruit and sugar but I'm going to use honey and cinnamon instead if you're trying to get rid of allergies a little bit of your local honey help I've never such thing as too much I'm saving all the juice that I strained up or thank Oh right

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