My Favorite Cruise Channels and Collaborations

so in today’s vlog I’m going to go over other cruise channels I watch and possibilities of collaborations.

all channels mentioned in videos card linked below so make sure you go subscribe to them show them the H3 Crewzers love…

Justin Scott

Cruise Tips Tv

Adventures of David and Arron

La Lido Loca

Sal Pitera

Don’s Family Vacations

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Cruise Channels and Collaborations”

  1. I appreciate the shout out!!!! I owe you about 100 of them at this point😅 I’ll have to play catch up now that I’m back to posting videos! And we’ll definitely have to figure out a collab date in the near future!

  2. i watch Justin Scott, Don's Family Vacations and now you. I live my cruise life threw you guys. Im so scared of getting sea sick. One day I would love to try a cruise.

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