My Up North Vacation 2019

Here’s the recap of my vacation to a cabin in northern Wisconsin “up north”.

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I spent the last week up north and it was pretty great day one began with three and a half hour drive cut in half by a stop for lunch at Milwaukee burger company you may remember this place from a challenge I did there last year this year I decided to eat like a normal person and I got an absolutely fantastic burger loaded with spicy mac and cheese honestly I've got to say one of the best burgers I've ever had we then hop back in the car towards our destination of st. germain Wisconsin my family and everyone on my dad's side comes up here for a week in the summer every year a great gathering family tradition we arrived at the cabin unpacked and started to settle in aunts uncles and cousins started arriving and everyone started fishing swimming and hanging out by the lake we went until the Sun went down and finished the night around the fire day two began with Sunday morning Mass with an Indian priest who has always been unfortunately hard to understand we got doughnuts after mass it was another nice day mostly spent outside with more fishing and swimming and hanging out on the lake I took a nap it was great my grandpa had the idea to get everyone custom t-shirts to commemorate our up-north tradition I was tasked with being the cameraman and getting everyone together for a big group photo my aunt and uncle and their baby couldn't make it this year so I was also tasked with photoshopping them into the picture after dinner we all went to the North Woods finest Cathy's ice cream shop a regular stop a few nights every week we come up here I got Blue Moon the best ice cream flavor in existence we got back in time to catch the small bit of a sunset that peeked through the clouds and another night around the fire all the cousins present for some fantastic campfire stories and Grandpa's classic fart machine because I mean who doesn't love some good potty humor day three was a day of the local flea market another weekly tradition walking around looking for random stuff to pick up that we might not really need it didn't really find much this year then we walked around the nearby city of Minocqua stop through some of the regular shops got some lunch at a Minocqua favorite Murtaugh's pub and played a round of mini-golf I would say I played a decent game considering I played with one hand the entire time for the sake of holding my camera then got pretty rainy and windy and we went back to the cabin but there ain't paws long enough for my brother to go out and land a pretty nice-sized bass from off the Pierre it was also my other brothers birthday that day so we sang and ate cake and all that fun stuff unfortunately no fire or sunset that night due to a pretty impressive thunderstorm day four we decided to go par-3 golfing I hadn't swung a golf club since I was like eight and never actually golf before in my life I will say that it took a hole or two to figure it out and I don't think I could really get the swing mechanics down but it was definitely fun all of us were pretty rusty and or inexperienced anyway so it was definitely an experience but I came out pretty well pleased with my 13 over par I didn't really record anything the rest of the day but we went for ice cream again that night I got the same flavor combo I got the first night just as tasty and we once again got back in time to catch what would be my last sunset on the lake for this trip breathtaking as always as well as a nice fire to cap off the night day five was my final morning on the trip and we went for brunch at this place called Paul Bunyan's it's a family-style all-you-can-eat place where they pretty much just keep bringing out plates of stuff to pass her on the table pretty good but with that my time up north was coming to a close and what was supposed to be a nice quick flight back ended up being extra extra delayed to about a 10 hour travel day waiting around in airports bill we don't need to talk about that so that was my trip four or five days in one of my favorite places in the world there's not much better than sunsets of the lake a smell of pine trees and campfires and spending quality time with family a great time to relax reset and reflect on all the blessings in my life and this family tradition is one of the big ones hands down my favorite family tradition I miss it already until next year up north I just want someone to take a bite of the curd so I can get the cheese shot oh yeah just one yeah I just want that she's coming up now as we get that video so if you guys to look like you know you're doing got three minutes of solid food so far excuse away no I'm not even my eyes guy for a picture [Applause] SiC Depp sick for a long time first I can say that big but good blog content

11 thoughts on “My Up North Vacation 2019”

  1. This made me so nostalic!! I've spent countless summers Up North in St. Germain doing those classic summer Wisco activites. Thanks for sharing this..and blue moon is definitely the best ice cream

  2. Nice relaxing video. I just went to a cottage a couple weeks ago. Always good to get away for a minute and reset. Life cant always be chicken, sweet potato and gym every day!

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