Naked Boobs on the Beach! - Hawaii Part 3 (Maui)

We saw some hot naked chicks on Po’olenana Beach (our favorite beach on Maui). You almost get to see some boobies! (If you really need to see boobies, you will probably find some on the internet.)

It’s Hawaii Week! Join me & Kim for some goofy fun in paradise!
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Hawaiian Music by Daniel Ho

opening theme instrumentation by Kevin MacLeod

Vocals by Greg Benson

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From award-winning beaches to excellent cuisine, Maui has it all. From luau to land adventures, fine art to fine dining, Maui has a wide range of activities to make vacations unforgettable. The big tourist spots in Maui include the Hana Highway, Haleakala National Park, and Lahaina.

The Hana Highway runs along the east coast of Maui, curving around many mountains and passing by black sand beaches and waterfalls. Haleakala National Park is home to Haleakala, a dormant volcano. Lahaina is one of the main attractions on the island with an entire street of shops and restaurants which lead to a wharf where many set out for a sunset cruise or whale watching journey. Snorkeling can be done at almost any beach along the Maui coast. Surfing and windsurfing are also popular on Maui. And so are naked boobies.
hello there hey we're here at Elaine Atlanta beach this is the beach where we got married eight years ago this week oops come on bro ha ha ha ha ha but today is very exciting because you can't see them anymore but we walked over and there were naked people on the beach yeah yeah there's a naked man a naked woman they were and surprisingly they were actually the kind of couple that you would want to see naked they are both very sick yeah Wow yeah yeah and I'm sorry but I couldn't get the video camera out fast enough to get the nakedness bit I bet if we went around the corner they'd still be naked laying out but then it'd be pretty obvious hey could we guys we videotape you guys naked and stuff this is a this is a sort of a private like beach it's not nearly as crowded as other beaches in the in the Wailea area if you ever come to Maui go south of Wailea and then where it says pull Lena Lena Beach you can park there but then you have to walk off to the right over about two minutes over some rocks to get to this Beach but it's so much more secluded because it's public but it's just a little walking I think a lot of people don't know it's there or maybe it just puts people off this has been this is a perfect little beach little they make that sound it's a little crescent-shaped beach and as you can see there are a handful of people here today there are those two people and there are a few people down there and there are a couple of dogs but really there's not more than 10 people at the speech today and it's a Saturday in Maui and that really says something because a lot of other beaches will have hundreds of people what did I say it says that this is not a crowded beach every time we come back to Maui we we come to this beach we got married here at sunset here are some photos this is what it looked like yeah it was really nice yeah but this is where we are now when we brought boogie boards and chairs and towels all courtesy of B&B where we're staying and now we're just enjoying this this perfection that is Maui unless you all think that um we're spoiled rotten I just want you all to know that I just had four hours this morning working yes Kim actually has been working every morning I'd sit for about three or four hours every morning wait is that naked lady oh she she topless no she's not topless I think she's topless see do you see she couldn't bother us because there were children has anything I almost took the same lady but now she's just yeah she's just topless did you guys see that I guess this is probably pretty safe shot because it was her from behind so they can see that naked lady is now just topless lady yeah did you enjoy that oh there's a boobies boobies really quick kind of yeah I'll phone them oh yeah she's gonna get you think so we just saw boobies do you know when here's the thing she came to the beach it was secluded yeah I can do this because like maybe ten people will see me little did she know that when she came but you know half a million people we'd have the option probably about ten thousand people watch this video so that's probably nine thousand nine hundred and fifty more than she thought would see her exactly exactly yeah she didn't really expect for ten thousand people see her naked boobies you know more people watch this video if I call it naked boobs in Hawaii and you won't disappoint I think you should marry Peter Gregg oh and then make it lady wait just clearing rocks okay surfetta your dues how am i serving with the naked people i was fun I booked you for tea with the naked people they were all naked and I I wore extra clothing so as not to upset the balance I think they were naked so I have extra clothing I videotaped it but I think they're just like tiny dots and so are you did you catch me catching some waves I did I was catching some waves and I was sitting on top of the world oh I didn't see that part I just want to catch them oh no I sat right on top of it oh and the roll is like girl for me hmm actually I think you are sitting on top of the world right now I think you are sounds fun I like being here doggies still naked no never nobody over here topless decided to stay all night dog is going over to say hello to Nautilus lady and she's like don't make me get up and show my boobies on camera to YouTube I was like come on with it show them dogs love boobies let's go watch kim boogie board she's boogie boardin guys this is so much fun I cannot believe we are so lucky to be here with this canasa I can't believe I'm so lucky to be here with her oh I love that woman let's watch your catch a wave I'm okay all right we'd open this camera way all right get back in order

38 thoughts on “Naked Boobs on the Beach! – Hawaii Part 3 (Maui)”

  1. You two are just so witty.  You behave like little kids because of a topless girl. Great way of invading someones privacy.  At least 278k people get to see what Dbs you both are and see your husband is a stalking pervert.  Nice work guys.  I bet he hasn't thought about those breasts much when his eyes are closed.

  2.  Hawaii state law says woman are allowed to go topless in public.

    Haw. Rev. Stat. § 712-1217:

    A person commits the offense of open lewdness if in a public place the person does any lewd act which is likely to be observed by others who would be affronted or alarmed. Female breasts are not private parts or genitalia, and exposure thereof under existing circumstances was not a lewd act under statute.

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  8. Greg im a big fan of all your videos, you really do make me laugh. This is just a though but i would love it if you made a T-shirt that said " Dogs love boobies" on it, the quote you made in the video, and maybe a picture on you on it. This is just an idea but i would certainly love to buy this shirt if you did. Have a great day. Peter, from England.

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