We left naked without anything but our passports and this is how it went.

▲Without money, without equipment, without destination
▲6000 kilometres (4000-miles) through Europe and back
▲40 hitchhiked rides
▲16 days full of motorways
▲16 days full of dumpsterdived and leftover food
▲1 shower day

Finland Sweden Denmark Germany France
Turku Stockholm Copenhagen Belfort Avignon Marseille Grenoble Strasbourg.

Props and cheers to the drivers, the photographers and every single one who made it possible! Plus a big up to co-adventurers Frank & Maiju!

((As a sidenote, even though i said “i can encourage anyone to travel this way” i recommend that with caution, more on that later. Inspite of the extreme nature of the trip we knew what we were doing and we pulled it off with all the necessary responsibility and experience. Travel safe.))

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32 thoughts on “NAKED TRIP”

  1. hi timo 🙂 I want to go to Finland to study to JAMSK, but Im a bit scared or dont know what to expect. It has become a trend of people to tell me I will bore to death in Finlandd but I find your people to be simply perfect. I dont know if the universities entrances exam is difficult.. that is another thing for which I am extemely terridied. Well keep it up with all your videos!! your are super funny and sweet

  2. Harmi ettei muiden tekemiä naked trip videoita tahdo löytyä tubesta 🙁
    Jos joku tietää muita vastaavia reissuvideoita niin linkatkaa
    Tässä ollut jo vuos harkinnassa oma reissu mut yksin ei viitti lähtee ja kaverit vaikee suostutella

  3. Timo, I just love you man! You are doing so great videos and stuff. And dat ass tho <3 No homo
    Would you accept my challenge to ski over 100km on the ice of Päijänne, from Lahti to Jyväskylä? I'm going to do that kind of trip maybe next winter.

  4. Et haluaisi lähteä maailmanympäri matkalle ilman rahaa (joskin vaatteet voisi kyllä ottaa mukaan), mukana koira ja minä x) kukaan ystäväni ei suostu (hyviä tekosyitä löytyy aina) ja minun huonolla tuurillani, ei yksikseen oikein uskalla :DD 

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