New Unboxing and Prep for a Backpacking Trip to Fishing an Alpine Lake - McFly Angler Update 5

In this update, I am preparing for my upcoming backpacking trip to a small alpine lake in Colorado. I plan on camping up there overnight, then fishing in the morning. Its a beautiful lake that is at about 9500 feet. Its an hour hike up from where you can park.

Also, I am doing another unboxing, I am getting another spool for my maverick reel, another reel (larger) and a new, fully carbon fiber wading staff.

Here is a list of the products I showcased in the video and links to where you can buy them. if you are interested.

Maverick Fly Reel –
Wading staff –
Line spooler –
Teton Backpack –
Kelty Tent –
Kelty Tent Footprint –
B.O.B. Knife –
Mini Scandi Knife –
Sawyer water filtration –
Laplander portable saw –
Noah’s tarp –
Suisse Sport 0 Degree bag –
guys I'm really excited today so this is going to be another unboxing video Joe from qualified products who makes that maverick real he sent me a box I had ordered something from them and when I did I ordered another set of reals I needed a larger one so there's going to be a larger real but when I did order he told me has new products that he's coming out with and it's a waiting staff full carbon fiber and I take a pretty darn good deal just like his real something that it's all really good products quality products but for good deals which are like I don't like spending some money I know you don't either all right so there's a few things I'm getting he also um is website sell these they're just Fuller's for strolling on new line I have a tough time getting the line put on myself and easy when you got someone holding a pencil and kind of stolen it up for you but I always going to getting line twist so I got that it was seven bucks maybe ten bucks I don't remember the price yeah I think it's 10 bucks I got new reels so we'll wait for the waiting staff towards the end make you guys wait I know you've seen these reels already but there we go all right so I needed a new spool so this is going to be a spool for the five weight that I have the four or five so for wave five weight meeting other spools so I can throw on a sink tip line for my five and four weights here is his large reel so this is the six seven eight pretty cool this is definitely a much larger reel so this is going to be for my six weight or eight weight okay so this is just an extra reel I've got so I've got this for my six weight right now but it can hold this line this is a one foot per second sink tip I want to get a floating line also on top of that so I'm going to throw this floating the line on now you can see this is a little larger of a real this is actually a five six reel this is a six seven eight reel okay so this is larger but I can do that I can throw on a floating line or I can throw on so I'll be in the next couple months getting a few more spools from him because they're not badly priced the schools are pretty cheap and you know so I can get you know two or three spools and throw on some eight weight line and whatnot and bring that with me when I go that's the problem I'm having is when I go out fishing with my streamer rod and you know I have to bring a different rod with me now I always you should I learned the lesson one time forgot to bring an extra rod with me and snap my rod and I had to go home so it's always good to have an extra rod but when you're actually walking on the river you're hiking far you don't want to carry a bunch of rod so I you know I try not to do that I'll leave it in the car that's pretty not a big fan of turquoise honestly I don't be honest but it is pretty and he says he sells a lot of these to like people in Florida in the Gulf fishing for redfish you know bigger bigger fish and this would be a very pretty color down there that kind of matches that area it's a lot of you know turquoise and you know pastel type colors that are popular down there so yeah there's that very pretty but again it's not going to match my other stuff but that's okay now here comes the waiting staff or that's compact and light there's no way to this but this is a full-size waiting staff how cool all right so looks like it comes with an extra whatever that is called 20 good now that's cool so this can actually clip here with a little clip here the whole carrying case like this can clip to your bag if you want that's nice it says carbon fiber adult carbon fiber so that's good so this will click the stays on the actual staff that not just this not the case is all carbon fiber and it breaks down right then you can just piece it together so it makes it smaller and then you can just stick them together like this and then you pull this section up and it locks right in and there we go that's not going to come apart it's all part of fiber so it's super light and I think you found them for $79 $79.99 80 bucks somewhere on their thing is that you go with any other brand you're going to end up spending 150 or more dollars I think Sims makes a carbon fiber one light like this one hundred one hundred fifty nine bucks or something like that also from what I'm noticing the handle here is really nice super ergonomic and I don't think that it's as nice on the Sims that's my opinion but yeah I mean you know for anything all carbon fiber that's that's pretty good deal I think it's just really nice that it breaks apart it is tall it is high it's probably higher than where you're seeing on the camera right now but I'm sure so it might honestly be a little high for me I'm five foot seven and a half I'm not that have to throw that half in there hi I'm pretty sure it I'm not very tall but I mean it's not that you know it's up to know where my chest is but I think that so that way you know generally when you're using a waiting staff here in deeper water and so that allows it to be up higher over the water I'm also for people that are taller about six foot or more this would be perfect perfect height for them and I mean it's really not bad for my height it's not adjustable but in reality most of them are not I think Sims makes one that's adjustable but again we're talking under 159 bucks and fully adjustable to four inches so we're talking that much shorter so we're adjusting not much so that wouldn't really do a whole lot anyway it would still be to here which you know I still make the 51 inches I think there's is this one not much more I don't think it is so this is a good height I think so that's that the waiting staff I'm pretty excited about using it allow me to get a little deeper in the water catch some other fish that I wouldn't normally be able to reach out to you know fishing spots with a little more confidence too and then I get a little worried sometimes out there especially a new raver I'm not used to I don't want to you know step in a hole and fall I've had that happen a few times and it's not fun so home this will be good I like it I like it a lot thanks Joe thanks for sending that all right so I am doing a backpack trip tomorrow I'm going to head up to a little place called spud Lake I'm not 100% sure if spud lake is frozen over so we'll see we'll see but I am bringing fly rod I don't have a backpack fly rod yet I just don't not a backpack fly rod but is a or piece and it kind of fits okay so this is what I'm bringing I just kind of wanted to go over this really quick with you guys in this video should be out next week for me actually doing the backpacking trip I'm going with Carter we're going to go stay the night up there see if we can't get into some fish I'm not bringing a ton of flies up there I think it's going to be a lot of dry fly session so ton of dry flies and on this side I've got some other dry flies and larger size like hopper patterns brought some stream I'm bringing some streamers just in case this is a five wait I'm bringing as my five wait got a bunch of little nymphs and midges and then got my by the way everything's in baggies kind of how I like doing it stuffing them in baggies keeps everything dry you know it can brain and stuff so how to stuff everything baggies keeps it organized this is my water system my water purification system I rarely use it but it's a really good one Sawyer I think it's called yeah there you go Sawyer so that works really well this is basically a whole bunch of fire-starting stuff I put a bunch of lint from the dryer dryer lint in there I like using that a lot of people use cotton balls but that's based on my my tinder in case we have trouble finding it got a Swedish fire stick through a whistle in there also just in case we've got magnesium like everyone uses a lighter there's a bunch of ways to start a fire you don't want to go without fire this is basically toiletries and food so I've got some snacks some of the mountain house meals got two of those breakfast and a dinner one you know we might if it's fishable you can keep the fish up there you might keep one each and eat that too so but we've got some snacks zip ties just in case you're just nice and handy to have obviously toilet paper you definitely want to eyelet paper toothbrush toothpaste stuff like that this is my medical bag as well I'm going to be bringing just kind of a bunch of stuff just in case I need it always good to have medical stuff so can sanitize your advil yes a condom got other uses not remembering it for that reason this is definitely good uses medically wise you know it's sterile there's multiple different reasons antibiotic ointment stuff like that just sunburn cream alcohol spray band-aids sting relief swab sutures I've got in there God just you know cure ad pad big one so basically everything you need not everything but most so we just carry some kind of medical pack even for just an overnight trip change the clothes basically extra pair of boxers t-shirt an extra shirt from glove and this is my set the big one I use to boil water when I'm out there because I can put a whole lot of water in there and get a lot boiling I don't have to make multiple trips back and I've got this kind of put together so I put paper on top because it keeps this from clashing around while moving and I just dust up in there so I've got some almond butter extra pair saw a another some matches waterproof matches and a lighter okay use the other ones or whatever I've got a Clif Bar this is some twine some juniper twine that's really good for firestarter in case I need this is some electrolyte mix the basically I just throw stuff a bunch of stuff in there paper towels on top plus those can double as firestarter if you need with really important to keep things from rattling around that to get really annoying while you're out trying to camp walk around and get to your spot hiking the pan but that's just nicely right in there this top doesn't go to stay on on this one but bug spray very important is a small little handy one kind of nice got some baby wipes which is really nice to have clean your hands off before eating whatever if you got room for it throw in you know duct tape always really handy paracord really important always have spare cord with you my knife so I've got this this is my this is a really good knife my favorites called the bob brothers of bushcraft knife by tops it's a little heavy it really is it is a heavy nice but it's nice you can do a lot of chopping with it it's the right size reason kind of get in and do some small work you know but you can you can get you know basically you can chop through most branches with this and then you can do a lot of em it's really heavy duty and grab another stick we tend up sticking you can do the battering and split with with it and that's how I do my splitting of wood so that's nice another small one is also by top is basically the I think it's called the mini scandi or something like that but it's I I have it to go with that so the small once you get into the really small pieces if you really need to do small work or look the really thin pieces to get them to like pencil size this is nice having the sex 1 and this is really pretty light so take a lot of room and I put a lanyard on sometimes I'll just put it around my neck like so really important for processing larger limbs this is coming the lot and handy alot is Laplander soft and it's great I mean I think get through a pretty decent log like that and about a minute and a half two minutes if I really work at it towards the end of the day it becomes a little longer but bear spray I think it's really important it is bear territory where we're at result some mountain lions so I've seen them up there generally they're not going to mess with you but it is important to have it with you obviously I have to take my camera gear I just open this up for grabs SD Drive for the camera I'm using up here which I'll have to jump off and then put back in before I go tonight I'm going in the morning tomorrow or tomorrow afternoon but obviously my camera equipment extra batteries it was good to keep that nice and sealed so water doesn't get in ruin the batteries that extra SD drives by the way just pick this up in a real and happy about it it'll keep all my SD drives nice and I just film all the time so everywhere I go outside I'm filming the kind of nice little wallet for it and keeps all of them let's see but just got this tent the new one I had an older one started getting holes and whatnot I like it I am you know I haven't used it yet out there but I did a lot of reviews I read a lot of reviews and it's small enough it seemed so big because in this pack but you can kind of roll it like that and stick it in I actually find that just seems to fit better just flat like that like a six things in front lighter stuff right that'll go up against me kind of gives a little more support or your back anyway so that's nice just a lot of – so it's two-person tent technically it's a little small for two people but you know you're not out there for comfort I've got obviously the footprint that goes with the tent that's going to keep the tent for a mam and this is not very heavy very light if it's a really long range trip and I have don't have a lot of room in the tent and a bag I probably won't bring this but for today we're only going one night that that's fine to bring so I was going multiple nights that bring more food than obviously I wouldn't bring that but it is nice to use as much as possible keeps the bottom of the tent nicer last longer so I've got this tarp called Noah's tarp from Kelty I like it I really like Kelty stuff obviously the Noah's charges is grazes the nine foot by nine foot just nice to have an extra park out there in case it starts raining and you don't want to be in the tent you can put that up and at least have some shelter sit under it what not if you got room bring it if not that type of thing I've got a zero degree sleeping bag exhibit we'll get to about ten degrees up there I've got a zero I've also got a 40 degree for the summer it's still cold up there so bringing my my zero and I just I'm really excited about this bag I just got this bag and we want to have another one that worked great they actually held a little more bigger but it just it wasn't as comfy this is a lot more comfy going to be a little easier I could bring that bigger one a longer trips if I need to carry more stuff but this has got a lot of support you can see there's a lot of support here and it wasn't that I think this is 89 bucks I just got and that was 120 or so actually I think this was 69 79 so no it's pretty cheap it was not that expensive but it's a very nice bag I like it so there's a extra storage compartment down here that's easy access they say it's for sleeping bag I think my zero Degree is just a little big to fit in there so I'm going to put my camera equipment in there and that Oh a TV for me to grab my camera equipment usually that would be a sleeping bag as the sleeping bag didn't fit then like it doesn't this time then it would be something a little more important easy to get to but since I film that's the most important that I have to get to quicker unfortunately adds extra weight but not that much it's not that bad I have key that I always bring with me it's just nice in the morning to have tea and scrubs on my wife always drink tea I usually get coffee but I don't have an expresso machine or or any kind of machine to make coffee up there so he works great just heat up the water and stick teabags in and you're good to go so I put that out and there's a mesh pocket right out in front just easy to get to long lift up with the bug spray the side compartment here I put the hairspray now it's got a belt clip so I'll put that on my belt when I'm actually going now on the other side here I'm going to put the two knives and they fit in there now those will come right out when I start hiking I usually strap that knife right to my my person right on my belt put the laplander over with the bear spray I already had to put this together has taken part to be able to show you guys what I had in there all right let's move everything on the way to art movement so basically it's just this giant area in here a ton what's these backpacking tents are I stick as I have said my tent goes in first and that put some of the smaller lighter items in front of it stack it up in front okay now I just really like putting the least important stuff down okay obviously you want to go by weight too but generally this is a pretty light bag I think or we're talking about 40 pounds total 30 maybe it's not a little tight so it starts loading your bags compress it as it goes down food medical kit I don't want that on top and taste Carter or I fall while we're walking hiking up there and I know it still they put this on top but you know honestly if we feed it you know a couple trout rising there's two streams on the way up or we hike where we're going you can just grab it make a little easier obviously the pot that really could go below everything but ello has a nice little stuff sack so you can do that kind of push everything down that drawstring kind of thing and then it's got a secondary one right here and kind of get even more down then there's a nice little I really do like this bag pretty night for really quick tax that stuff so a fire starting stuff right in the top goes up under there water purification sit up in there and those two are probably the most important things to have with you but more so than a tent more so than anything without liar and cold nice to the matter what kind of tent or wherever you got you know you need that fire you also need water so those are important I'll put those there and then you can draw everything down there we go out pretty compact that sometimes I bring a pad with me now wrap it but this bag just doesn't fit in this tap right now and I don't really need a pad I'm just sticking the straps under but sleeping bag itself has some compression straps that will kind of keep it from wobbling and you can also tighten it there we go it's not moving and the side here is got these uh like water bottle holders however that's right China hi I'm going to put this there now it doesn't have any straps to hold it except for this it's got this so I did that and then I kind of wrap this around it just like so and that should hold like that now of course this is not obviously it's not a backpacking rot so it doesn't fully fit in like that there's the importance of having a backpacking rock and that's why I'm doing it this way you know otherwise I would stick it right in the pack on the side or you know on the back there or whatever but it's it is what it is so that's where I got to do so I don't have a backpacking Rob right now I'm looking into getting one I really do want to get one because I do these trips all the time and it is a pain to bring this today I'm bringing it's not a stage rot even though the sage tube I just like the tube a lot better it's more heavy-duty it'll protect the rod a little more while I'm out there plus it's lighter I've got another one that's pretty heavy so this will kind of stable oh wait there we go I'm all set and ready to go one last thing I do bring and I bring every single time is my 9-millimeter handgun I'm allowed to bring it out there it's legal some places they're not so you know make sure you read the regulations but where we're going it is legal tab that have a gun with you a firearm and I always bring it never had to use it hope I never will but you never know you might get a crazy person up there at night trying to Rabia there are mountain lines in the area obviously a nine-millimeter is not going to do a single thing against a bear I've got that bear spray but not a mountain lion is going to it's more or less scared I don't think it would kill him out lion it could probably wouldn't kill it dead in its tracks but it scared away for sure and it's not going to come back at you if you're shooting at it there's a third they're not very kind of scaredy cats pets you know they're if they are a cat so there's kitc hell the back here is adjustable on this you can adjust this up and down you can see where this one is adjusted you can close down a little further through these in fact this is actually pretty good my back I'm happy where it's at my teasing is down just midget yeah let's see let's do that real quick so we're one two three from the bottom they say it's up to six foot four guys or something like that what I remember I'm only almost 5/8 and that'll probably fit me a little better there we go it does have a lot of padding this you can see is really thick makes a lot of padding a lot more than my other back pad the other one of them works you know it's just not as nice but for 80 bucks I couldn't say no to this I got all name is on and by the way most of the stuff that I got I shop a lot on Amazon because I trust it and I know they're going to give me quality products so everything I have here I'll put links to Amazon where you can get it if you're interested so I can't wait going tomorrow we're going to get a late start I think he can't he can't leave till about 5:00 so luckily it's getting dark around 8:30 so we'll have at least an hour or two – Zoe an hour – to get set up and ready it takes about an hour hour and a half to hike up the mountain to where we're going so give us an extra hour probably to set up and then a little bit of time before it gets real dark thanks everyone for continued prayer with my dog she's uh you know she's doing okay she's a good girl and she's not doing great but she's doing okay okay let me show you guys one of those little tumors there's one then get this to focus there's another one here on her head and they're just everywhere yeah thanks for your continued prayers guys so thanks for watching

17 thoughts on “New Unboxing and Prep for a Backpacking Trip to Fishing an Alpine Lake – McFly Angler Update 5”

  1. You do know that Benchmade has a free sharpening service? Looks like yours could use it! Enjoy the videos, keep up the good work, and sorry about the pup. I know how rough that can be.

  2. We have three alpine lakes with pure strain Golden Trout. Oh don't forget your whacking stick. If you see a bear approaching, whack your partner in the knees to slow him down. Seriously though we have some cool high altitude water.

  3. If we learn nothing else from watching Deliverance, we should all know to never venture into the mountains without a rape whistle. If there is a chance of losing the whistle, take a condom as backup.

  4. Let's face it, you're a bag and kit addict like me. Only we American's need all this stuff to stay a night or two in the "wild" Have a great trip. Hope you catch some nice fish. All the best, Sean

  5. I have that same pack and love it. Very adjustable and more than enough room. You should have an outside pocket on the very top, the zipper is facing the shoulder straps and tucked under a protective flap. That is where i keep my water filter and 1st Aid kit, then the fly box and reel go on the inside pocket. Also have the Kelty tarp but in 12×12 but I use a hammock and it allows me to almost completely enclose myself for bad weather. Enjoy your trip!

  6. back in the day we would only take booze beer and our fishing gear oh yea and also tons of lighter fluid now i take pretty much the same as you….
    we are getting older but smarter

  7. Well organized Angler. Good job. I like the idea of the folding saw plus a stout knife as opposed to a camp hatchet. Easier to pack and lighter weight. Don't know if you have in your first aid kit but suggest Immodium in there as well as antacid pills. I pack Ramen and oat meal packets. Gotta have hot breakfast and dinner. For some reason I can't handle those pouch dinners. Thanks for packing a side arm. Like you never have had to use it …… But. Also suggest you leave a note in your vehicle where your headed and when you expect to return. Hope Zoey is feeling OK. Maybe those tumors will go away on there own accord. My Lab Larry has had a few pop up and then go away. Maybe a different condition but here's hoping. Hope you get into some nice fish. Tight lines Angler!

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