We take a 3 day cruise along the Nile from Aswan to Luxor. On the way we see some amazing temples and enjoy life on the river.

A couple of middle-aged Kiwis travelling the world by plane, train and motorhome. The kids left home and so did we! We’re not professionals, we’re not experts, we just like to record what we see and do. Enjoy!

whatever you say and s1 they went for a walk came back and told me that he'd met two blokes one called Mohammed and one called Monty and that they could get us a good deal on a three-decade Nile cruise and I was quite a skeptical but we did go and meet with Monty and showed us some pictures of a boat very nice could have been any boat go to be honest we paid out 200 euro and then we hit a three-day waist until the boat pitched and today we finally came on board and it turns out I was wrong and it's actually pretty nice we've got a bar to hang out in there is a pull up here we write the sets we've cast off from a sauna via now captain fondest hope for the next three days hopefully we're all healthy this is the corridor down to our room as you can see it has quite a nineteen-thirties kind of feel it's a little bit like being in an episode of Agatha Christie's this almond oil and this is the lobby of our boat which actually looks a lot grander on film than it is and some other very friendly staff and this is probably our favorite room restaurant for our first night on the Nile we were treated to a spectacular sunset after which we were transported to the temple of calm ombo this one is partly dedicated to the crocodile god Sobek and while there are no crocodiles left and the Nile you can go and visit the museum next to it which we did but unfortunately we couldn't take any photos there so you'll just have to take our word for it at 6:30 in the morning which is not usual for us and even would it be a fansite thing but we are here at the temple that's it for I think it's a temple to Horus the god of protection so don't worry too much about this one but I will find some information out and put it below all I know with a lot of these places there are at least 2,000 years old so we're going to go and have a look cause of us a really cool hieroglyphics and things on them I know you're not Egyptologists but what do you make of this Teen Wolf Oh quite a presets God and I sort of courtyard you go into did I sort of thought my BS and then you go into this other man SF chamber were these enormous pillars and lots and lots and lots of little rooms and I think they're very affect one as one we have their pre Schuster's that because you see look all the way through that in a sort of temple in the courtyard all the way out but year lots of amazing hieroglyphics be very very impressive now would you be able to interpret any of these for me please have an estuary on the Nile this is how you tell them you get your boat you tie up to the big boat going pass your wave your Weir's about and start I'm going to go to here with the people and once you've done that you just heave them through the window I'm not quite sure we have the money changes hands haven't seen that part yet but these guys are doing a roaring trade very very good salesmanship what forget and when the sales are done what do you do lie down and rest and once everything everything well the competition's running up now with the tablecloth towel and scarf seller so we've got three of them down there on the boats you've got to admire their tenacity and we're about to enter what so not only do we eat three meals a day included in our 40 US dollar a night cruise but we also get a tour guide so we're currently racing or I think it's named as a month because they take us to their first stop on our tour it is the Colossus of Menem apparently these things three and a half thousand years old who have quite hard to get your head around the age of a lot of these fools we're at the temple of hopefully I said that right she was a pharaoh in fact she was the only female pharaoh here in Egypt and she ruled for about 20 years and the building behind me is her funeral temple apparently the ordinary people weren't allowed to go to the fairest tombs but they built the Pharaohs themselves built these temples so that the ordinary people could come and pray and we here on the west bank of Luxor because Luxor used to be the ancient capital of Egypt and it has we spent and and East Bank as we learned today and the West Bank where we are today is we're all the funeral temples and the Valley of the Kings is with the tombs of the Pharaohs because the west side is the side for death so that was something interesting we learned today because that's where the Sun Goes Down the Sun Goes Down oh man there's Renee with her new boyfriend's do seem to have made a lot of friends in Egypt we everywhere she goes people have special deals for her she's very popular here we've been at the Valley of the Kings we couldn't take any photos because they have a ban on taking photos but it was a really interesting place to go I did manage to catch a couple of snaps on my phone so I'll I'll put those up it used to be that the pharaohs were buried under the pyramids but because the pyramids are so big you know it was basically a beacon fur tomb Raider's they started burying them underground so when we were in the valley we went to three different tombs they're really really really impressive inside obviously yeah the paintings and everything in them are quite amazing in the carving so we did we did really like that and now we have come to half routine for which whilst the temple of Rama sees the third it's got the three big facades or pylons that you walk through these images of him being a warrior and smiting his enemy and that sort of thing but it's also got there's some paintings on the pillars and things themselves which is quite unusual because often everything we've seen so far has been sort of stone so we'll show you some images of that back yep very interesting things four hours later it's getting a little bit one and the d750 eight degrees it's time to move on I think lunch isn't far away and I think so be able to vote yeah well yeah it's been a good three days but I think it's time to go and do something new no no more this five-star living here no more three big meals a day which would be quite good

24 thoughts on “NILE RIVER CRUISE – 3 DAYS”

  1. Now that looks like it was mean deal, good score! Haha, the floating vendors, you see them here in Halong bay and along the Mekong too.
    We had to laugh, as when Renee was getting off the boat at the end, we thought the guy behind her was carrying all your luggage off for you 😂🤣

  2. Have to use a much over used word that normally makes me cringe – AWESOME – your international travels have made me realise I need to stop watching mainstream news reports and listening to politicians. I'm packing my bags…….!

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