NYC woman allegedly raped in Dominican Republic shares story

A Staten Island woman who says she was raped and thrown from a second story balcony while vacationing in the Dominican Republic is sharing her story in the hopes of protecting other young women.

“People go on vacation,” she said. “They put their guard down half of the time. They are trying to relax, but I want people to know, you can’t have your guard down. You always have to be careful. It could happen at any time. This didn’t happen at night time. This happened in broad day.”

The alleged victim, who wanted to remain anonymous, said her June vacation to the Ocean Blue and Sand in Punta Cana ended with her hospitalized with a damaged spine, a gash in her hand requiring stitches, severe bruising, and internal trauma from what she describes as a brutal rape.

“This world is sick, and people have horrible intentions,” she said.

Danielle Leigh has more details:


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it's a cautionary tale for anyone traveling abroad this summer season a young woman who says she was raped and thrown from a hotel balcony during a tropical vacation well she's now sharing her story and her fight for justice she spoke exclusively to investigative reporter Daniel Lee Danielle we all know about those all-inclusive resorts known for big parties and adult fun but what happens when that fun turns dangerous can you count on justice when you're the victim of a crime abroad it was a vacation meant to be an escape a break from the busy city a chance to relax and regenerate I just want to want to enjoy myself but that vacation with this young woman hospitalized a damaged spine a gash in her hand an internal trauma from what she describes as a brutal rape she's asked us to disguise her face this world is sick and people have horrible intentions and they're malicious this video shows the victim poolside at the ocean blue and sand in Punta Cana just before the alleged violent attack she says she met a couple also staying at the resort when they took an interest in her and shared a few drinks at a poolside bar things were like starting to get blurry I kind of heard buzzing in my ears like ringing and that's when everything started kind of to fade the victim says she headed for her lounge chair but she says the 28 year old man she'd shared a few drinks with followed I remember being taken against my will to the room I remember my pants being forced off what happened next is hard for this victim to discuss I remember fear I was crying during it according to police reports someone called 911 the victim fall from a second-story balcony with no bottoms on she says despite her trauma doctors in Punta Cana did not suggest a rape kit instead the victim went to police who determined her injuries were consistent with rape and arrested the couple and in statements to police one of the accused admitted to throwing the victim off a second-story balcony when she found the victim in a hotel room with her boyfriend the couple is now facing charges of sexual assault attempted murder violence against women and robbery but a judge released the couple on $1,000 bail each the same amount the victim has since spent hiring an attorney to make sure this case gets prosecuted it's a whole different country it's different rules an international victims agency says reports of sexual violence abroad have increased 28 percent since the me2 movement began but actually obtaining justice can be a challenge they caught the people and they let them out how do you do that and now this victim wonders whether her attackers will be held accountable that's what pisses me off the most is that I know who did it and that they might walk free both the prosecutor's office and the police department refused to comment on this case the hotel also declined to comment the victims attorney is fighting to reverse the order releasing this couple saying that they never should have been released in the first place because of all the evidence against them the US Justice Department admits to us that justice abroad is a challenge but there are some resources that victims can use and we have links to those in this story on our website

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  1. yes…yes…. but a think the cases of robbery, assault, crimes, rape, drugs, accidents, stupity, is more in the us than in domincan republic… the ones that are broadcast in the american news is only a francction of what really happening in us daily.

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