Old Faithful Snow Lodge - Review and Walk-through

This video is a review and walk-through of the Old Faithful Snow Lodge in Yellowstone national park. Get a look at the inside of the lodge, and figure out where things are. I also answer the question, “Should we stay in the park?”

I stayed in the Old Faithful Snow Lodge in June of 2019 during my first trip to Yellowstone National Park. It took a year of planning, but was one of the best vacations I’ve had. I stayed in the park to take advantage of the three days I had to explore Yellowstone. I took a tour around the lower loop, drove the upper loop myself, and had a fun Cowboy Cookout in Roosevelt. See my full Yellowstone vlog here:

This trip became more of a priority a year ago when I found out I had a heart problem. Since I had my pacemaker surgery it has changed my outlook on life. I have a new sense of urgency when it comes to doing things I normally wouldn’t have done before. This video is part of a series of videos of me doing things “with” my pacemaker. See the playlist here:

Cybogvlog Adventures is a tongue-in-cheek title, but these “adventures” probably wouldn’t be happening if I didn’t have a problem with my heart. I’ve got to get things done, experience new things, and live life while I can.

Also, check out my entire pacemaker video series:
welcome to the sideboard vlog this is my review and walkthrough of the Old Faithful snow Lodge in Yellowstone National Park let's start as we drive up to the front entrance of the lodge this is the front loop near the registration desk this is where you can stop and unload your luggage now let's take a walk in from the side of the hotel after you drop off your luggage you can go in through the double doors here to the main lobby of the Old Faithful snow Lodge and you see there's some seating areas here and there's a fireplace that's going and actually if you go straight through this Lobby out this backside of double doors here that's what leads you directly to Old Faithful and to your right here is the registration desk so where you check-in and they also have Old Faithful geyser eruption predictions there now let's walk around over to the elevators just around the right of the registration desk and if you're looking for the gift shop or the geyser grill which is a quick service restaurant it's kind of hidden back here around the corner and you have to go take right down there and that's where it is on the map and they also have some Old Faithful branded beer there if you're interested and they also have some vending machines ice sodas down here next to the elevators directly across from the elevators is more seating area and also the Obsidian dining room down that hallway there we'll take a look at that in a little bit now we'll get a view walking back out of the lobby through the main entrance here to the front loop where you can load up all your passengers and go out for an adventure for the day ok next we're going to look at the parking lot here on the west side of the lodge that parking lot it's also shared for a post office and ranger station and you can also park there to go to the Visitor Center as we're walking in here this is the entrance nearest the parking lot and we're gonna go in and see the seating area I talked about where there is Wi-Fi available now they say there's only Wi-Fi available in the lobby but we had it working in our hotel room that's a view of the Obsidian dining room we're gonna take a quick walk in there and look at the breakfast buffet they had some cold cereal some fixings for waffles and pancakes fresh fruit biscuits and gravy hashbrowns sausage bacon scrambled eggs it was a pretty standard breakfast buffet there and it wasn't too crowded on that morning and as we continued walking down this hallway here we'll see there's the fire hall lounge off to the right as well as some old telephone booths that no longer have payphones in them and here we are back in the main lobby that we showed you before and we'll go ahead and continue our tour and walk through past the registration desk there again and we're going to go ahead and take the elevators up to the third floor where our room was on this trip and now if you look at the layout of the hotel here you see when we get off these elevators we're going to take a right and then the left down the hallway and head to our room which was 3005 which was pretty near the end of the hallway which was good because we like to take the stairs at the end it was a much quicker way to get out of the hotel because was on the end facing the Old Faithful visitor center now as you can see walking down the hallway it's it's pretty Spartan looking it's a nice hotel but for the price it's a very basic kind of room you get and the construction of this hotel was definitely concrete and steel for earthquake protection let's take a look inside I want to do a quick video of our premium Lodge room at the snow Lodge here at Old Faithful so when you first walk in there's a place to put your suitcases and a vanity and the bathroom with shower and then we had the two Queen bedroom there is a closet on each side with some lamps a window that opens which is handy and a little coffee area and refrigerator so and there's a hairdryer so about the only amenities you have our toffee refrigerator hairdryer and opening window now they get plenty of heat in here but there's no air conditioning so if you need to get some fresh air you have to open that window and there's also a fan in the room but so this is our view we kind of had a view visit we're on the third floor we're overlooking the delivery area so there's a little bit of noise in the morning but we've been up every morning already but all in all it's a pretty basic room it's comfortable it did its job and hopefully we'll be back to explore another hotel in the future now you might be wondering if I would recommend staying in the park this lodging is a little bit more expensive but the good thing is you're right at the heart of all the adventure you're near the general stores thermal features right outside your hotel and we had the opportunity to go out on the boardwalk almost at sunset and we had some of the most amazing times looking at the thermal features and we had a trail right outside the lodge where we had an encounter with an American bison we decided to leave him alone and we also had the opportunity to take her time and watch Old Faithful erupt from several different angles this here is on the boardwalk on the backside just opposite of all the lodges and the main viewing area where most of the crowds are are on the other side of the geyser at this time so we got some amazing shots and it was almost like we're the only people out there for this trip we also considered staying out in West Yellowstone but that would have added about an hour to an hour and a half drive every day just to get to some of the attractions that we wanted to see so with time being money and this was probably the one trip we had planned to go to Yellowstone I wanted to make sure to maximize all of our days and that way we were able to take a couple tours we did a chuck wagon cookout up in Roosevelt and we saw all the features that we wanted to all the attractions and I think that was aided by the fact that we did stay in the park now it was a little bit complicated to get the dates we wanted I had to plan about a year in advance called Xanterra and stay on hold with their customer service for an hour but we got the dates we wanted now the lodge is a little bit pricey for the accommodations you get but again that's kind of what enabled us to do everything we wanted to and get the all the sites in that we wanted to see in the part so as we wrap up this video we're getting a look at the Old Faithful eruption just after sunset and I would have to say it would be my recommendation if you're thinking about staying in the park or not I would go ahead and make the recommendation that you should stay in the park and the Old Faithful snow Lodge was built in 1999 so it's the most modern accommodation so make sure you check with the website about the features of the hotel and the accommodation that you're going to be staying at now none of the hotels have TV or air-conditioning and only some of the hotels have internet so if that's an important thing for you you need to plan ahead download some Netflix onto your mobile devices if your kids like to watch something on their tablet before going to bed I recommend planning ahead and downloading some things on there before but definitely keep the tablets away during the day when you're out driving there's lots to see wildlife spotting I recommend doing the Junior Ranger program at the Visitor Center and really Yellowstone is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip and it's beautiful and I would highly recommend it to everyone I'd like to thank you for taking the time to watch this video today and if you like the content please give it a like and subscribe for future videos because I plan on releasing a video about the Roosevelt cowboy cookout here in the future subscribe now resistance is futile you

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