Our Epic Singapore Family Vacation Travel Vlog - Maxwell Hawker Food & Buddah Temple

Welcome back to our Singapore Family Vacation Travel Series where bring you along as we travel with our kids in Singapore. In this travel vlog we head to Maxwell Hawker Center to try out some Singaporean food including the award winning Tian Tian Hianese Chicken Rice! Remember to SUBSCRIBE and enter the GIVEAWAY!!!

Singapore street food has an international reputation for being awesome. So it’s not a wonder that one of the best things to do in Singapore is to go eat some deliciouos Singapore food at a hawker center. Our family vacation would not have been complete without trying out some new foods.

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previously on one big happy life goes to Singapore that several stories up that was incredibly scary in today's episode we head to the Buddha Tooth Relic temple and check out some of the local food at the Maxwell hawker centre it's our fourth day in Singapore and to continue our tour into Chinatown we headed to the Buddha Tooth Relic temple out of respect all visitors are asked to cover their shoulders and knees while in the temple it has four floors that are filled with relics that of hundreds of years old the roof of the temple houses a gorgeous orchid garden and prayer wheel our next stop was Maxwell Hawker Center which was a short walk away the Hawker Center is home to the famous Han Tien Heinie's chicken rice a Michelin star rated hawker stall we got there just before lunch and the line was already pretty long this award-winning meal cost us less than four US dollars my god right it's really good do you like it even though Reeves looks indifferent he ended up eating all of that rice because it was just that delicious this Hawker Center was massive with several rolls of stalls to choose from the owner of one stall even let Joseph go into the back to see his food being prepared we tried a variety of dishes and didn't always know exactly what we were eating but it was all delicious here turning in I have no idea what it is hurry min sport and then of sugarcane juice and their mama goes off to find more food once we'd eaten their fill we hopped into a cab and headed over to Orchard Road Singapore's shopping district stay tuned for that and more delicious Singaporean food in the next vlog

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