Our Toronto Vlog, a Great Travel Vacation Destination for Tourists, Men & Women, Awesome over 50

Tag along with us to Toronto, Canada! On this video vlog of a popular Canadian vacation travel destination we talk about some of the tourist & not so touristy parts to see in Toronto. We include a trip to the CN Tower restaurant that revolves to show an amazing view of the skyline plus a walk on the glass floor that is over 1500 feet above the ground plus an outside lookout area. We also talk about the popular Eaton Center for a great shopping experience, boat cruises, bike rides and much more! In the entertainment district you can find live theater, operas, the ballet and symphony music. Speaking about music there are also many venues for jazz, country, rock ‘n roll and everything in between. Although we have many men and women over 50 that are viewers for our Youtube channel this video could also be of interest to a man or woman in their thirties or forties too. So tag along and enjoy the sights and sounds of Toronto, a world class trip destination!

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37 thoughts on “Our Toronto Vlog, a Great Travel Vacation Destination for Tourists, Men & Women, Awesome over 50”

  1. I really enjoyed seeing Toronto through your eyes. Coming from Vancouver, BC myself, I know that Canada is a beautiful country. Now, for your upcoming trip, I have some thoughts. In 2017 we had the pleasure of visiting Romania. What a beautiful country & the people were so awesome! The exchange rate was incredible, the least expensive part of our trip. I will say that Spain was my favorite county. We visited Madrid & Barcelona. We did 2 wine tours there & a dinner with flamingo dancers. Spain is a very clean country and very green. Paris was my least favorite place, just so big & to me seemed so “grey”. Yes, the Eiffel Tower was amazing & the Louvre was gigantic, but so, so much walking! It was very expensive & everywhere you go people are smoking. Now, if you go to the UK, please don’t just do London, it’s another large, congested city. Go to York, Edinburgh, or over to Cardiff. It’s so beautiful in the outlying countryside. I hope this gives you some ideas for your upcoming trip. We will all look forward to “armchair travel” with you! (PS- wherever you go try to spend more than 3 days in a city, as 3 days are not enough & you are running from here to there to try to see it all. We spent 10 days in Romania (Cluj-Napoca) and saw so much & met so many wonderful people. We only did 3 days in all the other cities I mentioned (we only did London in the UK)& it just was such a push to try and see what we wanted.)

  2. Hi Heather and Bill,
    Exciting news you guys are going to be doing some traveling! I live about an hour away from The American Falls. To me the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is more beautiful. What I was most surprised about The Falls besides it's beauty is the roar of the water going over The Falls. Another thing is how close you can get to the brink. You are literally about four feet away! That was so cute when you showed your daughter's dog. My first thought was you guys had gotten another dog. Do they get to visit and play together often? Much love and happiness from Teresa

  3. I enjoyed this so much. Makes me homesick for Toronto. I live in Calgary now, which is also a beautiful city. Maybe you two want to check it out??? I also just came back from a trip to Spain and Portugal where I checked out your weekly blogs,.Guess what. The prices of your merchandise are in euros!

  4. Another great video! I've visited Canada quite a few times, Nova Scotia to Victoria (my favorite) and have seen most of the southern part of Canada, but I've never been to Toronto. If you go to the UK I recommend Edinburgh a beautiful historic city with lots to do. Speaking of beautiful, I love your blouse. You and Bill are such a cute couple.

  5. My wife and i went to whistler in 2009 and it was gorgeous and the food there was fantastic and the friendliness of the people and service were quite awesome!! Great video too.

  6. Beautiful city! I've always wanted to see Ireland after watching "The Quiet Man" with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. Bill, Heather is right….NO BARREL 🙂 Mary Lou

  7. I would go to Ireland. It looks beautiful. And I am of Irish descent. That tower restaurant freaked me. I just recently became afraid of heights. But this was a great video. The city is beautiful.

  8. Thanks for the memories! I am in Phoenix but originally fro. Buffalo and I traveled to Go do to e every week for business. Nice to review the places I love. Niagara-on-the-La!e too

  9. Thank you Heather and Bill! You two are a beautiful couple!! It was great seeing this video of Tronto! Several years ago our three children paid for my husband and I to spend four days in Tronto and see the Phantom of the Opera, live on stage!! It was for our 25th Anniversary!! We will never forget being in that beautiful city and spending precious moments there!! What great memories!! I loved seeing Hurricane and Rex! What precious dogs. Thank you so much for another awesome video!!

  10. I was born in Toronto, and now I live 20 minutes from Niagara Falls! It's a beautiful place to live! You did a lovely job on the vlog. It makes me want to visit Toronto!! My grandmother visited Paris many times during her retirement years. It was her favourite place to go. She also loved London, England. She loved the history and all the beautiful buildings. She always said to me, You must take a trip to Paris at least once in your life. I once asked her why she didn't ever go to Italy, and she said she would have liked to, but there was just so much she wanted to see and do in Paris, that she never got there. It really was her favourite! So, I would definitely suggest Paris as a travel destination to consider! Even my Dad took a trip there, a few years ago, and he absolutely loved it as well! He said it was everything you think it's going to be, and more! Have I convinced you?????? : )

  11. Hey Heather and Bill……….I have never been to Toronto, wow, such a gorgeous City……the CN Tower looks amazing, and oh my gosh….the food market 🍰🥗🥪 I think the UK would be an amazing holiday, I would totally be on board watching you both vlog this trip…….thanks so much for sharing 😊💕

  12. I think you should go to Porto Portugal, it looks amazing. Loved your travel review. We just got back from puerto rico and traveled to a neighboring island called vieques. It was amazing. Canada looks awesome

  13. Hi Heather & Bill, great video, would love to go to Canada one day!
    My suggestions, Venice, Italy & Paris, France. Perfect for you two love birds, you will love it, they are both such romantic places!! Love Debra from downunder xxx

  14. What a lovely vlog Heather! You definitely showed how beautiful Toronto really is. I am Canadian and live just an hour outside of Toronto – my husband and I often go there for our weekend get a ways as there is always lots to do. Your video is like watching a tourism video great job! Thank you for sharing xo Jackie

  15. I can't believe my eyes, double delight, Hurricane and Rex! Beyond cute.

    Toronto always looks wonderful in your videos, and this was a great compilation. Those lake sunsets, the markets, the music, the cycle paths, the theatre – such a vibrant, beautiful city. It's definitely on the bucket list. Heather, you and Bill are great ambassadors for your city, and for Canada. Thank you so much for sharing Toronto with us. xoxo

  16. Aw this is such a great video 💕 I love it & you really do live in a bear city that I would dearly love to visit one day 😀 If you come to the UK please come to the South West 😆 Devon is a beautiful county & I may even get to meet you (although I'd probe a bit starstruck)😁 but it really is lovely here & Cornwall right next door so to speak is also gorgeous 😙 loving the twin doggies lol xx

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