Packing American Girl for Hawaii

I’m Packing my American Girl for Hawaii. I am excited to travel with my American Girl Doll! I brought my American Girl Luggage playset and a lot of doll clothes and swim suits! We are going to have a lot of fun in Hawaii!

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we're going on a trip to Hawaii and guess who were bringing Kanani my mom's gonna help me get her dressed and pack let's go to get Kanani ready we're gonna put on her meat dress we don't have her original shoes but we have some that are similar we're also missing her Cucuy not lay but we crafted one we do have our hair hibiscus flowers Oh she'll use this pink glittery backpack forever carry on on the plane add a laptop and a notebook to doodle in of course some colored pencils to keep her busy and also some uno cards to play uno some chewing gum in case her ears pop her iPod so she can listen to music it's a six hour flight oh we can't forget her plane ticket or ID a pen to fill out the Hawaii forms her cell phone to check the weather daily and take beautiful pictures and that's how we can fit in our carry-on I think she's prepared for the flight oh and she'll need her headphones to listen to her music and any movie she watches on the plane it's time to pack her clothes she needs a good pair of pajamas can I picked out a lot of fun outfits for Hawaii she's gonna look beautiful in the Sun and stand now for the swimsuits oh and some extra undies I think she'll need two towels and some other stuff for the beach and I don't want to over pack on the shoes but she does need her slippers for hiking boots and her sandals for the beach now she's packed and it's almost time to board the plane now I need to get my carry-on ready this is an American Girl doll travel bag and I'm gonna put Kanani in there she fits perfectly I'm also gonna put her luggage in here and now carry this on the plane and for off after six hours on the plane we're finally in Hawaii and this is our villa come on let's take a tour this is the kitchen and the table where we eat at and over here is our balcony where you can look out at the beach and see all the waves it's so pretty Wow that's just my brother let's head back to my room that's my brother's room he doesn't like to make us bed and here's mine in my sister's room and Kanani will be staying with us let's take a look out of our balcony it's kind of hard to see the beach out of ours I saved two drawers for Kanani so let's unpack her stuff to sustain for 11 days I'm setting up a bed so Kanani has a place to sleep at night she's gonna be nice and cozy and she even brought her own American Girl doll at night I put on her pajamas and then put her eye mask over her eyes so she gets good sleep this is how I tuck her in I like to be tucked in the same way now it's lights out goodnight Kanani we have many adventures ahead of us watch all the pictures so you can see what we did in Hawaii with Kanani Mahalo you

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