Packing for Thailand: Lightweight Backpacking with a 28L Daypack (Simple Living and Travel)

Are you contemplating a trip to Thailand or anywhere for that matter? Would you like to travel light and free instead of being weighed down by your belongings? I live out of a 28L daypack and have everything that I need to be comfortable and enjoy my travel.
Check out this video where I load up my pack and talk about some of the items I travel with.

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hey guys I hope you're all doing well as some of you may know I spent the month of January in Chiang Mai Thailand and it was amazing I had the best time before I left I filmed a video of me packing up my bag my 28 litre pack and what I want to share with you is that pack what I brought with me and I'll just voice over the packing and talk a little bit about the items that I feel like a noteworthy okay so this is everything in my pack although I realized that I neglected to take out all the clothing from my packing cubes so that's what I'm doing here and I would say that's the first note where the item is I really love packing cubes I love putting all my intimates in this small one which has my underwear and my socks and then in this larger one I have my the rest of my clothing my shirts and my bottoms I love them because they keep all of your items together and so when you want to take out your clothes you can just reach in your bag and pull out your packing cube and you don't have to sift and sort through everything in there and I enjoy just having all my clothes together this is a sure pani like a little purse I guess and I really like it because it fits my passport in it and my iPhone as well which I just find a lot of them aren't quite big enough for that in general I just I love this pack this is the Deuter 28 liter and it's got that side pops that you just saw and then this small pouch and those are reusable stuff sack bags I'm putting in that pouch there and I really like those as well Chieko brand makes them and then I love how it loads from the bottom a lot of packs don't have the ability to load that way and I feel like you have to pull out everything from the top of the pack instead of being able to access this whole bottom compartment couple other noteworthy items well those are my barefoot running shoes which I really like I travel with those and then a pair of barefoot sandals I also really like having a waterproof windbreaker so it can be like a rain jacket and also it can be your top layer and just keep you warm if there is some wind that's my quick dry towel I also like that item I'm going to be putting in a small daypack also a sleeping bag which I travel with I just tend to get cold in places so that's why I always have it with me even though betting it was provided everywhere I was I also really love my toiletry kit and this other small electronics bag you'll see me load in actually the video is gonna cut out a little before I finish packing and then I'm going to show you some of the things I like to do with my bag on you know I think it's important to be able to carry the weight of everything that you have so a good way to do that is to practice carrying it during your everyday you know making food doing some work doing some exercise whatever you normally do if you can't do it with your pack on it's probably to be fair I'm quite fond of a crow so it seems important to be able to do it with my backpack on I'm not saying that it's likely gonna happen but I am saying that if I wanted to do it and needed to be caring for all of my stuff at the same time just good to know that can that was helpful for you guys I hope it gives you some ideas of how you can pack on your next trip thank you so much for watching I look forward to connecting with you soon

21 thoughts on “Packing for Thailand: Lightweight Backpacking with a 28L Daypack (Simple Living and Travel)”

  1. Checked your list; leaving in a couple of weeks. A SINK STOPPER!! I have been preparing to wash my clothes by hand but it didn't even cross my mind to bring one of those, thanks! 😀

  2. Hey Brittany, thank you so much for the inspiration! 🙂 I'm looking for backpacks and I'd really like to know which is the exact name of your deuter pack in the video. Thanks in advance!

  3. My daughter has not mastered the art of packing light. She came home for a week and had so much stuff in her suitcase that it literally felt like there was a body in it….and then when she left, it was even heavier because she added to it, and still had a backpack and purse and another bag. I carried the backpack when I took her back and it felt like there were cinder blocks on my back. It was awful.

  4. Holy shit! those acrobatic tricks with your backpack on were impressive! I did like how you pack could load from the bottom as well, I think I might looking forward to purchasing one of those in the future. 

  5. Hi, please do more on Thailand; I would like to see how you travel, what you do (arival, places to stay, what you pay etc) It's my dream to go there (simple living-low costs) when I'm 40…Now, I have one month left before my birthday… and my boyfriend doesn't want to go…Maybe next year… Thanks (I did subscribe because I already like Andrew so I would like to know more about you too!!) Ilse from Belgium

  6. Hey Brittany, I live somewhere that's gets really cold and that comes with its own needs that usually involve more stuff. Do you have anything to say about minimalism in a cold climate?

  7. I have a question about your Deuter 28L pack and your intention to go to the Tom Bihn synapse 19.  Wow, that is a huge loss of space isn't it?  How will you manage that?  I am still trying to get to  very light—how  much change would 19L be?  Have you any thoughts on the Synapse 25?
    Also, are you still happy with your REI Travel down bag?

  8. Hi Brittany! Great video. I particularly liked the speeded up packing/unpacking and even more the acro with backpack. I wish you a good year of travels and adventures. We are off to SE Europe again in two weeks. Adrian

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