At the end I fall right off the jet ski ๐Ÿ˜‚ so smooth.. This is my absolute favorite activity / adventure in Cancun and I’ve tried many others. PARASAILING – SNORKELING – AND JET SKIING out of Punta Norte in Mexico.


everyone I'm out here at punta norte and cancun i'm getting ready to go on what was my favorite tour last year gonna be doing parasailing snorkeling and jet skiing today it's gonna be a blast like I said I did this same tour last year and it was by far my favorite so it's gonna be an amazing day packed with action yeah I'm ready we're parasailing Wow it's amazing I love it parasailing again to Cancun one of the favorite things I've ever done in my life check out this view oh my gosh there's that boat disappearing real quick how you doing baby you're the water down here there's a shadow of us below yeah down there get see that dock down there that's put the Norte right where we came from oh yeah we're getting up really high now look at that view there's both lay down there you all the funny voices you want maybe whoo how'd I draft the wind there we're moving up even higher hey I think if you want to go upside down baby you should do upside down yeah for what it's worth I don't think these harnesses are designed to hold this upside down though so probably best not to do it just because I kind of like yeah I think he's gonna dip us oh yeah get down close to the water he might be dippin us in the water we'll see oh yeah yep she gets very excited about fishes I love it the boats out there see uh actually looks like the hotels own way over there he's dipping us down under the water this is the fun part oh yeah yeah oh yeah [Applause] again uno mas whoo oh yeah he's gonna dip us again yeah oh yeah feels so good yeah yeah so just finished parasailing a little bit ago now I got about a half hour to play around on this jet ski there goes Allison on earth right there so want me to watch her jet ski she's so like proper proper like it looks like she's riding a horse or something that's footing look at that we got some other people preparing sailing over there anyways you happen to strap your honor let's let's go fast ian is a ton of fun but I just can't be around this water this much that long without going swimming in it because this is a freaking Caribbean you guys and it is beautiful oh yeah plan I'm gonna get the jetski moving I'm gonna pull the kill switch and immediately jump off while it's still moving it should be a lot of fun it definitely lacked my gopro loose but it was fun see easy to get back up on a month you jumping in again oh come on alright alright guys I'm getting the feeling that I might have to buy jet skis when we get back home time to jump in yeah [Applause] one more time Oh oh yeah that was me falling off a jet ski into the creek into the Caribbean do over the last two parts of that statement I'm still gonna call it a win

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