PDA in Japan VS America [Public Displays of Affection between intercultural couples]

Ever wonder about the differences between PDA (Public Displays of Affection) in Japan and America?

We tried to be serious in this video. We really did. But, you know… oh well. I hope we were able to shed (a little) light on the subject of the differences of PDA in Japan and America!

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29 thoughts on “PDA in Japan VS America [Public Displays of Affection between intercultural couples]”

  1. It's been 2.5 years since you stopped uploading to YouTube and this video was recommended to me again. It's amazing how the algorithm works. This is one of the subs I've had for years and will never let go of, even though the channel is inactive. 🙂

  2. I'm latin and I get stiff when someone kiss me or hug me It's feels super uncomfortable, But when I happen to like someone its different. Few days ago I went to a date with a Japanese guy and his cuteness was so overwhelming that I wanted to just kiss his cheeks and drown him in hugs. I did managed to control my self and not touch him at all, when we said good bye he hugged me, it was so nice 🙂

  3. I'm American and maybe it's different in the south but in the Pacific Northwest kissing in public is kind of…weird? And makes others uncomfortable. Hugging and holding hands is totally okay though!

  4. I am in utter disgust when I see couples that think they are cute show affection and touch each other. Way to make a lonely man like me feel miserable. Get a room, no one cares about your touchy feely moments

  5. I don't like kissing people or hugging. When I was very young my mom (Hispanic) would force me to kiss my family and I was always considered to be rude to my family for not liking to kiss or hug. That's one thing I kinda dislike about my culture is all the affection. Even to strangers I'm just meeting I'm always forced.

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