Pickleball Paddle Review Gearbox US Open 2018 & Pickleball Vacation Connection

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Enjoy the video on the new line of 2018 paddles.
They say these new paddles are indestructible, watch the demo here.
Most of Gearbox’s paddles are edgeless.
They are also USAPA Approved.
If interested, please contact me for discount code.

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hey we got some new pedals and gearbox they're not even on the market yet and anthing here you guys help me I tell you about these battles yeah this is our new paddle to gx5 that we're going to be releasing in about a month and yeah we took the knowledge that we've been getting from Joey arias and Laura Penn modified our g11 series to make it a little softer give you a bit a little better kitchen play but still keep that posh like how often it is – yes listen this is very show how strong it is it's like that destructible you're not gonna break paddles it's not gonna happen and that one weighs in at how much seven point eight seven point eight okay and this is a unique shape to this one I get your option yep that's our teardrop treat just has the same hitting surface we just eliminated the unnecessary parts down here secret material right yep did you struck ball I love it and this one there this stiffener I like the elongated that was something different yep this is our huge 7l it's elongated paddle and a lot of players a lot of higher-end players are using this for singles yeah it just gives them a little extra reach along be the sweet spot and how much is this one way this one is eight ounces eight ounces okay eight ounces and what's the surface of it this deposit deposit a nice bouffier set up comes in all different colors [Applause] like

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