Preserving Local Heritage in Jordan with Insight Vacations (extended version)

Managed and run by local women, the Iraq Al-Amir Women’s Cooperative, aims to make the women in the area financially independent and to raise their standard of living by increasing their income and preserving local heritage. Insight Vacations, in partnership with The TreadRight Foundation, give guests the opportunity to make their travel matter by visiting this immersive experience.
a pocket of calm in the vast middle-eastern tapestry Jordan is a blend of biblical history Bedouin tradition and unchartered beauty at the invitation of insight vacations and they're not for profit partner that read/write foundation a team of influential storytellers traveled to Jordan poor insight vacations own guests can experience trade rights work to make travel matter at the Iraq allomere Women's cooperative my name is Celine Cousteau tread write ambassador for the past 10 years trade write has been impacting how people travel and what they see beneath the surface I've traveled to Jordan together with a group of incredible storytellers to visit the Iraq allomere women's cooperative located in a small village just outside of Amman we've come to visit the women who work here and to see firsthand the impact of trade rights involvement with the co-operative article Amir cooperative was established in 96 as an old woman run cooperative that is supporting the ladies in this neighborhood to really share some of the cultural values that they have the tread write foundation is supporting a rapid amir cooperative and together we'll be working with this cooperative to upgrade the gift shop but i think the more important piece we'll be working on together is to help the cooperatives become a viable business we've come across so many women on our chapels around jordan so far who are not only exceptionally warm but it also extremely well educated and traditionally in Jordanian society a woman's role has been seen as in the home so it's really been great to see job opportunities being created for women through tourism yeah we basically just spent the morning with them seeing a little peek into their daily lives they're really diversifying what they can offer to visitors and tourists and an attempt to become more of a viable sustainable business Demeter economy revolution a a commitment an assassin has an hour listen fella thought the same well Islamic versus through her scent with a narwhal of the Mahone Tehran can Rosario land on a highly offensive value our analysis hua casa via veneto 700 marighella near here Sara's a stone box to Allah Mohammed opposite on Wilma Natalie into human who may come lucha libres we come in there are certain diamond home live any available beautiful will build this criminal a holly and only in the relevant adjustable but serie wear them for unmanned Masana is she for a seven hollow who basically el pais inhibitor so that kid here also and also did learn an entire physics field to be here with the tried right foundation and have them enable us to easily experience these kind of situations and have there be plenty adventure along the way it's exciting it's transformational and it really makes you feel the best you can possibly feel when you leave a country to know that you have made travel matter trade rights vision is to make travel matter this mindset is woven into everything that the travel corporation's family of brands do travel with us and help us to support the people and communities in the places that we visit

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