Puerto Rico Trip Announcement  & Huge Vacation Haul

Today I am sharing my Trip to Puerto Rico Announcement 2019 & a Huge Vacation Haul! Yes, we are headed to Puerto Rico in despite of the protests going on. We hope that we can still manage to find some peace and enjoyment in the beauty that the island has to offer. I hope that you enjoy.


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hey guys and welcome to my channel I am so excited today to finally share with you my summer vacation trip announcement if you haven't subscribed yet I would love for you to go ahead and hit that subscribe button and the notification bellow so that I can update you while I am away on vacation because this video will be going live when I am already at one of the two locations that I'm going to be at so I'm really excited to let you guys know that this summer we are going to Puerto Rico and that is some place that I have not been to in a very very long time myself and my husband went there for our honeymoon and we always said that we'd like to go back someday and here it is it's going to be 20 years that we have been married this August and this August we're going to be in Puerto Rico and I think it's really just a wonderful thing that it's working out that way that we're going to be there so close to our wedding anniversary and I'm really excited to bring our children along because they've never been there before well I shouldn't say that we did have a stop there on our Caribbean cruise last year but it was very short and we really didn't get to do or see very much we're going to be there for eight full days and there's a lot to do and see and I'm really really excited to go to Puerto Rico so I'm going to tell you a little bit about what we plan on doing on this trip and then I'm going to show you all of the fun things that I bought for this vacation if you guys watched some of my Disney vacation planning videos I have this big bag that I keep in my bedroom and when I am planning for a vacation throughout the entire year I purchased certain things and put them away for the vacation or if I receive special things for holidays or my birthday that I really want to see for the vacation I'll put it in there as well and there's also going to be some items that I have maybe used once or twice in the past but I want to remember to bring it on the trip so all of that stuff is in this huge bin next to me and I'm going to share all of that with you so first we're going to be going to the jersey shore for a week which we do every summer and I have lots of Jersey Shore vlogs I'll leave that above for you if you want to check those out and then we're coming home for a few days and then we're headed to Puerto Rico so basically I'm going to pack unpack do laundry and repack all of the same things and you'll be seeing hopefully a packing video coming up sometime soon as well so we are going to be landing in San Juan we're going to spend a couple of days in Old San Juan and I'm excited to do that because it's such a beautiful old town a lot of history there we're going to tour old San Juan and then we're headed over to Aguadilla I'm probably saying that incorrectly and we're staying at a condo next to crash beach and then we have some excursions planned we're doing some day trips to some of the other beaches in Puerto Rico some of the really beautiful beaches and it's going to be a great time so I'm excited to share that with you if you're not following me on Instagram you can follow me at Jenn's happy home and I'm sure I'll be posting lots and fun pictures from both of our vacations the Jersey Shore and Puerto Rico and if any of you guys are from Puerto Rico or have been there and can recommend some restaurants or some fun things to do I would love to know about it in the comments below all right so I'm gonna start showing you everything that I purchased for this upcoming trip I'm going to start pulling things out of my bag you might as well get comfortable because I have a lot of stuff here all right so I'm gonna start off with one of my most favorite things that I purchased I actually just bought this yesterday and this is a Yeti Cup I've always wanted one of these and it really works well I filled it yesterday with cold water and this morning it was still as cold as it was when I poured it so I'm excited to have this for our trip I wanted something packable and a lot of like the Starbucks tumblers and things that I have certain would end up breaking in my luggage so this is gonna hold up well it's going to be great for coffee and water and cocktails so I'm really glad that I invested in this and this just has the clear top it has a little slidable area here where you can sip your drink so that is something that I am definitely going to be using a lot on our of both of our trips I'm not going to share with you guys too much of the clothing items that I'm bringing on this trip but I did you a target whole and pretty much all those outfits were for vacation but I didn't want to share with you some tops that I got from an Etsy shop it is a Blair lam designs and she really has beautiful t-shirts and tank tops and things and I just love this color and this one says say yes to adventure and it's kind of like a halter back and I have another one which is basically the same cut and this one says live in the sunshine swim the sea drink the wild air so it's really really light and comfortable just like a really like cotton and then finally I purchased this one it says airplane mood and it's this really nice embroidery with the airplane and its long sleeve I figured that I would wear this on the plane with like a tank top underneath it because I do tend to get chilly on an airplane and we have a rather long flight ahead of us so I was really excited to get these tops from Blair Lam designs I'll leave her Etsy shop in the description below because she really does have some great items ok I'll show you a couple of accessories that I got these really cool bracelet let me just take them out there by sashka and they are really comfortable it's like this plastic I don't know if you can see the detail in it they're hand-woven and you just slip them on they can get wet I'm sure they're gonna hold up great in the ocean and they fit perfect so I got two styles I just have this basic white one which I thought would be really nice and would go with anything and look nice with the tan as well and then I got this design and this one was sold as a 2-pack I'll also leave their information in the description below because I do have a coupon code for these but they're really nicely made they have so many different designs and colors and things and I'm actually giving Emily one of these so it's gonna be like mommy and me a bracelet but I just think they're perfect for a lake going to the shore going to the islands and I have no worries with getting them wet or losing them because they are nice and snug they're not going to easily fall off so I was really happy to get those in the mail and I'm going to be bringing them on my trip I don't bring very much jewelry so I just want something basic that'll go with most things and I thought this was perfect and I love these little bags that they keep it in as well okay I guess I'll just continue with like clothing and accessories and I'll move on to some like beauty products that I purchased for this trip and then I'll just do like random things because there's a lot here and I'm trying to organize it in some way but it's kind of hard but next I have a bunch of hats that I have put aside for the trip I have this nice adidas hat it is gray and it was only $12.99 at Marshall's I've been really trying to wear hats as much as possible because I don't want to get any age spots so I have a basic baseball cap here and then on my target whole you guys may have already seen this big floppy hat that I purchased and it's just this very basic beige color I feel like it'll go with most anything and then I'm also bringing this hat that I purchased on our Caribbean cruise last summer so I have enough enough a variety of hats I'm also bringing a white baseball cap that I have so I'll be able to keep the Sun off of my face as much as possible and then I have some new shoes and they don't look great so I'm wearing them now but these are the Birkenstocks they're like flip-flops kind of and I like how they kind of have this bronzed sheen to them so I feel like I can dress them up or down I wear them often with like Sun dresses and things they're really really comfortable I've been wearing them a lot so I'm trying to break them in and I'm going to be bringing those as well something else that I'm going to be bringing is water shoes I bought these a while back for a trip to Cape May there were like really a lot of thunderstorms and things coming through the town I wanted to have water shoes and I purchased them but maybe it was like two years ago but I don't know that I've hardly ever worn them at all well maybe once or twice and I know I'm going to be needing them for some of the beaches that we're going to so I am bringing these as well something that I always need and don't like often think that I need are pajamas and when we're traveling with other people I like to have like decent pajamas to wear so I have these pajama bottoms it's just like these little black shorts and then this tropical print which is really cute I also picked this up at Marshall's and then I got a new pair of pajama pants and I love the pattern on this it's like London with the London Eye and Big Ben and things all related to London and I just think they're really cute and comfortable so I just like to have new pajamas when we're traveling with people our trip to the shore is always with a lot of family we all share a house together and our trip to Puerto Rico we're going with two other families so I just want to have like somewhat decent pajamas I have tons of t-shirts so I just get the pajama bottoms and where random t-shirts with them and then I got this little makeup bag I think it's really cute it's just black and white stripes and I wanted something smaller to travel with I have my big lake Mickey makeup bag from Vera Bradley but it's rather big and really heavy and I'm going to pack minimal makeup products on my island vacation in my beach vacation I just feel like I wear a lot less makeup when I have a little bit of a tan going on so I'm not gonna bring all that much so I have this cute little black and white makeup bag and now I'm going to show you some of like the beauty products and sunscreens and lotions and things that I got for the trip I have this CeraVe ultra light moisturizing lotion with sunscreen and it's SPF 30 so I do plan on putting this on my face every morning underneath my makeup if I wear any makeup I'll definitely wear some type of makeup I never go like without anything at all but I might be cutting back a little bit on the foundation and I definitely want to have something protecting my face and then I just purchased some eye makeup remover wipes I also purchased this little travel-size container I got it from Target where they have like all of their little travel-size items and I like this because it's a rubber top so you can squeeze it easily and I'm just gonna put some aloe vera lotion in here that I have I bought a new razor this is the Flamingo razor I've never used it before but my daughter said she really likes this particular brand so I thought I would give it a try and I needed a new one so I purchased it for our upcoming vacations and then I also have this 98% aloe vera this is like a gel and I just it would be a good thing to keep in case anyone gets sunburned my daughter is kind of fair and she often time skipper gets burned so I thought it'd be good to keep this on hand when bath and Bodyworks was having their big sale that they have like their annual sale I purchased some of this island way sand body wash and some of the body lotion as well it smells really nice really beachy and we'll all be sharing this me and my two daughters anyway we'll be sharing this on vacation so I thought this was a nice fragrance to have I don't know what's gonna happen to my hair in Puerto Rico I'm sure it's going to be really bad and I don't know that I'm going to be able to keep up with the straightening iron and keeping it straight so I purchased this Alba Hawaiian leave-in conditioning mist I was told to like use a leave-in conditioner for my hair to keep it I guess a little bit more tame and I'm probably gonna keep it like curly ish i'm probably gonna let it air dry so i'm trying some new products for that i also want to get something I think it's called potion number nine somebody recommended that to me if you guys have any recommendations please let me know in the comments below I just want to kind of scrunch it and let it air dry and hopefully it won't be too horrible and then I picked up this coconut milk and Jasmine hairspray this is by love beauty and planet these are all products that I've never used before so I'm trying them for the first time on vacation and hoping for the best I'm realizing I have so many different bug sprays I'm like so worried about getting bitten up especially in Puerto Rico I hate getting mosquito bites and I've already gotten a lot this year so I have a whole bunch of various different potions and lotions and wipes and all kinds of stuff here for you know propelling bugs if you guys are not familiar with my channel I am an ambassador for the Columbia fragrance company and I really started working with them because they do a lot of like Disney themed fragrances which I love so they have for this month lots of bug away products and it's citronella scented actually smells really nice so in my box this month I have this body spray and it's citronella it's cooled bugs away and it's just like a spray oil that I can use for repelling bugs I also have their Eastern Shore soap which smells really really nice I love their soups I've already used a couple in the past and they are very nice they smell nice and they're safe chemical free to all that stuff and then here's some more of the bug sprays that I got because I figured I would keep one like in my beach bag one in my backpack just like everywhere I'm just gonna have bug spray every place that I can keep it so this is the Badger anti bug shake and spray and I got this from Grove I've been experimenting with new products ever since I signed up for group so I'm going to be giving this a try also from Grove I got these Fannie's they're like mosquito repellent wipes so they're great just to throw a few like in your purse so that you have it at all times or to throw some in your beach bag I always end up not having it when I need it so I figured this was perfect because I can just put them in my beach bag and always have them with me and then I also got the badger after bug bomb which is like for itch relief and I don't know about you guys but when I get mosquito bites it usually bothers me for a few days after and I can't stop itching so I'm hoping that this works really good for that and then finally I purchased the Burt's Bees bug spray and it's all-natural it's an herbal insect repellent so I definitely am set with bug sprays and well prepared hopefully I don't get eaten alive when I'm in Puerto Rico and then I purchased some of the Sun boom products I really like their sunscreen so I have the SPF 50 and then I also have the lotion which is SPF 30 I like to have a couple of different levels I'm sure we're going to be starting out with the 50 and I most especially want my kids to use the 50 so that they don't get too burned and then I also have the travel size shampoo and conditioner it smells amazing it is a coconut and banana pulp with Sun with sunflower seed oil so hopefully this really well it's like just the perfect size for a couple of weeks vacation and then I also have this SPF 20 this is nature's gate kids vegan sunscreen it's a mineral sunscreen and I just wanted to make sure that I had plenty I know this isn't as strong as some of the others but I think it'll still work well enough and again I'm experimenting with different brands and just trying to find stuff that's safe for them to use and I wanted to give this one a try I also found this at Target I just thought it was the cutest thing this is the deodorant that I like to use it's by native and it is the coconut and vanilla scent which is what I have been using for a while now and it's just this little teeny tiny container of it I thought it was so cute and I can keep it in my purse so that's why I picked this up and then I know I probably have spoken about these band-aids before they are amazing I have a hard time finding band-aids that are waterproof these work so well because they actually have some on now because I have all kinds of cuts and things going on right now but they are actually like hard to get off sometimes like I have to really pry them off they hold up so well in the water so if you need band-aids that are waterproof I highly recommend this brand it's next care and it works really great I thought this was the cutest thing ever I noticed at Target that I had these little mini laundry detergent containers and it's like the perfect size we have laundry at our seashore house and we also are going to have it at the condo that we're staying in in Puerto Rico so I'll use this a week down the shore and then if I need to refill it when I repack for Puerto Rico it's just the perfect size to refill and to pack in the luggage so I just thought that was adorable and it's going to be working out great I'm just gonna see if the container for all upcoming trips from here on out and then I purchased this luggage scale I've misplaced mine I had one a few years ago I have no idea where it is but the last two trips that I took I exceeded the 50-pound limit so I had to like unpack and move things around at the airport that is no fun so I got this on Amazon for about 10 and it's going to be worth the investment because I'll be able to play around with the weight of the luggage before I leave and if I need to switch things around it will be a problem this is an adorable beach towel that a friend of mine gave me for my birthday if you watched my birthday hole you may have already seen it so I'm definitely packing this for our trips and on my thrift store hole I picked up this Vera Bradley it's like it wasn't really sold as a beach bag it was sold as like a handbag but it is definitely made out of like this beach bag material that material threw out like on the inside too so I think it's going to be a perfect beach bag to pack in the luggage it's super late it's very easy to pack like it's not very bulky doesn't take up a lot of space so I'm going to be bringing this as well and then you guys may have seen for Easter all of my kids got these snorkel sets and we have one in every color for everyone in the family myself and my husband had one as well I plan on joining lots of snorkeling in Puerto Rico crash beach I think has a lot of great areas to go snorkeling where you can just see beautiful sea creatures and fish and I just think it's gonna be so much fun so we're all going to be bringing our snowballs I'm kind of down to just like the random stuff now I found this at Target these are like reusable Ziploc bags so you can just hand wash them and then repurpose them over and over again and I figured if I'm packing like fruit or snacks for the beach I can just keep washing these little baggies and not need to pack like Ziploc bags so trying to save on using lots of plastic and I would just rather use things that I can reuse over and over again instead of always using Ziploc bags and throwing them out so I'm going to be bringing these on our trip as well I found this really cute brush it's like a tangle free hairbrush to keep in the beach bag I think this will just be great it's just like all plastic bristles and I'll just keep it in the beach bag so that when we get out of the ocean and our hair is a tangled mess we can just brush it out really quick and I just thought it was so cute because I had like all these coconuts on it and it just looks really beachy and perfect for the summer and then there are a couple of items that I don't have here to show you right now but I'm going to be bringing one of those like inflatable lifejackets for my daughter Madison if I can find pictures I'll insert them over here so that you can see it's just one of those life jackets that you blow up one of the excursions that we're doing we actually have to swim off of the boat to the islands because the boat cannot like make it all the way up to the beach that we're going to so I want her to have a lifejacket for that and then for the same purpose of getting off the boat and swimming over to the beach I have an inflatable beach bag that is waterproof and floats so those are two items that I don't have right here to show you and then finally the book that I'm going to be reading in Puerto Rico is Treasure Island if you guys watched some of my book pools you may have seen this on my deposit or Book Depository hole and yeah I just figured it was a very appropriate book to be reading in Puerto Rico it's about pirates in the Caribbean and just all very relevant stuff so that is everything I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video maybe you found some of the items that I purchased helpful for an upcoming trip that you may have thank you so much for watching I hope that you guys are all having a great summer if you haven't subscribed please go ahead and subscribe I will be sharing lots of fun videos during our trip you'll be able to see lots of our photos over on Instagram as well please give this video a thumbs up if you did enjoy it and don't forget to hit that Bell notification so that you can be updated every time I share a new and fun video like I said hopefully there will be a packing video of sorts that's will be posted really soon and I'll see you guys real soon take care bye

13 thoughts on “Puerto Rico Trip Announcement & Huge Vacation Haul”

  1. Have you all been watching the news on Puerto Rico? You should really think about wanting to be over there right now, the situation is really bad, there are thousands of people on the streets protesting and police everywhere with the whole governor problem they're having. Not to rain on your parade or anything, but it's better to be safe than sorry, you know.

  2. Glad you are going to Puerto Rico now that the governor resigned! You have to go to Senor Frogs 🐸 you would like it there! Old San Juan is beautiful! You said aguadilla right. Definitely check out the shops in Isla Verde. If your into casinos visit The Ritz Carlton and courtyard Marriott in Isla verde. Have fun! Keep me posted on how you liked where you are staying in Aguadilla!

  3. Jen WOW Puerto Rico How fun!!! And going with the family even better…you are bringing good shoes Birkenstocks are the best.. That is alot of vacationing going to the shore then Puerto Rico..you will for sure need all the bug stuff…I hate being bit and being itchy. I never been to Puerto Rico so I am looking forward to the Vlogs..always fun to watch…I will be going to Orlando, my son's birthday is coming up so we will be celebrating there…

  4. Wow, that's a dream vacation! I hope you all will be safe there, make sure all is well before you go. I loved your items, very nice. Prayers for a safe and wonderful vacation!!

  5. Have a wonderful vacation!!! 🌞 This summer is flying by! Thanks for the bandaid recommendation I am totally going to pick those up. My hair is curly and I swear by a certain gel, it’s called lagoom jam by the brand goldwell. I put a small amount all throughout my hair while scrunching when I get out of the shower. It works amazing and a little goes such a long way. I hope you have an amazing time! 😎

  6. I think it’s awesome that you are vacationing in Puerto Rico and supporting the island in its continuing effort to recover from Hurricane Maria. Hope things settle down by the time you get there. As always exercise caution and it should be fine. Happy travels. ✈️🏝🏖🇵🇷

  7. Hi,Jen. I am a worry wart,as you know..so I will worry about you all till you get back. I sure hope ya'll have a wonderful time. I loved the bracelets you got. You take care,Jen.

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