Qubool Hai - Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti South Africa Trip Interview - Part 1

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Forum 32 brings you the promised interview on South Africa Trip with Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti who play Asad Ahmed Khan and Zoya Farooqui in Qubool Hai FOLLOW US:
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no cable the sound and echo Sahara dicta in Gazzola liquor it's all red once again we are only oh and we are back yeah the welcome to form 32 thank you so much thank you and this is the second half of our South Africa interview yeah I mean usually break jota head dominate got a human encounter we probably had three or two four weeks of break in between and I'm sure you won't have any issues going back to the memory lane no no no we never came here only Oh lovely we are still there she says the best best things sometimes okay then someday sometimes sometimes up somewhat up you Hansie siddhanam time well lemme put your searching so that everybody oh yeah so continued garden double walk immediately i'm dough may hunt food keep our decorate it I kind of persona Tommy can a person give up sneak to marriage do it Tony subset very worried about to you give me a vegetarian what here name agreement no sarcasm don't like another penalty Anna left manner to regulate the computer in your box it was like the sharing of the earphones yeah I actually would like to be a technical W tell me right okay so now better panic attack to put the a second target the SD card I got a testament attack to a young couple both I get oh my god make it stop Booya me another was I think you Oh Oh loving and disgusting in the seal diamond let me get my pen do the second game please okay sexy but it may be a goof you're single another man may be a fumarole good music be my knight Place Vendome are two tickets okay um focus get into Ruby Neve animal me me hmm Hoxie hmm okay I think it looks sexier this but then that's me so but I'm okay Oh mouth don't wanna give Authority Mohave vegetarian kana boots 'no is a crime whoa este lugar de puta Kyo what do you have invested in what hasn't he will you have any vegetable to disability so over world to the ha si gou GEI or is near the foreign mausoleum but of knowledge kanika Magnum medallion on it's gonna go he's a never down to cook with Millie I'd hate to pop in on my dream is right up huh alright hey snot sea but the Yamaha P food was not at all yummy taste Thai names never Bethany South African law bouncy Hobbs organ see spices use got back which be more dumb guy knows neither way to I have a wedge that I have a knowledge stock karna chat hyena actually I'm gonna chill Malini gonna wanna an ecology oh how my eyes another kill maintain a mannequin the casinos go explore curry and what we did dance Bennett dance good but a bus lobby carnage Anita or rest was fine actually Hermia was point for cotton Giada jaha pay apnea Hatake ah co-consul Monte Carlo Casino on Dixie wonders want a casino to vaahana want to give us a pass area Oh dumb invoke Cassie pools are forgiven walk hanji top please oh no power of the Thai red shorts nice takeyama hum Jesse we turn the container hums epsilon away mopping a moto him in a cocky Imani pesky knock a million got an eco plan him and I elect me dead it was such a boring person is coat optical spanakopita case konbu stroker okay Cara has a caretaker Tegrity r2 so gardener Lily member tomandbecky da Ruby new tea or juice man Wilton would ya VD other key Jeff up co-op John Isabella I'm low gambit Caretti or Karen a Cohutta – Mary Binaca Heaney je tovahleh highs come with la marca he need only to keep hotel a bad kid bero-bero hunger or mo-chica Angela got key Karen Garbo like a best performance Taj OWSLA South Africa makea by performance she means behavior yeah yeah yeah will be executed by Qatar give me Eska up near Taurus ha Taurus ah Vlado yeah who sponsored me key performance attained Capitan your performance kappa sorry mama first half the interview I was just looking at you so I'll continue gather performance we don't be definition I thought I took our my dopamine Oh me okay huh good I can see okay don't yell um hmm pause to up going Medicare was no you know what we should also after this we should also talk about the Bunty and chin to get closer you memory mood me oh don't joke Anna garage yes though choco madam come knee bow hot so Delta or would L get me Jake outer cassis Garuda harley-davidson oh my lord King jumper start with us on a garage yeah they're making room in her me relay the bottom I'm gonna die on what can you marry me wait a minute utter shock be back with algemene ingenuity girl Ignat up cutie a short-term memory loss who took a scar map of de la Paix 8 vanity jaha pra which i say which stow glass repeal can keep or bit about water come up near room key keys many key wait carafe a taquito home in ETA Carinae Bonacci is by canal broad can get or Java start over a to digna and actually weigh waaahh Oh majestic Star War armored up such as I did was to know one other key Nene HTML to do harm to your key Nene want you see my ki awaaz it how little me Bob minute ha dose cabbage get home missing hey Sarah Joe view hey um neighbor ethnicity car you don't need a baby cocky subject up or to chichi sexy Guardian could hear film me every day cocky some anybody to road every what am an area they color yeah but any bike we dated are obviously huh so whiskey bar down a fear I may yet aside yeah many it is idea your look change means cutting in a hard okay no meteor I think more picturing it all on holiday vitsin casual room picking it up man well it was a great rehearsal clingy and Nikita yeah we did huh Mickey versa roomie kilometer dedication they go away Oh using negative 4 PP signal Ariane negra hotel key wanted another Tomeo Virginia or solo T or in Qatar Salman can mash up on me rata Cara and John Lambie Rosh Hashanah so Oliver you are silky him thank you that Hollister I'm a beach a lot of it don't know as you get all that films – I don't eat sugar yes so much cake you couldn't go holiday wits in the showroom Big Mac 1 ohm and oh yeah how about guru boob undo girls cotton of will get be palpable ha ha but Phenom is a really low key are bihari limits in seaweed wad coups rigidity Jessica Jessica boom whoa gonna bomb mania suggests keel Tom keep your body there's no maple water from our view like mclubbe Bobby it's recoups Wurlitzer Katie Mirman metal many Calgon angel you are a little bit father Luigi vampa jockey or many many many polo Kitchell he teaches or a campaign horse to get there and mother be no superstar K or yebin could be made through Ohanian on a bow lucky maybe a hard interview miss Superstock you both you okay it's very complicated just collect them in an army now we have a fourth sorry to interrupt fourth word is current superstar Singh Grover KS SG would Bundy Bundy Jim Dilma say oh you Tim – okay sorry yeah continue dog my glove was give a gum volk e8 time – I saw at home key hummus I'm gonna select pthe Suganya he may be greedy or good stove o footpath PSAC good good ujin's there – quran or mad mclubbe it may as a distance pickle with it or hamari neck movement as d lamborghini Dehradun I see no one can put each are getting insane guarding up madam it new hope suited Garrity it's the deity guardian TWA water – Gauri happy I'm happy what the whole area can um get her Rockridge drop it drop it vibranium jaw roti papad HED was glad I met Orissa Voki Korean coffee the coffee no no the road below patch on it yeah haha sorry I'm jumping the gun yeah yeah don't have negative or silky from Yamaha Betty a bow a sec okay Phil hunter puppies are a pesto chromatic essence and a jack a cueto ESL en de Quito homos can delegate mojave its name hoops regretted as a Phil boom out there if you take it they are Wahabi hiragana kutaro and love dogs favor hopping like a no-name it does don't stay here Nancy Nam SETI of Amira yoy achievable curfew up my Valentine movie epic metal of dogs because you're gonna okay window askew and Humbaba sorry people suddenly it got you know I get icky me say cursor keys are you information miss Kazue me yeah so this me there'll indica got a big ego what is it Nick avenging bargain shark open up I'm flippin God dang it Bongo Josh gambling mohabbat divider case ask me nor do I say let them compete at it of am yarmulke Ethne he that Mehcad you we can know that oh look at all either bready up goose capital may assured Lobby can either be beat on Romanovs subdued the jar la Gardie shiet police wali I am your homie patrolling it will be partnering with Roberta mapa quickly number is it a father could shake know who gave me a police Tony Jay Gould me imagine would be until huh did one deity super Nam Jake garner aren't you there's a girl Paula burner maniacs about your need nothing wait to do to me cometary theater with Raggedy the woman that tried to eat me yeah and she actually has replied on forum 32 not you try to eat me know that she was that woman who had tried to eat you and she was like thank you for mentioning me types if I if I remember like me next time I come to the oven please don't try to eat me it's not possible sorry let me tape giving my so sweetie of the 1d hurts they got are you made both user kamikaze okay go Bobby go get your garden talk about cappuccino value building hum you know discover nearby what was that building is back bobak George people how go do green section home key seek a good fish I didn't got a new trick is eager Carboni licking huh cue kina should be charting ham kissy Kissy be random girl Jackie North Korea to be on Cougar under said ignite or I'm good cow boiling you should be good Kabhi Kabhi I know much I gave a party they don't go I'm not okay yeah pushing equip call a gotcha hood siren car but not gonna find me don't go to MIT there got a banana bar you did you go le palais de tama better Albert whose goddamn name will be the kid a job is makes right there ah February story be active greens me buddy you pipe but seppuku EDA when he bought the TiVo mech MATLAB kabhi neighborhoods a favorite Taniya meeting Xiao Jie three hoops nudity waha Piet de comunidad de her a good make donkeys ha Jew Achtung hmm what's mean I stay at kisti tohum Park when Johnny said today Yuki Sabrina Monica personable gam is serious a he's I get fed on Park my plugging it or how many tiger so we bug be again pesky pichi pichi Babu who we're up against a cesta Asuna messy or shares on Youku pedantically don't wanna get John chameleon don't even II Men even know what I'll cool well bug but I'd I'm gonna finish a novel new an IV oh no offense Shakey's king baby name good encompasses all laughing boy yes this day yes you

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  1. Why didn't they marry each other. They are perfect offscree as well. Best friends and understands each other. They compensate each other so well.

  2. I'm watching it on 2019 & I just loved the show n KABHI so muccchhhhhhhh ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ look at their conversation blisssssssssss โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

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