r/EntitledParents "Minecraft Overpowers The Entitled Family"

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35 thoughts on “r/EntitledParents "Minecraft Overpowers The Entitled Family"”

  1. What idiot lets a child control a wheelchair when they are literally too short to steer for and is outclassed by nearly three times their weight? They should have bought the scooter to start and seriously question why they would bring an elderly addition who wouldn't enjoy the rides and is an extra expense in every sense of the word? People are so dumb when it comes to theme parks.

  2. Wtf why would the parents give that poor kid the job of pushing grandma around all day? At Disneyland? Which is supposed to be for kids like the op? I don't blame the grandma as much as the asshole parents.

  3. Who has a 100 lb kid push around a 300 lb old lady in a wheelchair. Crazy that the parents put up with the grandma. She should’ve rented one of the electric chairs to begin with on her own dime. 💖👑🐷

  4. "Every object in a state of uniform motion will remain in that state of motion unless an external force acts on it"- in this case we see right here is are the Entitled people

  5. The one true leader of the reddit multiverse has given us another gift from his creating hands. Ty misery lord for it. Btw hope you got some numbers last nite misery and maybe got the banana waxed bro. Misery Nation WOOOOOO. ack ack

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